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Carbon Steel Valves

SIO provides reliable carbon steel valves that are suitable for different operations. Carbon steel valves are an alloy of carbon and iron. They are known to be sturdier compared to stainless steel. They have high resistance to wear and they can endure high pressure. These features allow carbon steel valves to be a great option for heavy operations that involve high temperature and pressures.

However, due to their hardness, these valves are prone to corrosion. They could also turn brittle, which doesn’t guarantee you their longevity. They are commonly used in industrial applications and general utility operations, including steam, water, gas, chemical, and petrochemical among others.

You can count on SIO to provide you with the best carbon steel valves for all your industrial applications.

    Carbon Steel Valves Features

    High tensile strength

    Carbon steel valves are very strong and are capable of withstanding high temperature and high pressure without compromising their shapes.

    Resistance to wear

    • They don’t lose their composition and texture easily; they have high resistance to wear.


    They are extremely hard and tough. Carbon steel valves have the capability of resisting the impact of external forces, which make them a great option for heavy operations.

    Easy to use

    Carbon steel valves are very flexible, which is why many people love to use them.

    Benefits of Using Carbon Steel Valve

    Shock Resistance & Durability

    Carbon steel is composed of mechanical properties, which makes the valve resistant to shock and last long. This is why the piping and construction industries love to use it.

    Resistance to Stress Corrosion

    Carbon steel valves have the capability of withstanding stress corrosion, applied loads, and external forces.

    High and Low Temperature Strength

    Carbon steel valve is capable of functioning under high and low temperatures; it’s tough and possesses excellent fatigue strength.

    Standard and Specification of Carbon Steel Valve

    Below are the standards and specifications we incorporate.

    ASME & EN Standards

    SIO valves are manufactured according to ASME standards which indicate pressure class as '# (lbs.)' and 'inches' as size. As well as EN standards which indicate pressure class as 'PN' and 'DN' as size.

    Pressure Class

    The piping system influences the pressure class that will be most suitable. SIO produces valves with pressure class ranging from #150 to #2500.


    The carbon steel valve sizes are manufactured to be similar to the sizes of the pipelines they will be used for.

    Common Carbon Steel Valve Applications

    Carbon steel valves are composed of mechanical properties, which make them applicable in numerous industries. Below are the most common carbon steel valve applications.

    LNG Natural Gas

    Due to the operation of liquified Natural Gas (LNG) industries, where high pressure, low pressure, and diverse temperature levels are being used, carbon steel valves are applied to ensure manufacturing success.

    Chemical and Petrochemical

    Chemical and petrochemical industries ' manufacturing processes often involve corrosive fluids, such as petroleum and propylene which are harmful when there’s a leakage. This is why strong equipment like carbon steel valves are used to ensure an absolute seal.

    Steam and Water Supply

    A major determinant of good steam and water supply is the type of valve used as it regulates its flow and pressure. Carbon steel valves are used as they ensure operation in the right pressure.


    Slurries are dense, abrasive, and packed with solid components, which makes their pumping very difficult. To ensure that they flow properly, carbon steel valves are used as they are strong and resistant to slurries.

    Power Generation

    Power generation industries make use of several complicated equipment which have different pressures. To ensure the smooth operation of these industries, carbon steel valves are used to control and regulate the diverse flow rate.

    Mining & Construction

    Carbon steel valves are used in these industries because of their great resistance to the corrosive effects of liquids and water. They aren’t just used in the mining & construction industries , they are also used in piping systems.

    Food and Beverage

    Food and beverage operation requires equipment with a tight seal and the capability to handle different types of fluids like cream, oil, and grease. This is why they make use of carbon steel valves to ensure success in their manufacturing processes.


    Valves used in pharmaceutical industries industries must be resistant to wear and high pressure. Also, they must meet sanitary requirement standards. This is why carbon steel valves are most preferred for pharmaceutical operations.

    Carbon Steel Valve from China

    SIO is a carbon steel valve manufacturer and supplier that’s based in China. We prioritize safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for all the industries that need automation. Our customized valve manufacturing helps us to fulfill the most difficult specifications. We have a wide array of valve options that you can choose from for your application, especially for wastewater treatment, steam & water supply, LNG, marine, oxygen service, pipeline, chemical & petrochem, slurry, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, mining & construction, pulp & paper, refinery, geothermal energy, and power generation industries.

    What are the Different Types of Carbon Steel Valves

    There are different types of carbon steel valves that can be used in several industries. Described below are the carbon steel valves you can use for your applications.

    steel check-valves

    Carbon steel ball valve

    It can be likened to a cast steel ball valve with only a few noticeable quality variations. Carbon steel ball valve is intended for use in applications that need a high level of reliability and efficiency.

    Carbon steel gate valve

    A carbon steel gate valve controls the flow of fluid by lifting the gate to open and bringing it down to close. It’s distinguished by its unobstructed path, which results in very little pressure loss on the valve.

    Carbon steel check valve

    The Carbon steel check valve guarantees the prevention of backflow into sump disposal lines, wastewater lines, ejector systems, and sewage lift stations. For a leak-free shutoff, it’s used with piston, diaphragm, and metering pumps.

    carbon steel butterfly-valves

    Carbon steel globe valve

    The carbon steel globe valve is commonly used in high-temperature and high-pressure applications. It is very compact and ideal for usage in the petroleum and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industries.

    Carbon steel needle valve

    Its strong construction and reliable performance makes it capable of regulating the flow of substances through an appliance or system. The carbon steel needle valve can be used in both low-pressure and high-pressure applications.

    Carbon steel butterfly valve

    Carbon steel butterfly valve is a rotational valve with a 90-degree turn used for starting, controlling, and stopping the flow of fluid. The 90-degree rotation allows the valve to close and open completely.

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