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Best 3 Valve Manufacturing Company in Chennai

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Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu in India. This city is home to several well-known valve manufacturing firms. Not only do valve manufacturing companies in Chennai offer top of the line industrial products, their products are available at a low cost. This article offers you the top valve producers in the city so it is easier for you to choose the one suitable for your business.

Top Butterfly Valve Manufacturing Company in Chennai

Butterfly valves have round bodies with round discs that turn when the handle rotates. When the disc is perpendicular to the flow of media, the valve position is closed. If the disc is parallel to the flow, then the valve is in the open position. Butterfly valves are preferred when the media needs a quick opening or closing. Larger butterfly valves have gearboxes instead of handles to open or close the valve since high pressure prohibits manual operation of the butterfly valves.

Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve

Amco Industrial Valves

AMCO logo and

Amco produces a wide array of industrial valves including ball valves, butterfly valves, diaphragm valves, wafer check valves, dual plate check valves, knife edge gate valve, pulp valves, gate valves, globe valves, and strainers.

The Amco butterfly valve line has a fully encapsulated trim seal that efficiently isolates different kinds of media. This valve has a self-adjusting shaft seal to prevent foreign material from sticking to the body shaft bore. The Amco butterfly valve has a working temperature range of -10oC – 120oC, depending on the application. This line has a maximum working temperature of 16 bar with either EPDM or black nitrile seat material. This valve is often used in water treatment, chemical industries, desulphurization plants, paper industry, sugar industry, construction industry, among others.

Top Gate Valve Manufacturing Company in Chennai

Gate valves are more suitable for applications that require a bigger bore with minimum pressure loss. There are two main kinds of gate valves. These are the parallel gate valve and wedge gate valve. You can often find gate valves in potable water, wastewater and neutral liquid and gas applications.

Gate Valve

L&T Valves

L&T logo

L&T Valves is a subsidiary of the Larsen and Toubro group of companies. L&T Valves is an active supplier and manufacturer of industrial valves for oil & gas, power, petrochemicals, chemicals, and water applications.

The gate valves by L&T Valves are classified into three kinds. These are gate valves with bolted bonnets, pressure sealed gate valves and gate valves that are used in small bore applications.

The bolted bonnet gate valves can come in sizes ranging from 2” to 75” with ASME Class 150 to Class 2500. The pressure seal gate valves come in sizes 3” to 42” with ASME Class 600 to ASME Class 4100. This gate valve conforms to ASME b 16.43 standards. The gate valves for small bores have sizes that range from ¼” to 2” and with pressure ratings that range from Class 150 to 1500, depending on the model. These valves can handle up to 425oC for the carbon steel type and 540oC in alloy steel. All L&T gate valves are equipped with ValvTrac™ RFID tags for tracking.

Top Globe Valve Manufacturing Company in Chennai

Globe valves are used for throttling and isolating the media. Globe valves have higher pressure drops compared to other kinds of industrial valves so they are only used in applications where high-pressure drops are not a controlling factor. There are three common types of globe valves. These are the tee pattern globe valve, the angle pattern globe valve, and wye pattern globe valve.

Globe Control Valve

HP Valves

HP Valves logo

HP Valves is widely known in the industrial instrumentation sector. The company manufactures valve manifolds, needle valves, ball valves, and globe valves among others. HP valves are designed to be used in water, oil, gas, steam and chemical applications.

Globe valves from HP valves can range from 3/8” to 4”. These valves can range from ASME Class 800- Class 2700. These globe valves reach up to 6,000 psi, depending on the design. Also, their sizes can range from PN 160- PN 760.

In Summary

These are the top manufacturers of industrial valves in Chennai. What do you think? Is there any valve manufacturer in Chennai you think we missed? Please comment below!

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