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API 6D Valves

SIO manufactures high-quality API 6D valves that are available in different materials and structures. The API 6D is the primary standard based on the ISO 14313 that specifies the requirements of valves and offers suggestions for the design, manufacture, inspecting, and notation of check, ball, plug, and gate valves in pipework systems.

API 6D valves mean they have passed the requirements, including series of tests, such as stem backseat, hydrostatic seat and shell tests. Their valve ends could be welded or flanged. If fluid could be trapped inside the body, then these valves must contain a pressure relief. Their actuators can either be pneumatic, electric, or hydraulic.

You can rely on SIO to provide you with reliable API 6D valves for any application you need.

    API 6D Valves

    API 6D valves are accessible in various materials and patterns. If there is a huge difference in the pressure, these valves are made to utilize line pressure for rigid motorized sealing. The end connection of the valve can be flanged and welded. If fluid might be tangled within the core, the valves should include a pressure relief. The actuators of the API 6D ball valve can be electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic.

    Trunnion ball valve

    Ball Valves Features

    Wide Temperature Range

    The API 6D valves have the tendency to resist relatively low and high temperatures up to 2100 degrees Fahrenheit (1150 degrees Celsius).


    The API valves are available in various materials, for instance, carbon steel, stainless steel, low temperature carbon steel, forged steel, and Inconel.

    Quality Criteria

    The API 6D valve models practically fulfill several product designs and manufacturing criteria. Some of them are API 6D, ASMEB16.34, and BS EN ISO 17292.


    These API 6D standard valves pursue numerous pressure test standards and fire safety tests to remain reliable. They comprise BS EN 12266 -1 & 2, API 6D, and API 598, BS EN ISO 10497, API 607, and API 6FA.

    Benefits Of Using API 6D Valve

    High Pressure Valve Image

    PTFE Packing

    The API valve models arrive with chevron-style polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) packing. It helps them stay longer and allows stem sealing without any problems.


    These valves assure low-pressure and high-pressure sealing. In addition to that, they ensure body cavity self-relief.

    Secondary Sealing

    The valves feature stem injection fitting for inferior sealing. Besides that, there is secondary metal sealing to meet fire-safe regulations.

    Easy And Quick Installation

    The API valves are easy to use. It is possible to install them quickly with ease.

    Standard and specification of API 6D Valves


    Remember to consider the below-listed elements before trying to get API 6D valves. Here is the API6D specification list:

    Available Size

    The API 6D valves are accessible in a wide variety of sizes in order to fit various applications.

    Stem Design

    These valves feature a stem design with inner halts to deter the over-track of the slab. It does not need any adjustments as well.   

    Extreme Temperature Range

    It is crucial for these valves to retain a central temperature range. All the SIO valves can tolerate temperatures up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Material Used

    The API 6D valves have to be prepared from a durable material that meets the safety and quality standards. These valves are found in different materials

    Smooth Operation

    There is a soft, electroless nickel-plated chunk for maintaining rigid sealing and deep operating torque.

    Common Applications Of API 6D Valves

    The application range for API 6D valves is vast and is acquired by various industries. 

    API 6D valve for steam service

    The API 6D valves are an ideal option for steam services. They retain incredible strength and show extreme resistance to corrosion. In addition to that, they can monitor the flow of vapor and are a valid and budget-friendly option for various industrial applications. They need little to no maintenance. Applications of API 6D valves in steam service:

    API 6D valve for gas service

    The SIO produces different API 6D valves for gas service. These valves feature a supplementary anchoring system that helps to clench them in the original place. As they come a rigid sealing which deters the gas spills or leaks. Some of the applications of API 6D valves in the gas service field are:

    LNG factories

    API 6D valve for high temperature service

    API 6D valves made by SIO, are an incredible choice to be used for high temperature applications. As mentioned earlier, these valves come with the potential to resist up to 2100 degrees Fahrenheit. They are highly resistant to corrosion and are relatively durable. Here are some applications of these valves in the high temperature field:

    Gas and Oil industries

    API 6D valve for vacuum service

    Another model of API 6D valves can be used for applications associated with vacuum service. They are made from different durable materials, for instance, carbon steel, stainless steel, forged steel, and many more. A few of those models have the power to work, even in high temperatures as 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. Numerous applications of API 6D valves in vacuum service are:

    Cryogenic conditions

    Power generation factories

    API 6D valves for high pressure service

    The high pressure API 602 valves are produced by SIO to overcome high-pressure applications. They feature a great design, meet the pressure standards, fire safety standards, and also pass the international quality standards. A few applications of high pressure API 6D valves include:

    Oil refineries

    Cosmetic industries

    Source API 6D Valves From China

    SIO is one of the best manufacturers of API 6D valves which are made of premium quality materials. They show resistance to corrosion and are available at a competitive price. The products will go through several tests in our facility, and some of them are material tests, impact tests, and spray tests. 

    You can go for custom options in order to get API 6D valves in different sizes, materials, shapes, and more. In addition to that, there are no restrictions on the number of minimum orders. We manufacture valves that comply with various international standards.

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