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Stainless Steel Valves

SIO offers stainless steel valves that customers can customize according to their needs. Stainless steel is an effective material for applications that involve water and loads of other types of materials. It has the ability to endure harsh pressure, temperature, and exposure to several chemicals. While stainless steel is an expensive material, its strength and resilience will justify its price.

Valves made from stainless steel are known to have high resistance to leakage and have longer lifespans. For demanding applications that require high amounts of pressure and temperature, stainless steel valves are the best choice.

At SIO, you can be confident that all of your stainless steel valves are made with the highest quality.


    Stainless Steel Valve Company

    Stainless steel valves are revered for their ability to withstand chemical exposure, high pressure, and harsh temperatures. Pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and power generation industries prefer stainless steel valves in their operations as they boast on their revered durability, versatility, and strength.

    By opening, partially obstructing, or closing various passageways, stainless steel valves are used to regulate, direct, and control the flow of fluid. Stainless steel valves are commonly used in irrigation, military and transport sectors, residential purposes, and processes for industries.

    Manufactured from the highest quality materials, stainless steel valves are the ideal choice for applications that require corrosion resistance. They also have very high resistance to leakage, making them an excellent choice for demanding applications that are exposed to high amounts of temperature and pressure.
    SIO Stainless Steel Valves are made to meet the needs of every customer. SIO Stainless steel valves can endure harsh temperature, high pressure, and exposure to various chemicals.

    Stainless Steel Valves Features

    Working temperature

    Ss valves by SIO can work at temperatures as low as -25°C and more than 120°C.

    Working pressure

    SIO stainless steel valves can work at very high pressure up to 1000psi.

    Seat and tightness rate

    The seats of SIO valves are soft and made of PTFE. Maximum leakage rate of ASME / FCI 70-2 Class V at full Delta P. Tighter shutoff can be arranged upon request.

    Industry standards

    All SIO stainless steel valves conform to API-607 Fire Safe 4th Edition, MSS SP-72, and API-608 Anti-Static.

    Benefits of using Stainless Steel Valves

    Stainless Steel Globe Valve


    Stainless Steel Valves will hold up much better to harsher water types. This will ensure a longer-lasting valve. Moreover, stainless as a material is much more corrosion-resistant than brass.

    Pressure Ratings

    Standard stainless valves have extremely high-pressure ratings of 1000 PSI on 1" models.


    Stainless steel valves have the advantage of being extremely reliable and robust over valves made of other types of metal. The longevity and reliability of stainless steel valves make them an excellent long-term investment.


    A major advantage of stainless steel valves is that they offer leak-free hydraulic systems, even at high temperatures and pressures.

    Standard and specification of Stainless Steel Valves

    A stainless steel valve that has a blow-out-proof stem is a safe and efficient device for industrial applications.

    The stainless steel valve is equipped with a metal seat to provide fire safety. This is especially useful when the system temperature rises to levels that may damage the soft seat.

    High-grade anti-static devices prevent static electricity from accumulating on valves as a result of friction.

    Valve dimensions that comply with ASME standards make it possible to replace or modify the valve with valves from other manufacturers.

    Common Stainless Steel Valve Applications

    Petroleum refining

    The entire process of converting crude oil into usable products is too complicated and demanding that only stainless steel valves can handle. Petroleum is a highly corrosive fluid, so looking for pipes and valves that can withstand this substance for a long time is a must. Stainless steel valves have the temperature tolerance and pressure rating this whole process needs.

    Seawater environments

    The marine habitat, a corrosive environment, is harmful to all types of materials. When seawater environments are involved, a lot of people use plastic valves. However, plastic valves cannot withstand extreme temperatures and high levels of pressure. Stainless steel valves can handle these conditions with ease. These types of valves, if given proper maintenance, can last for a long time around seawater.

    Brewing systems

    Breweries use ss valves. Stainless steel valves enable the user to control the flow of liquid. The stainless steel material is required in this industry because the valves have direct contact with wort. It is a corrosive liquid that would wear down valves made of iron, so stainless steel valves are an excellent choice.

    Pulp and paper industry

    In pulp and paper applications, Stainless steel valves used should have high control accuracy and reliable mechanical performance. With the pressure rating, chemical compatibility, scale tendency, temperature range, and consistency required, stainless steel valves are recommended in this type of application.

    Stainless Steel valve from China

    SIO is the most reliable and trustworthy stainless steel valve company in China. A 5-step quality control procedure is followed when we manufacture stainless steel valves in our factory. We control raw materials, manufacture high-precision parts, conduct an inspection of overall bugs, use ultrasonic cleaning and spraying, and apply a private label.

    SIO Valves gives the utmost priority to quality standards so that our customers will never experience any issues in the future. Our company provides after-sales services to ensure we maintain a good relationship with our clients.

    What Are the Different Types of Stainless Steel Valves?


    Stainless steel Ball Valve

    As stainless steel ball valves open and close quickly, these ss valves require less effort to operate. This stainless valve has a high resistance to leakage making them highly durable and robust. Pharmaceutical, chemical, and oil-related applications can use these valves.

    SIO High performance butterfly valve

    Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve

    Stainless steel butterfly valves are known for being compact, yet remarkably resistant to corrosion and harsh temperatures. Petrochemical processing, fuel handling systems, oil industries, wastewater treatment, as well as fire protection, use these ss valves.

    Control Valve Image

    Stainless Steel Globe Valve

    A stainless steel globe valve is used in high-pressure and temperature applications. This valve maintains a tight seal when closed, so leakage rates are reduced. Typical applications include turbine seals, feedwater, fuel oil systems, cooling water systems, and extraction drain systems.

    Stainless Steel Gate Valve

    Stainless Steel Gate Valve

    Stainless steel gate valves control fluid flow in high-pressure and high-temperature environments. These stainless valves are used in process plants, petrochemical, the oil and gas industry, and marine because they can withstand chemical exposure.

    Stainless Steel Check Valve

    Stainless Steel Check Valve

    A stainless steel check valve is commonly used in home heating systems, chemical plants, pressure pumps, nitrogen purging lines, and aerospace processes. Also, the ss valves are self-automated, so they don't need to be turned or pushed to open and close.

    Pressure Relief Valve

    Relief Valve

    Since stainless steel relief valves are highly resistant to extreme pressure conditions, they are commonly used to control or restrict the pressure levels in a system. Among the typical applications of these valves are high-pressure gas systems and hydraulic power systems.

    Stainless-Steel-Needle Valve

    Needle Valve

    Similar to most types of valves, stainless steel needle valves have an exceptional tolerance for harsh temperature and pressure conditions. A stainless steel needle valve is designed to control fluid flow accurately and precisely.


    Diaphragm Valve

    The stainless steel diaphragm valve is an excellent choice when it comes to fluid flow control, especially in the case of suspended solids. They are used in water treatment, food processing, power generation, pulp and paper, and pharmaceuticals.

    High Pressure Valve Image

    Pressure relief valve

    Hydraulic systems often use stainless steel pressure relief valves to set a maximum level of pressure for the system. These SS valves prevent equipment damage and serious hazards during operation by regulating the pressure.


    Drain valve

    In the compression chamber, stainless steel valves are used as drainage valves due to their corrosion resistance. Drain valve is used to clean, empty, or scour the main storage tank.


    High-Performance Butterfly Valve

    High performance butterfly valves are primarily designed to accommodate general applications to systems with corrosive fluids, steam, and viscous liquids. They can be implemented safely to higher pressure systems.

    Standard Based Stainless Steel Valves
    for Your Unique Service

    Stainless Steel Valves for
    Steam Service

    Our stainless steel valves are designed and developed by the best professionals in the market. These stainless steel valves come with design aspects that make them an incredible investment. They work perfectly for steam service given that they are designed to withstand high temperatures and high pressures. Our stainless steel valves are used to control the flow of steam and also cut off any flow. 

    Stainless Steel Valves for
    Gas Service

    In the gas industry, trunnion mounted ball valves must be used. This comes in handy to ensure that gas is adequately shut off. It also allows for easier flow of gas ensuring that the gas is directed accurately. Working with stainless steel valves ensures that the pipelines are well catered to. This makes your production processes easier allowing you to release the gas-only when needed. 

    Trunnion mounted ball valve  Industrial gas process plants are generally huge and costly and any mistake is a significant expense on the industry. SIO trunnion mounted ball valves provide accurate flow control, which is essential in these plants. With their tight shutoff feature, they will promote the overall performance, reliability, and safety of the processing plants.

    Stainless Steel Valves for
    High-Temperature Service

    With high-temperature applications that involve oils and chemicals, using steel valves is essential. Our stainless steel valves are designed to be the perfect companion and ensure that your processes are intact. The valves feature the ability to withstand high temperatures without any deformities or malfunction in their application. They are designed to ensure that all your high-temperature liquids are well situated enhancing your productions. 

    Stainless Steel Valves for
    Vacuum Service

    Our stainless steel valves for vacuum services are designed to come in handy in different applications. They feature the strength and accuracy required when working with vacuums. These valves can be used in an application when working to use the vacuum in a chamber. This is the case when working with pick and place machines. The valves are used to keep the vacuum intact. Additionally, when passing gas through a vacuum, these valves come in handy to ensure the process is done accurately. 

    Stainless Steel Valves for
    High-Pressure Service

    Stainless steel valves are designed to perform accurately when subjected to high-pressure situations. This makes them perfect when working with water flowing at high pressure. The valves are designed to cater to the release and halt of the water flow regardless of the pressure involved. Additionally, high pressure ball valves also ensure that the water flowing under high pressure is directed accurately. Working with these stainless steel valves gives great flexibility when working on your projects.

    Stainless Steel
    Valve Factory

    SIO is a well-equipped stainless steel valves manufacturer ensuring that we offer incredible valve options. We feature a stainless steel valve factory where all the magic happens. This is where our stainless steel valves are designed and developed by the best professionals in the market. This allows us to always offer quality options to all our customers. Additionally, we feature quality control measures where we test all our valves to ensure they are suitable for use in different applications. You can trust that our stainless steel valves will offer incredible service when used. 

    Worker inspecting a ball valve

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