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The industrial valve market is rapidly growing due to an increased need for industrial valves for gas and oil applications. This makes valve manufacturing companies in UK very viable for valve suppliers and distributors all over the world. This is not surprising since valve suppliers in the UK are one of the most reliable in the world.

This article is providing you the top 5 valve manufacturers in the United Kingdom so you are assured your valve of choice is from a top-quality valve manufacturer.

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Gate Valves

Ball Valves

Butterfly Valves

Check Valve

Control Valve

Best Gate Valve Supplier in UK

Gate valves are shutoff valves that provide tight sealing in a fully closed position. You need to rotate the valve handle for the gate valves to open or close. When fully opened, gate valves offer zero obstruction so there is less pressure drop for the media. Having a thin wedge-like disc, gate valves can be used with viscous material. While these valves have throttling capacities, gate valves are not used to regulate the flow of media because a partially opened gate valve would easily get damaged from the vibration caused by the flow of media.

Gate Valve

Crane Fluid Systems

Crane produces a wide range of industrial valves including ball, gate, globe, and other specialized industrial valves. Crane gate valves fall into two categories. These are gate valves used for general purposes, and gate valves used for public health.

Gate valves have nominal sizes that range from 2 inches to 24 inches with either flanged or taper threaded ends that adhere to BS 21 standards. The pressure rating is from Class 150 to Class 300, and PN 20 and PN 25. The material is made of carbon steel, DZR, and bronze. The design is outside screw and yoke.

Top Ball Valve Manufacturer in UK

Ball valves are often classified based on the type of ball discs. These discs are what allows or prevents the media to flow through the valve. Ball valves can either be floating ball valve or a trunnion mounted ball valve. A floating ball valve has its disc floating with nothing attached to the bottom of the disc. This allows internal pressure to move the disc to the outlet for the tight seal. On the other hand, trunnion mounted ball valves have a trunnion at the bottom of the disc, making it stationary. This design is more suitable for high-pressure applications. Trunnion mounted ball valves in India are worth considering.

Flange ball valve

Alco Valves

Alco Valve Group manufactures and supplies industrial valves to the oil and gas, petrochemical, refinery, defense, and automotive industries. It is notable to produce high-quality valves and instrumentation for pipeline and subsea applications. Among the brands Alco carries are ALCO Hi-Tek, ALCO Process Valves, ALCO Valves, and Sub-Tek brands. Alco produces a wide array of industrial valves including ball valves, butterfly valves, block and bleed valves, and gate valves.

Alco A Series ball valves come in ¼ inch to 2 inches connection sizes with up to 2000psi working pressure performance and a working temperature range from -40oC to 230oC. The B Series ball valve has a nominal size of ½” to 2” with a working pressure rating of 1000psi to 3000psi. These valves have a temperature range of -40°C to 150oC. The SB Series ball valve has ¼” to 1” diameter with 1000psi to 3000psi pressure rating. These can work in a temperature range of -20oC to 110oC.

Top Butterfly Valve Factory in UK

Butterfly valves are used for isolation, regulation, and start of the flow of media. Butterfly valves are advantageous when the application needs a valve that should open fast and quick. Large butterfly valves have gearboxes that make the opening and closing of the valve easier. Butterfly valves are also easier to build as this valve has a simple design. These valves do not need large spaces either. Butterfly valves also have a longer service life as these are relatively easier to maintain.

Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve


KSB manufactures several types of valves that cater to different kinds of applications and industries, including several types of check valves, a wide array of globe valves and different sorts of butterfly valves. The brands KSB manufacturers include AMRI, KSB, Mammouth and SISTO.

KSB manufactures centered disc butterfly valves with diameters ranging from PN 6- PN 25. These can have pressure ratings from DN 20 – DN 4000 with working temperatures ranging from -20°C to 200 °C. KSB double offset butter has nominal diameters ranging from PN 10 to 50. These valves have pressure rating of DN 150 to 2200 and a working temperature that ranges from -20°C to 260°C. The KSB triple offset butterfly valves can have DN 80 to DN 1200 with working temperatures ranging from -196°C to 450 °C.

Top Check Valve Manufacturer in UK

Check valves are commonly used in applications where there is a need for a unidirectional flow or to prevent backflow. Often, you would find check valves with two openings. One is for the entry of media and the other is the exit. The high flow pressure would open and allow the media to pass through the valve opening while low pressure would close the valve and prevent the backflow. Many check valves do not need any actuation, levers or handles. The opening and the closing is dependent on the amount of internal pressure.

Cast steel check valve

BEL Valves

BEL Valves are global leaders in designing and manufacturing industrial valves. The company focuses on the gas and oil industry with a focus on high pressure and high integrity applications and fugitive emissions. Bel valves can range from ½” to 42” with up to 16,500 psi. These valves can withstand the pressure of water depths up to 3000 meters beneath the sea surface. Bel valves include ball valves, needle valves, gate valves which can be used for subsea and HIPPS applications.

Bel check valves have three designs: the swing check valve which is more suitable for large bore applications, and the axial and piston check valves which are more suited for compact applications. These valves range from ANSI Class 140 to ANSI Class 4500. These can have pressure ratings ranging from 2000 psi to 20000 psi. These valves can be used up to 4500m underwater. These valves can be made from carbon and low alloy steel, stainless steel, Duplex steel, Super Duplex steel, and super alloys.

Best Control Valve Supplier in UK

Control valves are industrial valves that can modulate the flow of media from full capacity to minimum capacity depending on the controlling device. Control valves often have actuators that control the flow of media by controlling how much opening should the valve have. Control valves are critical parts of an industrial valve system loop for these valves control how fluid moves through the entire loop. The flow of media is not the only thing that can be controlled by these valves. In many instances, these industrial valves can also control the temperature and pressure of media.

Control valve without bg

Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Ltd

Parker Hannifin is a global valve manufacturer with manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom. Its global business has to do with core motion and control technologies. Its products include filters, actuators, and valves. Its valve product line consists of solenoid valves, safety exhaust valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, and control valves, among others.

Parker Hannifin control valves can have a solenoid actuation with a subplate mounting or hydraulic pilot or electrohydraulic control method. The maximum flow rates of these valves range from 60 to 170 liters per minute, depending on the spool. The maximum operating pressure is 4000psi or 274 bar.

In Summary

Valve manufacturers in UK are considered top tiers in industrial valve markets. We have provided you with the best manufacturers in that part of the globe. Did we miss anything? Comment in the box below!

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