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Forged Steel Valves

SIO produces one of the best forged steel valves in the market. Forged steel valves are made through the forging method. This method will involve forming alloys and metals while they are in their solid state. Heat and industrial tools and equipment provide compressing pressure to bend the alloys and metals. Dies are utilized as well to trim and shape them to make specific valves. Forging can be done in varying temperatures, depending on the material used.

Forged steel valves are known for their strength, which makes them perfect for high-pressure applications. They come with less thickness of their walls, which decreases the chances of problems, like thermal fatigue, during operation.

You can depend on SIO to provide you with high-quality forged steels that are available in various materials and compositions.

    What Is a Forged Steel Valve?

    A forged steel valve is a type of valve that consists of components created through closed die forging. This process involves shaping billets while in their solid state after heating. Forging dies are utilized to press the heated billets to produce the required dimensions and shapes.

    After forging, valve components possess more strength, making them suitable for systems that handle high pressures and temperatures. This process eliminates problems, such as cracks, porosity, and shrinkage, which are common problems of casting steel. 

    Apart from enhanced strength, a forged steel valve has less wall thickness. This reduces the chances of thermal fatigue during valve operation and allows the valves to be cooled and heated quickly. As a result, a forged steel valve is capable of handling stressful systems that continually shifts from startup and phase-down processes.

    Different Types of Forged Steel Valves

    As one of the leading manufacturers of forged steel valves, SIO offers different types of forged steel valves to meet your needs.

    Forged Steel Gate Valve

    1. Forged Steel Gate Valve

    A forged steel gate valve is an isolation valve ideal for opening and shutting media flow in pipelines that handle different media properties, such as gas, neutral liquids, potable water, and wastewater. Since it is made from forged steel, it can handle different pressures and temperatures even with continued use.

    A forged gate valve is a multi-turn valve, meaning the operation of this valve is slow as it requires multiple turns to change from an open position to a closed one. This process eliminates the risks of water hammer effects.

    2. Forged Steel Globe Valve

    A forged steel globe valve is a type of linear motion valve used to open, shut, and throttle media flow. Due to its added strength and high tolerance to varying temperatures, it is used to control media flow in industries that handle severe conditions. These include fuel oil systems, cooling water systems, chemical feed systems, boilers, and more.

    A forged globe valve is designed with a stem that goes up and down and a disc that moves to the seat perpendicularly during the opening and closing of the valve. This movement produces an annular space between the disc and seat ring that slowly closes as the valve closes. With this feature, a forged globe valve performs excellent throttling needed for controlling the process flow.

    Gate Valve

    3. Forged Steel Ball Valve

    A forged steel ball valve is a type of quarter-turn valve that possesses enhanced strength and high tolerance against severe working environments, such as high pressures and temperatures and toxic media. It is widely used in industrial processing plants, chemical and petrochemical applications, pipelines, and more.

    A forged ball valve has a spherical disc that functions as the opening and closing mechanism of the valve. It has a hollow center or hole that provides full media passage when aligned with the pipelines and complete obstruction when perpendicular to the pipelines. The way this valve operates makes it suitable for providing tight sealing with zero leakage.

    4. Forged Steel Check Valve

    A forged steel check valve is a sturdy non-return valve that only allows the media to flow in one direction. It is strong, compact, and suitable for applications dealing with high pressures and temperatures, such as oil refineries, power generation, LPG and LNG plants, and more.

    A forged check valve is a self-automated valve that depends on the process flow to open and close. The internal disc of the valve allows flow to go through, opening the check valve. When the flow starts to decrease or go to the reversed direction, the valve will gradually close to prevent backflow and contamination.



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