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A valve is a device that controls the flow of fluids by opening and closing. Fluids encompass both liquids or gases in a scientific setting, and valves can utilise either. In mechanical, plumbing, drainage, pneumatic, and industrial systems, valves regulate fluid flow.

The classic pre-transistor suction tube is sometimes alluded to as a valve. The most basic valves are one-way flapping techniques that allow current in one direction but shut off flow in the other direction when back-flow pressure is applied.

Below is the list of top Valve Manufacturers in South Africa

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SIO Logo

Source: SIO Valves

The stem sealing method on SIO valves eliminates leak routes and reduces airborne contaminants. They also have a variety of valve actuator types available to manage flow impact and reduce noise during activities.

SIO has consistently adopted stringent and efficient quality in their goods, methods, and processes, and has met or even beyond ISO requirements by promoting healthy competition in the domestic manufacturing market.

All SIO employees are trained to comprehend how they may help ensure that SIO conforms to its performance principles in order to keep their accreditation and satisfy their own exacting quality.

1. LVSA Group

LVSA Group Logo

Source: LVSA Group

Type of Business: Industrial Equipment Supplier

Location (Headquarters): Johannesburg

Year Founded: 2018

Products offered:

LVSA’s main business was importing and selling industrial valves, pipelines, and fittings. They quickly became Africa’s largest wholesalers.

They realized in 2018 that indigenous valve manufacturing facilities were required in South Africa. After that, LVSA embarked on a mission to design and produce its own line of industrial valves.

Their manufacturing plant in Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Mozambique comprises an area of 24000m2 ground and 12000m2 under roof, with sales and repair facilities.  As a result, their clients may expect speedier and more efficient delivery across the country.

2. Ithuba Valves


Source: Ithuba Valves

Type of Business: Industrial Supplies

Location (Headquarters): Gauteng

Year Founded: 2000

Products offered:

Ithuba Valves & Industrial Solutions cc was founded in 2000 and placed on hold for a number of reasons before resuming operations in August 2003 and earning a solid reputation as a valve repair company.

Ithuba Valves purchased a production plant in 2006 as part of a plan to become South Africa’s first wholly black-owned valve maker.

Ithuba Valves manufactures the valves listed above in sizes ranging from 80mm to 3000mm. From 300mm to 450mm, they have their own designs. Ithuba Valves has introduced a new Butterfly valve with a diameter range of 1000mm to 2800mm (PHOENIX Butterfly Valve).

3. AVK Valves


Source: AVK Valves

Type of Business: Valves manufacturers

Location (Headquarters): Gauteng

Year Founded: 1990

Products offered:

Built on LEAN standards, AVK Southern Africa offers a wide selection of valves and sprinkler systems. They have optimized their working process and the transportation of products to achieve the shortest possible lead time.

In their warehouse and transportation center, they hold a vast selection of AVK’s product line, and their warehouse management allows them to improve inventory and operations.

4. Rhino Valves


Source: Rhino Valves

Type of Business: Valves Supplier

Location (Headquarters): Gauteng

Year Founded: 1984

Products offered:

Rhino Valves (Pty) Ltd, originally T.W Industrial Valves cc., has a collective experience of more than 80 years in valves, pipelines, fittings, and allied goods. Over the past 32 years, their technical expertise, dependability, unparalleled service, and quality have helped them achieve significant and steady development.

5. Valco Group

Valco Group Logo

Source: Valco Group

Type of Business: Machine Workshop

Location (Headquarters): Cape Town

Year Founded: 2015

Products offered:

Valco Group SA, a firm based in Cape Town, specializes in the sale and operation of industrial valves. Valco Group SA trades, manufactures, services, and repairs all sorts of valves for Power Generation, Energy and Utilities, Chemical, Petrochemical, Irrigation, and Nuclear industries.

For all of your supply and servicing inquiries, Valco Group SA offers a significant technical competitive edge. Furthermore, their youthful and dynamic workforce will be committed to providing you with cutting-edge solutions that will match your quality and operational needs.

VALCO GROUP SA is a recognized BBBEE Level 2 participant and an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company.

6. Inbal SA


Source: Valco Group

Type of Business: Pipe Supplier

Location (Headquarters): Midrand

Year Founded: 1995

Products offered:

Inbal S.A. was created as the sole representative for Inbal Control Valves in Sub-Saharan Africa. The industry has increased to serve a number of the world’s leading valve makers over the past 25 years, thanks to the enthusiasm of their team and the support of its excellent clientele.

Inbal S.A. strives to give an unrivaled level of service to its clients. Their friendly sales team will gladly assist with any inquiries and will do all possible to deliver the most affordable pricing in a timely manner.


In most sectors that include pipelines or other purposes, valves are essential. Valves are used in a variety of industries, including oil, gas, petrochemical products, sea transport, and many more.

Every valve is constructed uniquely dependent on the application’s specifications as well as the pressure. As a result, various industries use various valves.

This is why it’s crucial to do some research before deciding on the best valve manufacturer in South Africa.

List of The Best Valve Manufacturers in South Africa

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