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Ball valves are among the most common types of valves in both residential and industrial settings. They’re frequently used to give basic on/off functionality. A ball valve consists of a valve body and a large orb with a centre hole the same diameter as the pipe’s internal radius. The propeller is horizontal and spins to work, having its axis at right angles to the spherical aperture.

As a result, their distribution and durability are extremely important. Pune is noted for its multiplicity of industries, having been home to various industrial valve manufacturers. As a result, you must determine which of the vast majority of them you can trust to deliver. To aid you in your decision, this article examines the top 8 ball valve manufacturers in Prune. Continue reading!


SIO Logo

SIO has established itself as the leading manufacturer and supplier of ball valves in Ningbo City, Zhejiang, China, after more than a decade in business. They’ve also tapped into the worldwide industry by shipping Prune, India. SIO focuses on offering secure, functional, and affordable valves to every organization that demands automation.

Distributors, importers, and project managers all around the world rely on SIO for high-quality industrial valves and equipment. Their customized valve fabrication enables them to meet even the most stringent demands.

Having a well-equipped international standards facility enables them to test all of their products before they are released. This enables them to meet the required standards in the industry, as well as client requirements, whether it’s a 3 way ball valve or metal seat ball valve .

Microfinish Group

Microfinish Group Logo


Microfinish Group has been manufacturing ball valves, bellows sealed globe valves, process pumps, gate globe and check valves, pneumatic actuators, and automated devices since 1971. It’s located in Industrial Estate, Karnataka but has divisions in Pune

Microfinish is known for producing high-quality goods and providing dependable service to the industry. The company has grown to be a leading supplier of a diverse variety of products all over the world as a result of its extensive experience.

They are not only concerned about making profits and customer satisfaction, they are driven towards ensuring that their operations and product development processes are done in a way that protects the customers and their surroundings.

Unison Valves PVT Ltd

Unison Valves PVT Ltd Logo


UNISON, one of the best high pressure ball valves manufacturers was founded in 1986 as a partnership firm but changed when its constitution was revised. Currently, they produce ‘UNISON’ Thermodynamic Steam Traps, carbon steel ball valve, Globe Valves, and Pneumatically Actuated Ball Valves. They have a plan underway to expand their production and market range.

UNISON Valves are made to match high manufacturing and quality standards.  Their products serve a variety of industries, including oil, petroleum, chemicals, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, paper, distilleries, rubber, sugar, engineering, and others.

They have a marketing network of major dealers across cities in  India, to ensure rapid sales and after-sales servicing.




Flowserve has been in the industry for over four-decade. Since its formation in  1970, it has grown its market reach with over 55 countries across the globe, including Pune in India. They have employed about 17,500+ people across the countries they have divisions.

This team of trained professionals are well equipped with both knowledge and market skills to develop world-class products. Their co-dependence and knowledge exchange allows them to meet the ever-growing customer needs in the markets.

Petromech Engineers PVT Ltd

Petromech Engineers PVT Ltd Logo


Petromech Engineers Pvt. Ltd was founded in 2003 as the legalized agent of World Class Manufacturers and Suppliers of High Quality Forged Fittings, Butt-weld Fittings, Various types of Piping Materials, varied types of Valves and Temperature Measurement Instrumentation, and Anti-Fire Equipment. They are all about specificity, perfection and quality delivery.

L & T Valves

L&T Valves limited logo


L&T Valve is a leader in the flow-control sector. Larsen & Toubro, a technology and engineering behemoth own it. L&T Valves is a valve manufacturer with a six-decade track record in vital industries such as oil and gas, electricity, petrochemicals, chemicals, water, defence, and aerospace.

Every initiative at L&T Valves is directed by the objective of total client satisfaction, as they are ISO 9001:2015 certified. They go above and beyond consumer expectations, conventions, and standards to create goods that are known for their reliability and durability across the world.

Airmax Automation

Aira euro automatics logo


Airmax automation is located in Pimpri Colony, Pune. The development of excellent relationships with customers is extremely important to Airmax automation. Its work ethics are founded on a system that bridges the gap between the firm and its customers, permitting them to optimize client involvement from the outset.

Marsh Automation

Marsh Automation


Located in Hadapsar Industrial Estate, Pune, Marsh automation has been in operation since its formation in 1980. Founded by two engineers who had a desire to produce goods. Mr. V. L. Mashalkar and Mr. Marulkar,  in a modest rented space. They were supported by   Ms. Blue Stars Ltd., who handled their marketing until 1995. The company has grown to be reputable as they value quality product delivery.Air operated ball valve is some of their product range.


Each day brings new companies that manufacture and supply ball valves. As such, it’s quite hard to know which ones to work with. At SIO, we are not only geared towards product delivery but quality satisfaction of our customers. Contact us for any inquiries you may have and let our team guide you through your choice.

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