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Germany is the hub for large valve manufacturers in Europe. A major part of their market share is accounted for by domestic manufacturers that serve the oil & gas and sewage industries of Germany. 

If you are looking for high-quality control valve manufacturing companies in Germany, you are at the right place. We have listed the top 5 control valve manufacturers in Germany that will narrow down your choices.

Best Control Valve Manufacturer
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SIO Logo

Source: SIO Valves

SIO specializes in manufacturing valves of stainless steel and carbon steel. They are known for their high-quality control valves that can be customized according to the client’s needs. SIO’s hydraulic flow control valve types can withstand high temperatures and high pressure, which makes them durable. 

With SIO, you are guaranteed to receive valves that have a high resistance to leakage and are non-reactive to chemicals owing to their long service life.

1. VAG Group

VAG Group logo

Source: VAG Group

Year Established: 1872

Location:  Deutschland, Germany

Industry: Manufacturing

Certification: ISO 9001

The VAG Group began in 1872 as a factory to manufacture pumps and heavy-duty valves in Germany. It has grown into a globally operative company that exports its high-quality valves all over the world. You can find VAG valves in the water treatment, storage, and distribution operations because it provides a modern water management solution.

VAG has innovative standards in water and wastewater engineering. It has positioned itself in the market as a quality manufacturer of durable and highly functional valves. VAG valves find their use in dams, drinking water systems, wastewater systems, and reliable regulating mechanisms. 

Some of the top control valve products manufactured by the VAG Group include:

2. OHL Industrial Valves

OHL Industrial Valves logo

Source: OHL Industrial Valves

Year Established: 1867

Location:  Altenstadt, Germany

Industry: Manufacturing

Certification: ISO 9001:2008, GOST, RTN, and PED 97/23/EC

OHL Industrial valve was founded in 1867 in Limburg with the purpose of manufacturing high-quality motorized ball valves. Its operating process and products are tested by several bodies before delivering the products to its clients. It was among the first industrial valve manufacturers to meet the requirements of TA-Luft and produce environmentally-friendly products.

OHL carries out application-oriented R & D to make sure that its valves are of top quality and have a long service life. It provides its clients with solutions for the safety requirements of valves. The core competency of OHL is to optimally integrate its know-how into providing simple solutions to complex plant systems. 

The top control valve products manufactured by OHL Industrial Valves include:

3. Parker Hannifin GmbH


Source: Parker Hannifin

Year Established: 1917

Location:  Offenburg, Germany

Industry: Engineering

Parker Hannifin GmbH is one of the top directional control valve manufacturers that has defined its unique contribution to the market by enabling engineering breakthroughs with its innovative valves. As one of the global leaders in control technologies, Parker plays an important role in applications that pose a positive impact on society. 

Parker has more than 100 years of experience in engineering a wide range of diversified valves for different applications. Its expertise in the manufacturing field and the broad range of uniquely positioned products have helped the company in solving the greatest engineering challenges. Its highly engaged team members work hard to create safe valves that are reliable.

The key control valve product manufactured by Parker Hannifin GmbH include:

4. Burkert


Source: Burkert

Year Established: 1946

Location:  Ingelfingen, Germany

Industry: Manufacturing

Burkert is a reputable exporter and valve manufacturer in Germany. Their continuous efforts have helped them create a flexible organization that is evolving according to the demands of the market and the needs of its customers. They try to keep a close bond with their clients throughout the project to ensure perfection in their demands.

The global network of Burket keeps expanding with its constant optimization of manufacturing processes. This allows them to directly exchange experience on a daily basis and develop effective solutions more quickly. They strive to continue venturing beyond the confines of the standard norms of the industry and to seek exceptional solutions to complex problems. 

The top control valve products manufactured by Burkert include:

5. ARCA Valves

ARCA Valves logo

Source: ARCA Valves

Year Established: 1922

Location:  Tönisvors, Germany

Industry: Manufacturing

ARCA Valves was established in 1922 and with the experience of 100 years, it has earned global recognition in the market with its proven quality. It is one of the German valve companies whose pneumatic and electric control valves are the most sought-after products because of their use in several industries. Over the years, it has grown into a company group that manufactures pipes, cryogenic components, and many other products.

With the full commitment of over 500 employees, it has managed to form a strong global network in Germany, India, China, Mexico, and Korea. It is capable of providing customized products to its clients that are tailor-made to their personal needs.

Some of the top control valve products manufactured by ARCA Valves include:


We hope that this list of the German valve manufacturers will help you narrow down your search for the top control valve manufacturers. Make sure that you keep the basic factors of cost, maintenance, and functionality in mind before you make your final purchase of the control valves.

List of the Top Control Valve Manufacturers in Germany

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