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Teflon Lined Butterfly Valve


  • High Performance PFA Lining
  • Melt process able for precise molding of parts with smoother surface finishes than PTFE liners.
  • Superior flexibility to withstand repeated flexing and dynamic loads for extended service life.
  • Higher resistance to permeation for increased durability with lower total cost of ownership.
  • Lower particle shedding for maximum purity.
  • Superior creep resistance at high temperatures.
  • Increased resistance to microbial contamination.
  • Also known by the trade name Teflon
Item Standard
Size Range  11/2″ to 20″ (40 to 500mm)
Pressure Ratings Up to 150psi (10bar)
Vacuum Rating To 0.0002 psia (1.03 x 10-2 torr)
Temperature -20°F to 320°F (-29°C to 160°C)
Body Style Two-piece, Wafer, Lug
Face-to-face ANSI B 16.34 ISO 5752, API 609
Top Plate  ISO 5211
FE Standard ISO 15848-1, ISO 15848-2
Drilling ASME B16.5 CL150, DIN PN16,JIS 10K


Teflon Lined Butterfly Valve Manufacturers

The Teflon lined butterfly valves are the best for chemical or highly corrosive industries. These valves have been carefully designed to ensure that all processes are smooth regardless of their chemical nature. These valves are made from highly resistant materials that prevent corrosion and leakage during operation. 

As one of the professional Teflon lined butterfly valve manufacturers, there are many models and series available in SIO, each with its advantages. Teflon lined butterfly valve design can be a center disc, split body, wafer type, flangeless, and lug type butterfly valve.

Air operated butterfly valve wafer type full PTFE Lined

Teflon Lined Butterfly Valves Features

Clogging and leakage Free

These valves are among the most reliable in the industry due to their safety features. The valves are protected from clogging and leakage during design.

Leak-free sealing

A compression ring ensures leak-free sealing with a constant dynamic preload force and energizes all triple shaft seal design components.

Temperature range

Teflon Lined Butterfly Valves can work efficiently in extreme temperature conditions such as -20°F to 320°F.

Pressure range

It is compact and can be applied to a pressure range up to 150psi.

Benefits Of Using Teflon Lined Butterfly Valves

Air operated butterfly valve wafer type PTFE Lined

No Manual Maintenance

Stem sealing system with the live load. The valve will last its lifetime with no need for manual adjustment. Also equipped with triple seal design ensures a bubble-tight shutoff, and it is maintenance-free and lives loaded.

Extremely Reliable

These valves also have the added benefit of being extremely reliable. They are more reliable and efficient than other types of valves. This is why most industries that use them report an increase in profits. These pfa lined butterfly valve can make industrial processes more efficient and stable at conserving energy and guarantee the highest production output.

Easily ON/OFF

These small discs can be quickly turned on or off with a pneumatic driver. The valve is less heavy than the ball and needs negligible structural support. They are suitable for mechanical use because they are precise.

Standard And Specification Of Teflon Lined Butterfly Valve

The following standards should be present in the ball valve you are going to buy for industrial purposes-

Teflon Butterfly Valve follows the two industrial standards, i.e., ASTM D1784 and ANSI B16.5.

Teflon-lined butterfly valves are available in sizes from 40 mm to 400 mm. Body and Integral Disc are available in Ductile Iron A395, Stainless Steel, and Carbon Steel, duly coated with FEP, PA, and Carbon Steel.

These valves can withstand the maximum temperature of 320°F. The pressure of 150 PSI. The most common disc lining that is used in wafer butterfly valve is FEP Grade (Teflon) or PFA Grade (Teflon).

Common Ball Valve Applications

Teflon Lined Butterfly Valve For Steam Service

Our teflon-lined butterfly valves are suitable to control the flow of steam and water in power plants. These applications can be corrosive or abrasive and require varying pressures and temperatures. SIO Teflon-coated butterfly valves are highly resistant to these demanding conditions.

Teflon Lined Butterfly Valve For Superficial Cleaning

SIO Teflon lined butterfly valves are designed and built for applications that require a clean, sterile environment. The standard features of our sanitary valve designs include superficial cleaning characteristics and valves with minimal or no crevice sections.

Food and Beverage Industries​

Food and beverage industries require strict sanitary guidelines to which ball valves must comply. Some of these require the valves to have smooth surfaces without any pores and crevices in which materials and bacteria could build up. The materials the valves are made should not affect, like contaminate or degrade, the product.

Teflon Lined Butterfly Valve From China

Electric Actuated Butterfly Valve

SIO is the leading teflon lined butterfly valve manufacturer in China and is well-known for its high-quality products including, high-precision machining, debug inspection and ultrasonic cleaning and spraying services. The strong manufacturing capabilities have helped us earn the trust and loyalty of our customers over the last two decades.

SIO teflon lined butterfly valve manufacturers produces high-quality, high-performance Teflon-lined butterfly valves. They are highly resistant to low-high temperatures as well as pressure ranges. Our high-performance butterfly valves are manufactured with strict quality control. We offer high-performance butterfly valves made of different materials to serve the industries as per their needs.

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