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Knife gate valves are often used in wastewater treatment plants, chemical plants, mining, and chemical industries, among other places, whereas check valves are utilized in a range of other places.

Grease, fuel oil, lacquer, recycled paper, contaminated water, and other highly viscous fluids work well with Knife Edge valves. Hence, if you are looking for a reliable manufacturer in Ahmedabad, check our list of the top 5 knife gate valve manufacturer in Ahmedabad.

Best Gate Valve Manufacturer
in China

SIO Logo

Source: SIO Valves

Year Established: 2009

Location: Zhejiang, China

Industry: Manufacturing

Certification: API 6D and ISO certificates

As a top gate valve manufacturer in China, SIO provides customized valve solutions for every industry. Using SIO’s gate valves ensures that there will be no obstruction or loss of friction in your fluid control system. You can depend on SIO to provide quality valves that are highly efficient. 

Buyers of SIO valves can choose from the pneumatic and electric actuators that they require. The company also facilitates testing of the valves in its manufacturing unit to ensure that the customers receive 100% top-quality products. 

Some of the gate valve products manufactured by SIO include:

1. Casturn Valves


Source: Casturn Valves

Year Established: 1996

Location: No. 241, Sidco Industrial Estate North Phase, Chennai

Industry: Manufacturing

Certification: ISO 9001:2008

Casturn Valves is one of the top knife gate valves manufacturers in Chennai who engages itself in designing and developing innovative valves. It has established a set of policies for quality in accordance with ISO 9001. 

The knife gate valves manufactured by this company are available in various sizes ranging from 2 inches to 36 inches. They are also exported to various countries such as Germany, Canada, and Australia. Their high-quality knife gate valves have made them major suppliers for overseas customers.

The professional staff of this company helps its customers with consultation regarding the products that they should buy for their unique applications. It is widely known for its after-sales service and follow-up services which have helped it form a long-standing customer base.

2. Supreme Controlling
Valve Pvt. Ltd.


Source: Supreme Controlling Valve

Year Established: 1994

Location: Manickam Pillai Street, Mannurpet, Chennai 

Industry: Manufacturing

Supreme Controlling Valve Private Limited was established in 1994 in Chennai and has been providing superior grade valves in the region since then. Different types of valves provided by this company include knife gate valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, and globe valves.

The products offered by this company are fabricated by the expert technicians of the company in accordance with the set industry norms. Additionally, these products are widely appreciated for their high-quality standards and longer service life. 

With the support of their team of professionals, they are capable of developing robust valves. They maintain transparency in their dealings which has enabled them to establish a loyal customer base across the world industry. They are dedicated to fabricating streamlined products for their customers.

3. Amco Industrial Valves


Source: Amco Industrial Valves

Year Established: 1986

Location: Thandava Murthy Street, Royapuram, Chennai 

Industry: Manufacturing

Certification: ISO 9001

Amco Industrial Valves is known for manufacturing a wide spectrum of valves of all types. The manufacturing unit of this company is managed by a team of qualified engineers that have extensive experience in the field. They have made rapid strides in the technological advancement of their products since 1986.

They are recognized by their esteemed customers for the high-quality and highly reliable knife gate valves that they provide. Whether it is a well-planned installation or a maintenance replacement, at Amco you will get it all well within time.

Things to Consider While Buying Knife Gate Valves

Knife Gate Valve (2)

Source: Pinterest

Buying the right knife gate valve according to your requirements is not an easy task and it depends on various factors. Some of the things to consider while buying knife gate valves include:

What the Valve Will Be Used for


Source: Pinterest

You need to determine the application for which the knife gate valve will be used before making the final purchase. This will help select the valve of the right design and size.

Type of Media


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You need to verify the type of media that will be flowing through the system whether it is a liquid or a gas. This will help you determine what features you should look for in your knife gate valves such as non-corrosive property, high-pressure bearing capability, and special hygiene conditions.

System of Operation


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It is important to understand the importance of using manually and automatically operated valves. This helps you determine whether you will require a labor force to operate the valves or simply control them from a control station.

Cost and Maintenance


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The cost of installation and maintenance is an important factor to consider while buying a knife gate valve. The first thing to consider is the type of output that you want from the valve and the second is your budget for the valve.


There are a lot of responses that pop up when you look for knife gate valve manufacturers online, which makes it difficult to choose one. This list of the top knife gate valve manufacturers in Chennai will surely help you shortlist one for your application. 

List of the Top Knife Gate Valve Manufacturers in Chennai

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