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Stainless Steel Flange Ball Valve JIS 10K 20K

Stainless steel flanged end ball valves are a Japanese industry standard product that is designed to make the control of liquid easier. The ball valves feature ends that are flanged making them easier to start and stop flow or change pipes.


  • Full Port for unobstructed flow
  • Quick quarter-turn rotation
  • Blow-out proof stem




Body :Stainless Steel SCS 13 SCS 14

Trim: Stainless Steel SUS304 SUS316


End Connections:

JIS 10K 20K

Your Best-in-class Flanged Ball Valve Manufacturers

When it comes to working with the best-flanged ball valve manufacturers, SIO is at the top of the list. We feature incredible advantages that make us your go-to company to work with. 

Flanged ball valves made of carbon steel and stainless steel are suitable for all walks of life, and different actuator ways also make us competitive. We dedicate our processes to ensuring that we feature the best manufacturing processes to cater to quality flanged ball valves.

Worker inspecting a ball valve

Customize JIS Valve Based
On Your Specifications


Ball valves come in different shapes that determine the accuracy of the valves in an application. If you have any specific shapes in mind, we will help you develop a product that suits you. We will also advise ensuring that you invest in the right shape customizations.


Like any other product, our flanged valves are designed to feature the use of varied materials in their manufacturing. We highly recommend stainless steel and carbon steel in the manufacturer of quality and durable valve options. If you have any specific materials in mind, we will work to ensure that we feature their use in production.


The dimension of your flanged ball valves determines how they’ll fit into the pipes you plan to be using. Having your dimensions right is essential to cater to efficiency and ensure that you get the best. We will work with you to ensure that we get your needs right and cater to your dimensions with ease.

Connection Ways

Our ball valves are designed to come with connection ways that make them easier to install to your pipe system. There are different connection ways which are why we offer the option of letting you invest in ball valves that feature your specific requirements.

Actuator Ways

Actuator ways are an essential aspect when it comes to ball valves to ensure they are accurate in their application. The system used to initiate the control of flow using these ball valves is what is referred to as actuator ways. You have the option of investing in pneumatic, mechanical, and electrical among others.

Ball Movement Ways

The control of liquid and gas flow requires accurate ball movements to ensure that you get the best results. If you have specific ball movement ways you’d rather work with, we are here to help you ensure that you get the exact results.

Industry Standards

Flanged ball valves are used in different industries including chemicals, oil, food, and water among others. All these industries come with specific standards that need to be met. Apart from JIS standards, our SIO valves can be designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with other international standards on request, such as ANSI ball valves,1000 WOG valves. We will work to ensure that we offer incredible options that will meet your specific industry standards.

SIO Ready to Be Your Best Flanged Ball
Valve Partner Whoever You Are


If you are a distributor looking to resell quality flanged ball valves, we’ve got you covered. We feature incredibly discounted prices to ensure that you get the best profits when working on your business. Additionally, our quality products are designed to ensure that your customers are fully satisfied.


Getting quality valves to work with when you are across the world can be a bit of a challenge. However, with SIO, you don’t have to worry about any of that. We ensure that our logistics systems cater to your on-time deliveries and ensure that they get to you in great shape. 

Engineering Company

When looking to invest in flanged ball valves that will contribute to your processes, SIO is the perfect company to work with. We will offer incredible options for your engineering company and ensure that our products work efficiently for your business.

Equipment Manufacturer

If you work with pick and place machines and other types of equipment, working with ball valves is inevitable. These machines require the use of ball valves to ensure they work accurately. If you are looking to invest in quality options, we’ve got the perfect ball valves for you to invest in.


We work to offer quality ball valves to all our customers to ensure that your needs are accurately catered to. We offer a no MOQ deal that comes in handy and allows us to meet your product needs regardless of the number of orders.

Why SIO Reduced Bore Ball Valves

Certified Quality

Our manufacturing processes are designed to feature certified quality allowing us to offer incredible ball valve options. This has continued to be the case with quality control measures carried out by the best professionals in the market. You can trust that investing in our flanged ball valves will offer incredible quality for your business.

Free Sample Offered

We offer free samples of our products to clients who want to have a better feel of our valves in an application. This particularly benefits those looking to invest in customization and bulk orders. We do this to ensure that you get to see the quality we promise in all our productions.

Flexible Payment Method

We feature the flexibility to offer different payment methods with payment plan options that are designed to be the perfect advantage for both parties. We do this to ensure that we cater to the needs of all our customers with ease.

Full Flanged Ball Valve Support

After we have made a flanged ball valve sale, we work to stay in touch with our customers. We do this to ensure that we offer support in case of any concerns. This allows us to build quality relations with all our customers.

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