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  • motorized ball valve Stainless Steel 2 PC

Electric Actuated Ball Valve 2 Pieces Stainless Steel

Electric actuated ball valves are 2-way ball valves that are designed to cater to basic on and off functions. These ball valves are electrically controlled which makes their use more automated. 


  • Electric Actuator: AC 110/220V DC 12V/24V
  • Valve Size Range: 1/2"~2"
  • Valve Body Material: Stainless Steel CF8 CF8M
  • Valve Trim: Stainless Steel 304 316
  • Valve Seat: RPTFE
  • End Connection: Threaded BSP, NPT, BSPT
  • Valve Bore: Full


Body: Ball & Stem: stainless steel SS304,316

Stem Seals: PTFE

Seats: RPTFE

Temperature Range:

-30 to 250°F

Max Working Pressure:

1000 PSI

Your Best-in-class 2 Way Ball Valve Manufacturer

SIO is one of the leading electric actuated ball valve manufacturers in China working to cater to customers from around the world. We feature the help of incredible professionals with years of experience in the manufacturing industry. This has allowed us to continue offering incredible ball valve options to cater to your specific needs. We feature a well-established ball valve factory equipped to ensure that we have all the tools for the manufacturing process. Additionally, we feature quality control measures analyzing all our productions to help us offer quality ball valves. 

Worker inspecting a ball valve

Customize Electric Actuated Ball Valves
Based on Your Specifications


The shape of your electric actuated ball valve affects the flow rate of the products you will be working with. Determining the best shape for your specific needs is essential and will help you invest in a valve that works for you. We will help to produce the perfect ball valves that meet your desired shapes.


We offer electric actuated ball valves manufactured with different materials to give you the best options in the market. The materials you choose to use will determine the durability of your ball valves when used. Our top material picks when it comes to ball valves are stainless steel and carbon steel. They are a great option and offer great durability.


The dimensions to be featured on your electric actuated ball valve matter to ensure that it performs accurately. The valve should fit in nicely to ensure that it can accurately control the flow of the products you are working with. If you have any specific dimensions, we are ready to work on providing the perfect product.

Connection Ways

Connection ways determine the best way to connect the ball valve to pipes and play a huge role in their success. You need to feature the right connection way when customizing your electric actuated ball valve. Electric actuator is usual in butterfly ball valves. While butterfly ball valves could be divided into wafer type butterfly valve, flange type butterfly valve, lug type butterfly valve, welded type butterfly valve according to connection Ways. When the butterfly valve is required to control flow, the most important thing is to correctly select its size and type so that it can work properly and effectively. Therefore, choosing the right connection way when you are considering the valve's application area is quite important.

Actuator Ways

Actuator ways refer to the different ways you can easily apply the use of the valves you are working with. For this, you have different options ranging from electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical among others. If you have a specific actuator way you’d rather work with, we’ll ensure to provide that.

Ball Movement Ways

The ball found on your valve is designed to cater to controlling the flow of liquid or gas. This is done when the ball rotates to a 90-degree resulting in either the release or blockage of the liquid or gas. We can customize your ball movement ways to cater to the direction of flow you intend to achieve.

Industry Standards

Industry standards vary depending on the industry you are working in. The valves used in the food industry will differ from those used in the chemical industry. On one hand, the valves should be food-safe while on the other hand, they should be resistant to corrosion. We will ensure that we offer valves that cater to your specific industry needs.

SIO is Ready to Be Your Best Manufacturing
Partner Whoever You Are


Finding quality electric actuated valves at a great price that you can resell to customers is essential. We offer discounted prices to distributors with the advantage of working with a no MOQ policy. This gives you the advantage of offering quality at a great price to your customers. 


Getting quality valves delivered to you on time and in perfect condition can be a stretch. However, with SIO we assure quality products that are delivered on time and in their original condition wherever you are in the world. We’ve got you covered. 

Engineering Company

Setting up workspaces and factories that require the need of valves requires you to invest in the best quality. We feature the help of qualified professionals who help us ensure that all our electric actuated valves cater to your needs. 

Equipment Manufacturer

Assembling some equipment will require the use of ball valves especially when producing pick and place machines among others. We offer incredible options like vacuum valves that come in handy in the assembly of different equipment. They are designed to cater to the overall functionality of your equipment.


If you are looking to control the flow of liquids or gas with ease, our electric actuated ball valve is here for you. We will offer the best quality options designed for your specific purposes to ensure they serve you right. 

Why SIO Electric Actuated Ball Valve

Certified Quality

We work to ensure that all our electric actuated ball valves and other products are produced to industry standards. Our manufacturing processes are certified to ensure that all our products are of the highest quality.

Free Sample Offered

If you are looking to test out our products, we offer free samples especially to distributors and companies looking to buy in bulk. This gives you more confidence assuring you that you’ll be investing in quality valves.

Custom Ball Valve with Actuator Solutions

We offer custom solutions to cater to any specifications you may have from the shape to the materials used. There are different options for you to choose from to ensure that you get valves that meet your needs.

Fast Turnaround

Our manufacturing processes are designed and developed by the best professionals in the business. This allows us to offer a fast turnaround time on all orders we take ensuring that we provide quality in a reasonable time frame.

Flexible Payment Method

We offer flexible payment methods to cater to your situation and ensure that you get your products to boost your business. We do this by offering a payment plan suitable for both our customers and our company.

Full Motorized Ball Valve Support

We believe in walking the journey with you and ensuring that we offer the best after-sale services and maintenance. In case you have any concerns we are here to address them and ensure that you have a quality experience with our ball valves.

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