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German products are reputable worldwide because of their quality and efficiency when it comes to functionality. Quality is the pride of Germany, and the trend is consistent even in valve manufacturing. Ball valves are quarter-turn valves that are useful in gas or liquid media flow and pressure. They initiate liquid/gas flow, halt it or alter the pressure of the media. These valves are applicable in many industries.

Industrial valve manufacturers in Germany are extensive; below are some of the best in business


SIO Logo

Located in Ningbo City in Zhejiang, China, SIO is a manufacturing company started 12 years ago that is concerned with industrial valves and other related products. They are experienced in technical and engineering sectors hence produce products with the highest precision in the market. SIO has 71 skilled employees who attend to every customer’s needs as a priority and with the customer in mind.

They manufacture ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves, control valves, and butterfly valves. These products have very vital properties that are a selling point in the market. They are durable hence become cost-effective over a long period due to minimal replacements. Industries like chemical, petrochemical, oil, and gas get their supplies from the SIO company. Clients choose the best design, material, etc., from their portfolio, reducing wastage of time and resources.

Borsig ValveTech GmbH

Borsig ValveTech Logo


Borsig ValveTech is a leading industrial tools manufacturer in Germany. They have experience of over 180 years, and their longevity comes from quality products and world-class services. They have been distributing consumers with heat exchangers, innovative membrane services, pressure vessels, process gas compressors, and industrial valves. Borsig is known for its creativity in product design.

Ball valve manufacturing at Borsig is the priority among other industrial valves. They mainly produce control ball valves and shutoff ball valves. Application of these valves is in the energy, petrochemical, chemical, and oil & gas industries. In addition, Borsig has been putting up measures to contribute to the environmental conservancy; for instance, they are assisting in building a heat storage facility in Berlin that will make the city climate neutral by 2050.


PremOEM Logo


Premium Quality in OEM(PremOEM) began in 2014 in Dusseldorf. The company’s foundation is service, engineering, manufacturing, and sales. These four pillars have projected PremOEM from an ordinary manufacturer into a world leader among other ball valve manufacturers. Although they produce several products like the ring, control plates, coupling tools, screwing tools, and lifting cylinders, ball valves are its area of expertise. 

Customization is a significant aspect of PremOEM; hence they consult with their clients before undertaking any project to understand them and know their preferences. Technical and engineering solutions are available for customers, and it is under the supervision of a highly qualified team of professionals. Their products assure clients through proper functionality, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

Eugen Metzger GMBH



Eugen Metzger was first established in Munich in 1968 and later moved its headquarters to Bogen. Its operations in Bogen began in 1985, and ever since, it has been serving both Bogen and Munich locals with industrial solutions. Eugen Metzger GmbH dealt with the hydraulic hose line assembly and its accessories during these early years. Currently, they manufacture pipe fittings, hoses, ultra-high pressure hose lines, and ball valves.

Clients of Eugen Metzger are broad; they range from construction, chemical, fluid power accessories, agriculture, petrochemical, shipbuilding, and mechanical engineering industries. They offer services according to clients’ requests; moreover, some customers have a particular demand for services like pneumatics, high-pressure technology, chemistry, hydraulics, and gas technology. In addition, manufacturing has grown in this company leading to expansions in machining and space.

A+R Armaturen GmbH

A+R Armaturen Logo


A+R Armaturen is a company situated in Bad Salzuflen, Germany. They are a ball valve manufacturing company specializing in metallic sealing ball valves and soft seated ball valves. Over the years, they have received recognition as one of the leading ball valve manufacturers; thus, they are certified by ISO, API, and ANSI. Furthermore, products at A+R Armaturen are above standard since there is an inspection of every procedure.

Ball valves from Armaturen have become popular due to their efficiency, meaning no leakages and a long lifespan. Their facility hosts ultra-modern machining like the CNC machines that ensure high precision during manufacturing. Apart from ball valves, other products at this company are accessories and actuators. A+R products are applicable in gas, iron & steel, tank storage, refinery, chemical, silicon, and petrochemical.


Germany is a global leader in industrial technology. The efforts put in technological advancements are immense, making them a country to imitate for industrial revolutions. Valve manufacturing is taken seriously in German; hence many companies invest in this sector. Above is a list of the best suppliers of ball valves in German. Contact us for more insights into the ball valve manufacturing and learn more about the SIO company.

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