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Fires can occur anywhere and anytime irrespective of occupancy. On average 25,000 people in India die due to fires and related causes. Some of these deaths could likely have been prevented, had we taken fire protection measures, like the installation of fire safe ball valves in industrial and residential piping systems.

Fire-safe ball valves are one of the many ball valve designs available in the markets. They are designed in a way that the material and structure of the ball valve can pass a fire test with limited leakage to the atmosphere and downstream after fire exposure. In this article, we are going to take a look at the 6 best fire-safe industrial valve manufacturers in India.


SIO Logo

SIO is a company based in China and provides ideal solutions for industrial piping and fitting challenges. It was established in 2009 and it hit the ground running. They have changed the ball valve market with their reliable supplies in high-quality ball valves. Quality is their highest priority so all their industrial valves and pieces of equipment are put through rigorous quality tests in their factory to ensure they meet the highest standards.

They prioritize customer needs and have dedicated a team of design engineers and certified technicians to provide customized valve solutions to their clients. This has gone a long way in mapping them as the leading ball valve exporters to India.

Citizen Metal Pvt. Ltd

Citizen Metals PVT.Ltd logo

Source: www.citizenvalves.com

With over thirty-five years of experience, Citizen metal is an industrial valve manufacturer located in Gujarat, India. They are equipped with the latest and automated machinery to facilitate the production of reliable industrial valves that are suitable for a wide variety of applications. They are currently exporting their products to sixty countries all over the world.

Citizen metal Ltd manufactures fire-safe ball valves as per API 607 standards in full. They are the leading ball valve manufacturers in India because of their reputable manufacture and supply of high-quality floating and Trunnion mounted fire-safe ball valves most suitable for industrial use.

Aira euro Automation Pvt.Ltd

Aira euro automatics logo

Source: www.aira-euro.com

Aira Euro automation Pvt. Ltd with many years of experience is a reputable industrial valve manufacturer and exporter of automated and manual valves to countries such as Ethiopia, Turkey, Netherlands, and Bulgaria. They are a reliable company located in Ahmedabad, India who has established a functional infrastructural unit where they manufacture and efficiently distribute products. 

They manufacture pneumatic actuator-operated valves that tolerate heavy loads, are easily available, and are affordable too. Their products meet a wide range of users from the nuclear, refining, petrochemical, and pharma industry.

Zoloto Valves Industries

Zoloto valve industries logo

Source: www.zolotovalves.com

Established in 1966  in Punjab, India Zoloto world as it is commonly called by the locals was set up. It has over time grown to be a world-class valve solution provider. It has a well-established infrastructure with ultra-modern research and development facilities to ensure that they provide high-quality API 6D valves that meet international standards.

With over five decades of experience, they understand the high standards of the essence, fidelity, and safety that consumers require. They have assembled a proficient team of professionals and modern cutting edge technology to deliver high-quality products, which will operate reliably for many years.

L&T Valves Limited

L&T Valves limited logo

Source: www.larsentoubro.com

L&T valves limited is a subsidiary of Larsen turbo a technology and engineering conglomerate. The aim at utilizing the power of new emerging technology to make significant improvements to save costs, improve productivity and efficiency and reduce execution time. The company leverages its six decades of experience in the manufacture of high-quality fire-safe valves for industrial use such as in oil and gas, power, chemicals, aerospace, and water use.

Libra Engineering Works

Libra Engineering works logo

Source: www.indiamart.com

Established in 1988 as a sole proprietorship firm, Libra Engineering Works is located in Ahmedabad, in Gujarat, India. They are one of the leading ball valve manufacturers of superior quality, high-performance industrial valves in India. They have set up a modernized and competent infrastructure facility. They pride themselves in making sure they deliver their products in the shortest time possible, before shipping they ensure that the commodities are thoroughly inspected to ensure that the products are flawless.

Aira 4Matic Global Valve Automation Private Limited

Aira 4Matic logo

Source: www.indiamart.com

Established in 2005 Aira 4matic is located in Ahmedabad. Their main objective is to offer engineered products that will provide optimum solutions to their clients’ piping and fitting problems while minimizing life cycle cost and providing better long-shelf-life quality products. 4Matics growth is attributed to the team of dedicated workers who work tirelessly to produce the high-quality automated valves to date.


At SIO we prioritize safety and strive to manufacture valves that eliminate work risk hazards. It is in the same spirit that we have invested in the supply and export of our fire-safe ball valves. Contact us to place your order and we will be sure to deliver in due time.

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