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  • Trunnion ball valve
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  • Trunnion mounted ball valve API 6D API 607 3
  • Trunnion ball valve
  • Trunnion mounted ball valve API 6D API 607 5
  • Trunnion ball valve
  • High Pressure Valve Image
  • Trunnion mounted ball valve API 6D API 607 3
  • Trunnion ball valve
  • Trunnion mounted ball valve API 6D API 607 5

Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve API6D API 607


  • Full or Reduced Bore
  • RF, RTJ, BW or PE
  • Side entry, top entry,
  • Double Block & Bleed (DBB),Double Isolation & Bleed (DIB)
  • Emergency seat and stem injection
  • Anti-static Device
  • Anti-blow out Stem
  • Cryogenic or High Temperature Extended Stem

Valve Size:

NPS 2~NPS 36

Pressure Class:

150#, 300#, 600#, 900#, 1500#, 2500#


Carbon Steel

Stainless Steel

Low-Temperature Carbon Steel

Duplex, Super Duplex, Inconel

Design and Manufacturing Standards :


ASME B 16.34

BS EN ISO 17292

Face to Face Standards :

ASME B 16.10


Flange Dimension Standards:

ASME B 16.5 (up to 24″)

ASME B16.47 Series A (26″ and above)

Butt Weld Valve End Standards:

ASME B16.25

Pressure Test Standards :


API 598

BS EN 12266 -1 and 2

Fire Safety Test Standards :

API 607


BS EN ISO 10497

Fugitive Emissions:

ISO 15848


MR 01-75 / ISO 15156 compliant

Valve operator options:

Bare stem, Gear

Hand lever

Pneumatic actuator

Hydraulic actuator

Gas actuator

Gas-over-oil actuator

Motor-operated actuator

Hydraulic/electro actuator

hydraulic-operated actuator

Shutoff Class:

API 598 (Zero Leakage)

Class VI (FCI 70-2), API 6D

SIO Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves Range

  • Two-piece trunnion mounted ball valve

    2 Pc/ 3 Pc Body Casted Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

    SIO manufactures trunnion mounted valves available in both two-piece and 3-piece designs that are API 6D, ASME B 16.34, BS EN ISO 17292 certified. They have ASME B16.10/ API 6D face-to-face and end-to-end and ASME B16.50/ B16.47A end flanges. They are compliant with the API 607/ API 65A fire test and MR 0175 Certification.

    The trunnion mounted ball valve design includes a two-piece/ three-piece casted body and a trunnion mounted ball, either full or reduced bore. It is also equipped with an antistatic device, blow-out proof stem, fire-safe design, emergency sealant injector (6” and larger), vent valve (6” and larger), lifting lugs and supporting feet (8” and larger). The seal area is ENP coated and a seat pocket SS overlay is available upon request.

  • pasted image 0 8 1

    3 Pc Body Forged Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

    As one of the leading trunnion ball valve manufacturers, all of SIO’s trunnion mounted ball valves are made following the strict guidelines implemented by the company. The structure design is ASME B16.34/ API 6D certified. It is also compliant with the API 607/ API 6FA Fire Test and NACE MR 0175 Certification.

    The 3 pc body forged trunnion mounted ball valve consists of three pieces of forged steel body and a trunnion mounted ball, either full or reduced bore. It has an antistatic device, blow-out proof stem, and a double block and bleed function. For valve sizes 6” and larger, they come with an emergency sealant injector and vent valve. Lifting lugs and supporting feet for 8” and larger valve sizes are also available.

  • Top entry trunnion mounted ball valve

    Top Entry Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

    The top entry trunnion mounted ball valve is made and tested according to international standards including API, MSS, ISO, ANSI, and EC. This is to ensure that all SIO trunnion ball valves are durable, steady, and safe to operate in industrial applications. It has a top entry cast or forged body and a trunnion mounted ball with a full or reduced bore.

    It is equipped with several design features for optimum performance including antistatic device, blow-out proof stem, and a double block and bleed function. It also has a fire-safe design and an emergency sealant injector for sizes 6” and larger.

Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves Selection Guide

A trunnion ball valve is one of the many types of ball valves. It is a quarter-turn valve that has a perforated and supported/ fixed ball to manage flow that passes through. The trunnion mounted ball valve design has an added mechanical anchoring at the top and bottom of the ball. This trunnion mounted stem takes in the pressure, preventing more friction between the ball and seats. This allows the operating torque to remain low even at high-working pressure.

SIO trunnion mounted ball valves have many custom options. They are available in both two-piece and three-piece designs and have different seat layout choices. Many valve operator types are available including bare stem, hand lever, hydraulic actuator, pneumatic actuator, motor-operated actuator, and more. SIO provides customization to offer clients the best solutions for their specific requirements.

trunnion mounted ball

As one of the top trunnion ball valve manufacturers, SIO offers trunnion mounted ball valves that have an array of benefits. Their design ensures central positioning even in applications with extreme pressure. Thanks to their independent-floating spring-loaded seats, a tight seal is guaranteed even at low differential pressures. The bolted body design of the API 6D ball valves promotes simpler service and maintenance. This makes them suitable for above and buried installations.

Trunnion Mounted Valves Design Featuress

Fire Safe Design

A. Internal Leak Prevention

SIO’s internal leakage prevention is ensured by an O-ring design. When the primary O-ring is damaged by plant fire, the spring-loaded metal seats will come in contact with the ball to shut off fluid flow. This will minimize the leakage of the internal process medium. The secondary graphite seal will also prevent leakage between the seats and valve caps during and after the fire.

B. External Leak Prevention

The external leakage prevention is double insurance to the fire-safe function. The primary O-ring and secondary graphite gasket will seal possible external leakage between the stem and gland flange, gland flange and body, and body and adapter. When the resilient o-ring gets burned out by fire, the secondary graphite gasket seal can still prevent external leakage of the process medium.

fire safe design diagram

Double Block and Bleed (DBB) Function

The DBB function is essential to maintain the overall integrity of the system. It allows the whole live operation to continue even when essential equipment needs repair or maintenance. It will shut off the fluid flow on the upstream and downstream sides of the ball. It will isolate the valve bore and cavity from each other when the valve is fully open or closed. This is to depressurize the cavity through a bleed or vent valve and a drain plug.

double block and bleed function diagram

Antistatic Device

An antistatic device is an excellent addition for further fireproof safety. Antistatic spring-loaded balls are attached between the stem and the bonnet and between the stem and the ball. They will maintain electrical conductivity in all metallic components. The antistatic device will also reduce the static charge on the ball due to friction. It protects the valve from a spark that could ignite the fuel passing through the valve.

Blow-out Proof Stem

The stem is made separately from the ball with integral T-type round shoulder, retained by the gland. Stem and ball isolation prevents wearing of the downstream seats enhancing the performance and lifespan of the valve.

antistatic device and blow out proof stem diagram

A blow-out proof stem means inserting the stem from the inside of the valve body. It is necessary when there is excessive pressure on the ball seats. The pressure in the valve body will push the stem up when the valve is open or closed. The stem housing, which is connected to the body, will hold the stem in position. Therefore, the stem will remain secure by the stem housing even when the valve is under pressure.

Ball Seat Alignment

All valves have mechanical stops to maintain the integrity of the ball and prevent it from over-rotating. They are useful when there’s a need to control or adjust the flow rate. It also limits stem travel at a certain degree in the upstream or downstream direction due to the capacity limitation of the valves.

AED O-ring

AED O-rings guarantee smooth and leak-free services in high-pressure applications. For example, in hydrocarbon processing under class 600 and above, the molecular structure of elastomeric O-rings might absorb the gas. This exposes the valve to sudden decompression, which may damage the O-rings. AED O-rings or lip seals are designed for such demanding environments preventing any potential leaks.

Environment-friendly Valve

The fugitive emission-suppressing design is ISO 15848 certified, which verifies the low-emission performance of the full sealing mechanism of the valves. One significant benefit of environment-friendly valves is it promotes sustainability. If operations are less dependent on natural resources, businesses will have better ways of dealing with rising costs caused by climate change.

Customized Seat Designs

A. Standard: Single Piston Effect Seats (Self-relieving Seats)

The standard single piston effect seats are self-relieving seats that are well-suited for medium pressure, both upstream and downstream. They create a resultant thrust to the seat rings against the ball to ensure tight sealing. Meanwhile, medium pressure acting in the body cavity creates a resultant thrust to push the seat rings away from the ball.

The single-piston design allows the automatic release of any pressure in the body cavity when the valve is in the fully open or fully closed position.

single piston effect seats diagram
B. Option 1: Double Piston Effect Seats

The double-piston design is for medium pressure from the upstream and downstream as well as in the body cavity. The pressure creates a resultant thrust that pushes the seat rings against the ball. Ball valves with double-piston effect seat rings require a cavity pressure relief device to reduce pressure build-up in the body cavity.

double piston effect seats diagram
C. Option 2: Combinations Seats

We offer the combination of the two seats upon request. This is a standard seat design used for the upstream side and a double piston effect seat design for downstream. The advantage of this design is it can achieve double piston effect seat function without cavity pressure relief. This promotes easy installation, maintenance, and less expenses.

How Does a Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve Work?

A trunnion mounted ball valve has a sphere-shaped disk to start or stop the flow. This disk has a port, commonly referred to as a bore, in the middle portion. It becomes open and will allow liquid flow when the valve is positioned so that the port is in the same angle as the pipeline. When the port is turned 90 degrees, the ball valve will close. This closes the flow path and keeps any substances from passing through.

The anchoring system of the trunnion mounted valve allows it to absorb more pressure from the pipeline. This will prevent excess friction that might affect operations and the lifespan of the valve. It also comes with an extended stem, which makes it applicable for both cryogenic and high-temperature applications.

internal structure of trunnion mounted ball valve

Ball valves are known for their reliable and bubble-tight sealing. This makes them ideal for gas applications where a tight shutoff is needed. However, due to the chances of wearing on the seats, they are not suitable for throttling applications.

Most ball valves are designed with stop measures that only allow a 90-degree rotation. However, there are now ball valves that can close up to 360 degrees. Having a 90-degree rotation is technically enough for ball valves to function effectively. However, there are special cases where it’s more ideal to have the full movement of ball valves. Most of these apply in the oil and gas industry where hazardous chemicals need a secure and fast shutoff.

Applications for Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves

Industrial Gas Processing Plants

Industrial gas process plants are generally huge and costly and any mistake is a significant expense on the industry. SIO trunnion mounted ball valves provide accurate flow control, which is essential in these plants. With their tight shutoff feature, they will promote the overall performance, reliability, and safety of the processing plants.

LNG Plants

SIO trunnion ball valves will help provide precise flow control for LNG plants. With our environmentally-safe and reliable valves, LNG plants will become compliant with environmental standards. They will also have reduced noise, fugitive emissions, and vibration, thus ensuring smooth and steady operations.

Chemical Industry

Our trunnion mounted ball valve design offers different ranges of temperature and pressure ratings. This is useful in the chemical industry where a perfect shutoff is necessary. Our trunnion type ball valves are also ideal for handling hazardous media. They are made with special materials, like a stainless steel sealant, for durability and long service life.

Hydrocarbon Processing

We have AED o-rings for our trunnion ball valves available per request. These o-rings are suitable for high-pressure gas applications, particularly hydrocarbon processing. Due to these demanding operations, the typical o-rings may suffer damages. AED o-rings are designed for this type of environment, promoting tight sealing with no errors. This will help achieve optimum performance and cost-efficiency.

What is Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

Trunnion-mounted ball valves are designed in an incredible way that allows them to be efficient in their application. These valves are fitted with spring-loaded seats and feature a ball that is constrained by bearings. This allows the ball in the valves to rotate with ease.

Worker inspecting a ball valve

Your Best-in-class Trunnion Mounted
Ball Valve Manufacturers

SIO is among the leading trunnion ball valve manufacturers in China and around the world. We pride ourselves on being one of the best companies to work with when looking for quality ball valves. Our confidence in this industry stems from the qualified manufacturing systems we feature and the incredible professionals we work with. Our engineers boast years of experience in the manufacture of quality ball valves allowing us to tap into their vast reservoir of knowledge. Over the years, this has allowed us to continue being a household name in the industry. If you are looking for quality trunnion-mounted ball valve suppliers, we’ve got you covered.

Customize Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve
Based On Your Specifications


The shape of the ball valves you invest in is a crucial aspect to consider especially when looking into custom options. The shape will play a huge role in the accuracy of the ball valve you invest in. We will advise on the best shape and also produce the exact options you want.


The manufacture of trunnion ball valves will feature the use of different materials depending on your specifications. The materials used determine the durability of the ball valves when being used. With this in mind, we will help you determine the best materials to work with and develop the perfect ball valves for your business.


The dimensions featured on the ball valves are used to determine how well the ball valve fits the pipes you are working with. If you have specific dimensions you want us to work with, we will ensure that we get that to you.

Connection Ways

Connection ways refer to what is used to connect the ball valves to the pipes. This aspect varies depending on the pipes you will be using. We consider this and work to provide ball valves that feature your desired connection ways.

Actuator Ways

When it comes to using the ball valves, they will feature different mechanisms that initiate their use. Some of the mechanisms you can expect include electric, pneumatic, and mechanical among others. These different aspects play a huge role in determining how the ball valves will perform.

Ball Movement Ways

Ball movement ways refer to the different directions taken by the ball when controlling the flow of liquid or gas. This can be customized depending on the direction you want the flow of your products to take. We will work to ensure that we offer the perfect ball movement ways for you.

Industry Standards

Industry standards vary which makes it important for us to develop products that will cater to your exact industry accurately. We will ensure that the ball valves we produce are perfect for use to ensure that you cater to your needs accurately.

SIO Ready to Be Your Best Trunnion Ball
Valve Partner Whoever You Are


Finding quality ball valves that are designed to fit your customers’ needs is essential. This positions your business and gives you an advantage in the industry as the go-to business to work with. We offer quality ball valves at a discounted price to give you better options as you cater to your customers.


When looking to import ball valves that will cater to your needs and offer incredible quality, SIO is the best company to work with. We ensure that our products get to you on time and in great shape to give you the best experience.

Engineering Company

In the manufacturing processes featured in engineering companies, you may find a use for ball valves that will improve your performance. We offer incredible options to give you a great advantage and ensure that your processes run smoothly.

Equipment Manufacturer

Ball valves are used in the manufacture of different machines to improve their efficiency and accuracy. We work with you to offer quality ball valves that will ensure that your productions work as they should. You can trust that we will offer the best quality for your business.


We work closely with our customers to give you quality trunnion-mounted ball valves perfect for application in different aspects. If you are looking for ball valves, SIO is the best company to reach out to.

Why SIO Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves

Certified Quality

Our trunnion-mounted ball valves are developed to feature certified qualities guaranteed by the quality manufacturing processes we feature. We also ensure to feature quality control measures designed to ensure that all our ball valves meet the set standards.

Free Sample Offered

We offer free samples of our trunnion-mounted ball valves and other options to give you a better understanding of our incredible quality options. This option is designed to cater to those investing in custom or bulk orders.

Flexible Payment Method

We feature flexible payment methods designed to benefit you and ensure that you can easily invest in our quality ball valves. If you are looking for the best trunnion-mounted ball valves, we’ve got you covered.

Full Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve Support

At SIO, we offer support to ensure that you can easily navigate the use of our trunnion-mounted ball valves and get the best value. We do this to foster great relations with our customers and ensure that we address any concerns you may have.

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