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China is a country known for its industrial revolution in many aspects, and when it comes to ball valves, they are leading other countries in this industry. Ball valves are applicable in an industrial setting; they are quarter-turn valves that guide either liquid or gas flow. They use a rotary ball that is fitted between two seats to do this. Ball valves are long-lasting, and they come in different kinds, air operated ball valve is some of which. 

Industrial valve manufacturers in China are extensive; however, in this post, we have selected the best five ball valve manufacturers for you to choose from; they are as follows.


SIO Logo

SIO is among ball valve manufacturers in China and specializes in API6D ball valves and automatic valves. SIO began in 2009 in Ningbo City, Zhejiang, and now boasts 71 employees who work effortlessly to produce the best quality of ball valves in China. Over the years, they have ventured into producing other valves like a check, control, butterfly, globe, metal seat ball valve, and gate valve.

Being a privately-owned enterprise, SIO ensures that all operations are high-quality, reliable, and with the lowest effects on the environment via their minimum emissions. They serve the petrochemical, chemical, and gas/oil industries. At SIO, they ensure that every employee has expertise in their respective field to have a competent team that can deliver top-notch services to their clients, thus building trust while promoting their brand.


Neway Logo


Located in Suzhou, China, Neway, as one of the best high pressure ball valves manufacturers, is among the leaders in valve manufacturing. Established 19 years ago, they have experience in different industrial valves, including carbon steel ball valve, wellhead equipment, gate valves, control valves, check valves, nuclear valves, butterfly valves, safety valves, and subsea valves. The operations at Neway utilize state-of-the-art technology to facilitate quality and reliable productions.

The industries that Neway serves are air separation, nuclear, oil and gas, power, offshore, mining, and chemical. The factory at Neway has all the required equipment capable of offering advanced services to their clients worldwide with three foundries, an assembling plant, a testing plant, and an R&D area. Every step in the manufacturing process is managed and regulated in-house by their team of professionals.


Sanhua Logo


With a vast experience of thirty-seven years, Sanhua is leading other industrial valve manufacturers in China. In Shaoxing, Zhejiang, they manufacture ball valves supplied to various industries such as appliance, HVAC&R, and the automotive industry. The ball valves manufactured at Sanhua are applicable in vacuum pumping, freezing/deep-freezing tools, air conditioning, refrigeration injection, and circuits, etc. 

Sanhua has been collaborating with several other companies in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. These companies are like Samsung, Carrier, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Gree, Midea, LG, Hitachi, Haier, York, etc. They are continuing to venture into the air conditioning and refrigeration industries with their high-quality products. They serve markets not only in China but also in North America and other continents.




Established in 1986, Xinhai Valve Co, Ltd is a manufacturing company situated in Binhai New Area, Wenzhou City. It specializes in industrial valve production starting from ball valve, butterfly valve, plug valve, check valve, globe valve, cast iron valve, and gate valve. XHVAL has been API certified for 15 years, and their dedication is to serve their customers with the utmost professionalism to guarantee reliable and quality products.

The operations at XHVAL centers on their clients; hence they customize the products according to client’s preferences and specifications. Their team of experts facilitates every process, including on-time deliveries, leading to a high customer retention rate and trust development between both parties. The factory at XHVAL houses equipment like a tensile testing machine, spectrum analyzer, hardness tester, material testing machine, impact testing machine, magnetic particle tester, etc.

Lanzhou High-Pressure Valve Co. Ltd

Lanzhou High-Pressure Valve Co. Ltd


LZHPV started in 1938 in Shanghai, China, as manufacturers and exporters of industrial ball valves made with the best precision. LZHPV manufactures large-diameter, high-pressure, high/low-temperature, and alloyed valves. Currently, they boast 45 fully-equipped offices in different locations in China that supply to markets with various services. 

Petroleum, natural gas, chemical, aerospace, military, coal, and metallurgy are some industries LZHPV supplies. They also offer premium services to their clients, elevating their experience and promoting their reputation in the markets. One of their selling points is providing training to their customers on operating and maintaining their purchased products to minimize return and repair of products.


Ball manufacturing is an industrial process that has created job opportunities for many people around the globe, with countries like China at the forefront. Many companies are investing in this industry, making it a lucrative and promising sector. At SIO company, we strive to deliver the best services you can get in this industry by ensuring that every operation meets our client’s expectations. Contact us anytime for more insights about our company and ball valve manufacturing.

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