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Electric Actuator Valves

SIO manufactures highly-efficient electric actuators that are suitable for a variety of valves. Electric actuators will utilize a power source, like a battery, in order to operate. They will mount on valves which will move automatically as a response to a particular signal. They will shift to the desired position using a power source. These actuators are one of the most well-known valve actuators due to their quick response and accuracy.

There are two kinds of electric actuators. The rotary type is utilized with butterfly, ball, and plug valves. The linear type is perfect for globe, gate, angle, and diaphragm valves.

We at SIO will guarantee that you will receive the finest electric actuators that will power up your different valves.

    Actuated flange ball valve

    What Is an Electric Actuator Valve?

    An electric actuator valve is a type of industrial valve that has an electric actuator mounted to it. It operates through an electric signal and automatically moves to a desired position through an outside power source. An electric actuator valve is the most used automatic valve due to its many advantages:

    As a top industrial valve manufacturer, SIO offers electric actuator valves of different designs and materials to ensure that the valves are fast-acting and reliable to promote smooth operations. They are built to provide quick open/close and throttle services and a safe environment for personnel. Various industrial valves can be electrically actuated and they are used in many complex applications, from food and beverage industries to wastewater treatment plants.

    Electric Actuator Valves Features

    NEMA Enclosures

    Each SIO Electric Actuator valve is covered by an enclosure that complies with National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA).

    Limit Switch

    SIO electric actuator valves come with a limit switch to enable remote monitoring of the actuator's status.

    Overtorque Protection

    In SIO electric actuator valves, the motor is shut off when the predetermined torque level is exceeded.

    Thermal and thermostat overload protection

    It regulates the motor speed if the electric valve gets too hot due to overuse.

    Benefits of using Electric Actuator Valves

    electric actuated butterfly valves lug type


    Control and positioning are extremely accurate with electric actuators. This type of actuator can be adapted to flexible processes and is inexpensive to operate. Thus, a modern electric system is energy efficient and can save you money in many cases.

    Low Failure Rate

    An electric actuator valve is equipped with a load protection device. In order to prevent the motor from overheating in the case of too high voltage, or too long a working duration, the overload protection is activated.

    Safe And Easy Installation

    An electric operated valve is simple to install. Installation costs can be reduced if you use the factory's original control system.

    Standard and specification of Electric Actuator Valves

    Control Sign Input

    A throttling valve actuator receives a control signal to adjust the valve’s position of closing.

    Automation Time

    Linear motion valves require an automation time before they fully close.

    Failsafe Method

    An electric actuator can be set to turn on or off in case of a power outage or loss of control signal.

    Stem Diameter

    The diameter of the valve stem along with the pitch and lead of the valve stem thread can be combined to determine the valve automation required.

    Standard-Based Electric Actuator Valves For Your Unique Service

    As a top electric actuator valves manufacturer, SIO produces valves with an electric actuator according to your special application,
    regardless of the temperature and pressure applied.

    Water and Wastewater Treatment Industries

    For wastewater treatment and water treatment, different types of media flow need to be controlled properly. Electrical check valve from SOI provides precise and repeatable control on these media. They are made from durable materials like carbon steel and stainless steel, both of which are highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion even when in continuous contact with liquids.

    Food and Beverage Industries

    The valves in the food and beverage industry come in contact with food materials and handle utility services, such as steam, water, etc. Electrically operated ball valves are quick to respond and highly efficient, preventing contamination from leaking. PTFE and RPTFE, both highly resistant to pressure, temperature, corrosion, and abrasion, can be used for its valve seat.

    Power Generation Plant

    Power plants involve extremely high pressures and temperatures, extremely low pressures, and cryogenic temperatures. Since a leak could have hazardous consequences, they require a positive shutoff. A blow-out-proof stem is included on the SIO electric actuated ball valves, to protect the valves from being damaged by excessive pressure. Its robust construction, made from carbon steel and stainless steel, enables it to withstand extreme conditions for a very long time.

    Pulp and Paper Industries

    In the pulp and paper industry, chemicals such as liquid chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, and chlorine dioxide are handled. Chemicals of this type could be abrasive, hazardous, corrosive, and typically involve high pressure. Such conditions can be easily handled by our electric actuated butterfly valve. The valve body is constructed from stainless steel or carbon steel, which can handle critical and non-critical process media.

    Electric Actuator Valve factory


    Our manufacturing facility produces thousands of different types of valves each of which goes through specific quality tests. SIO is one of the best electric actuator valve manufacturers.

    As a result of SIO’s training, our employees manufacture electric actuator valves of the highest quality and security, resulting in enhanced products for our customers. Finite element analysis allows our Experts in Extreme Engineering to calculate fatigue, stress, and fluid flow, ensuring that the materials selected will withstand even the most extreme environmental conditions.

    What Are the Different Types of Electric Actuator Valves?


    Rotary Electric Valve Actuators

    Ball valves, butterfly valves, and plug valves are various types of rotary motor operated valve actuators. These are typically found in high-power switching gear, packaging applications, and electric power industries.


    Linear Electric Valve Actuators

    Linear electrical valve actuators provide linear motion via motor-driven ball screws or ACME screws. Linear actuators consist of an electrical motor, reduction gears, travel limiting devices, an electrical enclosure, and valve stem drives.

    Three types of rotary electric valve actuators

    Electric Actuator Ball Valve

    Electric Actuated Ball Valve

    Water, air, gas, oil, steam, liquid, acid, and alkali are among the media in which an electric actuator ball valve can be used. Since it is leak-free and provides positive sealing, it is used in different industries such as natural gas, chemical, and petrochemical, papermaking, etc.


    Electric Actuated Butterfly Valve

    Electric actuated butterfly valves work quickly and have a positive shut-off feature, making them useful for water applications. Electric actuator butterfly valve is mostly used for throttling services.

    Valve plug an oil pipeline in the field on a sunny summer day

    Electric Actuated Plug Valve

    An electric actuated plug valve is ideal for multi-port applications and can be used for on-off operations. A wide variety of industrial applications include pipeline systems, sewage treatment, and hydrocarbon processing.

    Five types of linear electric valve actuators


    Electric Actuated Gate Valve

    Electric actuated gate valves feature a flat disc that slides into a flow passage to provide tight shutoff. Many industries use it, including the oil and gas industry, wastewater treatment facilities, food industries, and so on.


    Electric Actuated Globe Valve

    An Electric Actuated Globe Valve is capable of handling any type of media where pressure drop is not an issue and provides accurate flow control and tight sealing.


    Electric Actuated Diaphragm Valve

    The electric-actuated diaphragm valve can handle corrosive fluids, fibrous slurries, radioactive liquids, and other fluids that require reliable contamination protection.

    Solenoid Valve

    Electric Actuated Solenoid Valve

    The solenoid valve solenoid-valves is used to obstruct, release, dose, distribute, and mix the flow of gasses and liquids. This valve is commonly used in process control systems, general on/off control, and calibration and test stands.

    Stainless-Steel-Needle Valve

    Electric Actuated Needle Valve

    An electric needle valve has a slender and tapered tip at the top of the stem and is an automatic valve. Oil and gas industries, power plants, and natural energy processing plants are areas where this valve is used.

    How Does an Electric Actuator Valve Work?

    An electric actuator converts energy into torque that moves or controls the mechanism of the valve it is connected to. It can both produce and prevent motion and runs on an electric source. The motor of the electric actuator operates through rotor and stator assemblies. The voltage is applied to the stator assembly that induces the flow of current to the rotor assembly. The interaction between these two assemblies creates a magnetic field that causes motion of the valve.

    Without voltage or power applied to the motor, the valve stays in the same position as it was when power was cut. Electric power is necessary at all times to control the valve.

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