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Wafer-type butterfly valves are one of the common types of butterfly valves and are also a good option for handling large volumes of media. Additionally, they are easy to install and cost cheaper than lug-type butterfly valves.

In this article, we have listed some of the best wafer-type butterfly valves suppliers for you to source out the best one.

1. SIO Valves

SIO Logo

Source: SIO Valves

Year Established: 2009

Location: Ningbo City, Zhejiang, China

Industry: Manufacturing

Certification: API 6D and ISO certificates

SIO Valves is popularly known for manufacturing and supplying quality products since 2009. They are dedicated to providing premium industrial valves with customizations as per the client’s requests. Their technologically advanced machinery enables them to innovate their products with precision.

You can see SIO’s competence in their valves. No matter which product you choose, you are guaranteed to receive quality. 

Some of the best wafer-type butterfly valve products supplied by SIO include:

2. Butterfly Valves & Controls Inc.


Source: Butterfly Valves & Controls

Year Established: 1896

Location: 671 Industrial Blvd Grapevine TX 76051, USA

Industry: Flow Control

Certification: FDA, CRN, SIL, ABS, and many more

Butterfly Valves & Controls Inc. has been a pioneer supplier of valves and pipes for 125 years. Its partnership with Value Valves has empowered them to supply high-quality butterfly valves all over the world. They offer wafer-type butterfly valves with an extended service and safe operation. Butterfly Valves & Controls Inc. has a wide selection of butterfly valves to choose from. 

3. Triad Process Equipment

triad logo

Source: Triad Process Equipment

Year Established: 1990

Location: 4922 Technical Drive Milford, USA

Industry: Manufacturing

Triad Process Equipment has been producing and offering terrific wafer-type butterfly valves, ball valves, and gate valves since 1990. They have a standardized stem seal design for their valves that provides a longer cycle life to the valves. Its resilient seated wafer-type butterfly valve is an ideal option for people who do not want the hassle of maintaining it.

4. Emirates Valves L.L.C


Source: Emirates Valves L.L.C

Year Established: 2015

Location: Investment Park – Phase II, Dubai, UAE

Emirates Valve L.L.C was established in 2015 for the purpose of manufacturing and exporting valves. They specialize in manufacturing wafer-type butterfly valves of high quality with the help of their highly qualified and skilled engineers. Being located near the airport zone of Dubai, they are empowered to access all the important routes for transportation including international transportation.

5. Valworx

valworx logo

Source: Valworx

Year Established: 1991

Location: Northline Drive, Cornelius, USA

Industry: Manufacturing

When it comes to butterfly valves, Valworx is one of the leading rotary valve suppliers that is known for its excellent quality. All of their products go through extensive testing before they leave the factories to ensure 100% assurance for quality.

The wafer-type butterfly valves of Valworx can be controlled either by electric actuators or air actuators. Their valves offer maximum reliability and accuracy. What makes this company stand out is the one-day delivery in local regions along with a one year warranty for the valves. 

6. Bray Controls


Source: Bray

Year Established: 1986

Location:  North America

Industry: Automation

Certification: Lloyd’s Register, UL, ABS, and more

Bray has been in the industry of manufacturing incredible butterfly valves for over 30 years. It maintains a strong portfolio as one of the largest suppliers of valves in more than 50 countries.  The innovation of wafer-type pneumatic and electric butterfly valves by Bray has made it popular in the valve industry.

Things to Consider While Buying Wafer Type Butterfly Valves

Wafer-type butterfly valves help control the gas and liquid flow in several industries and everyone desires to buy the best valves that promote quality as well as affordability. Here are some of the things that you must consider before buying wafer-type butterfly valves:

1. Material of the Valves


Source: Pinterest

Rotary valves manufacturers should at least include ISO certification for the valves to ensure that the company you are buying from is meeting the standard requirements of manufacturing the valves. It makes sure that the company adopts the changes of the ISO standards and makes necessary changes in their valves.

2. Cost


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Cost is another one of the factors that should be kept in mind while selecting wafer-type butterfly valves. What you can do is compare the prices and the facilities offered of your desired valve online as well as offline and then make the final decision. 

3. Quality


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Quality is the most important aspect to consider while buying valves because that will ultimately decide the longevity and proper functioning of the valve. 

4. After-sales Service


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It is not only important to consider the quality of the valve manufactured by your sourced company but also the type of after-sales service that is offered by them. There can be many problems with the working of the valves that you may encounter after installing the butterfly valve, which is why it is important to get excellent repairing services from professionals from the company.

5. The reputation of the Supplier

Even though it is not the most important aspect, it does affect the quality of the butterfly valve that you buy. Make sure that the supplier that you buy your valves from is reputed in the market.


Wafer-type butterfly valves are hard to find, especially high-quality valves with assurance for extended service life. This post will help you source out the ideal wafer-type butterfly valve supplier for your application. Contact the one that best fits your needs.

List of the Best Wafer Type Butterfly Valve Suppliers

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