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According to a report, the global industrial valves industry is forecasted to reach $77 billion by 2022. The need for industrial valves is expected to expand in the next few years, as they are utilized in a variety of commercial building projects, robotics projects, and other applications.

Due to technological breakthroughs, increased industrialization and development of business facilities have boosted demand and boosted industry growth. To know the top 5 Valve Suppliers in Sharjah, read the below article.

Chinese Company For Your
Valve Needs

SIO Logo

Source: SIO Valves

They are committed to supplying distributors, merchants, and project managers all over the world with top-class valves and industrial machinery. Their ability to manufacture custom valves allows them to meet even the most stringent requirements and specifications.

Their mission as a trusted valve provider is to develop the best valves and industrial machinery to fulfill their customers’ diversified needs. The stem sealing method on SIO valves eliminates leak routes and reduces fugitive emissions. 

They also provide a variety of valve actuation styles for controlling flow pressure and reducing noise during activities. All of this will assist their valves to work better and last longer.

1. Gulf Oil & Gas


Source: Gulf Oil & Gas

Type of Business: Industrial Equipment Supplier

Location (Headquarters): Dubai

Year Founded:2009

Products offered:

Gulf Oil & Gas International specializes in Industrial Survey Indicators, Process Instruments (Gauge, Markers, Switches, Transceivers, and FlowMeters), Test and Measuring Devices, and Process Control Devices.

PI regulates Gems, ESI, Krohne, ABB, Dwyer, and other reputable international brands to provide both basic and customized solutions. With a competent staff to comprehend and specific project results to all your demands, they act as valve suppliers in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Kurdistan, and beyond.

2. Seltec


Source: Seltec

Type of Business: Industrial Solutions

Location (Headquarters): Sharjah

Year Founded:1980

Products offered:

They are a very well free environment entity staffed by specialists who try to be the best in whatever they do, whether it’s projects, supply, or servicing of innovative, significant industrial products and services. 

Their industrial supply sector has expanded to deliver specialist industrial solutions in their area of expertise, thanks to our knowledgeable and efficient personnel.

3. VBG Intech


Source: VBG Intech

Type of Business: Valves Manufacturing

Location (Headquarters): Dubai

Year Founded: 1979

Products offered:

VBG Intech is a privately owned company that specializes in the engineering, designing, and fabrication of control valves for general and heavy duty applications. VBG Intech has multiple approved service locations around the world, including its principal production facilities in Dubai. 

Their customers can expect the best level of service from VBG Intech. They have achieved the greatest levels of quality in layout and exclusive design geometry, allowing for maximum interchangeability of their parts and thereby lowering spare part inventory costs.

4. Alasas Valves


Source: Al Asas Valves 

Type of Business: Valves Suppliers

Location (Headquarters): Dubai

Year Founded: 2006

Products offered:

AL ASAS has over 20 years of experience in supplying Industrial Fittings, Control Devices, and Chemicals to a broad array of industries in the Middle East and Africa.

They provide items that are reliable, long-lasting, have interchangeable parts, are simple to maintain, and arrive quickly. Their valves come from a variety of reputable manufacturers all over the world.

5. Pneumics


Source: Pinterest

Type of Business: Equipment Supplier

Location (Headquarters): Al Hamriya

Year Founded: 2008

Products offered:

Pneumics was founded on a desire to become the Middle East’s most dependable source of industrial systems and applications. This passion grew and propelled our company’s mission, propelling us forward on the path to success. 

They began with a three-person team and a small 3,000-square-foot warehouse. They’ve grown to 15,000 square feet, retailing over 3,000 line products, and managed by a 30-person team in just over seven years.

What Are The Different Types
of Valves?

PLastic Valve

Source: Pinterest

1. Gate Valves

Gate valves work as isolation valves. These valves aid in the regulation of liquid flow via pipelines. These valves are attached to the pipelines to initiate or stop the stream of fluid or any other substance. Gate valves are widely found in households and business facilities and are utilized for a variety of functions.

2. Globe Valves

These devices use linear motion to regulate flow, similar to gate valves. They restrict the flow of a pipeline by adjusting the position of a moveable disc (or plug) in reference to a stationary ring base. A globe valve‘s main advantage is that it does not leak like other valves.

3. Balls Valves

Ball valves, as the name implies, control the flow of fluids from one aperture to the next by using a ball. Because they have a simple interface, they are simple to use and repair.

4. Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves are intended to control flow but have limited control capabilities. In the closed state, it consists of a steel disc in the valve’s core that is perpendicular to the flow. Interval rotations can be used to control the flow of liquid.

5. Check Valves

Non-return valves are a type of check valve (NRV). They exclusively enable fluid to pass in one way and prohibit media from flowing in the opposite direction. Check valves are used to prevent processing flow in the system from reversal, which could destroy equipment or disrupt the process.


Valve suppliers are numerous even within the city of Sharjah. To make your task easier, we’ve mentioned the best valve suppliers in Sharjah, as well as other Chinese options too.

List of The Best Valve Suppliers
in Sharjah

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