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A valve is a device used to regulate fluid flow by either stopping, starting, or changing its momentum. Ball valves are modified valves that are applicable in many ways. They have a long history since their inception and have now evolved in terms of material and application. In the UK, the industry is massive and competition has never been tougher. Industrial valve manufacturers are coming up daily, making it confusing for customers to decide who to trust with their projects.

Below, we discuss the top manufacturers of ball valves in the UK; read on.

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SIO Logo

As one of the world’s most reliable ball valve manufacturers, SIO has built its brand’s reputation by going beyond customer expectations and understanding clients’ needs. Their processes permit customization, whether it is design, material, or applications. SIO started being operational in 2009 in Ningbo City, Zhejiang, China, since they have expanded their territory to the global market. 

Ball valves are the primary production at SIO company; however, industrial valves are also available. They export these products to Europe, Africa, South East Asia, Middle East, America, etc. The industries that order their goods from SIO are like oxygen, petrochemical, marine, and oil and gas industries. In SIO, recruitment of employees is carried out strictly to ensure that every worker is skilled in a particular area to serve the clients better.

Alco Valves

Alco Valves


Alco Valves started in 1977 in Brighouse, the UK as a manufacturer and supplier of industrial valves. Their reputation lies in the confidence their clients have in the product quality and integrity of the company. Apart from their warehouse in the UK, Alco Valves have other facilities in seven countries. The workforce at this company is high since these employees go through vetting to ascertain their capabilities in working at Alco Valves.

Alco produces various industrial valves like gate valves, metal seat ball valve, bleed valves, butterfly valves, and block valves. These products directly impact the gas and oil industries since they are very efficient for this market. Alco Valves dedicates its time to the future by investing in futuristic ideas that will elevate the companies they serve and, in the long run, promote their brand even further.


Hydravalve Logo


Hydravalve is a producer of different valves for significant clients, especially manual and actuation valves. The company is under the Fluidpower Group UK Ltd. They have received verification from ISO certification; therefore, their products are of international standards. Industries, e.g., industrial washing, mixing, original equipment manufacturers, paint spraying, food & beverage, hydraulic, foundry, and paint production, are the beneficiaries of Hydravalve products.

A variety of ball valves are manufactured at Hydravalve. The major categories are actuated valves like air operated ball valve, control valves, manual valves, and steam valves. Their production is not limited to industrial valves only; they produce other equipment applicable in an industrial setting. Prioritizing their customers is their secret recipe to success since the clients they serve continually choose them for more supplies.

Johnson Valves

Johnson Valves Logo


Johnson Valves, known as one of the best high pressure ball valves manufacturers, have been in business for over 60 years, offering companies with industrial solutions. With their experience, they have mastered the ns and out of these industries giving them the ability to recognize and understand their needs and serve them appropriately. Their primary facility is located in Southampton, near the port facilitating faster and on-time delivery, locally and internationally.

Johnson Valves deal with so many products, i.e., carbon steel ball valves, ANSI valves, check valves, butterfly valves, instrument & gauges, fire hydrant valves, flow-switches, mud boxes, etc. the industries associated with Johnson Valves are contractors, marine, end-user, boilers, utilities, cooperations, and the typical markets. Environmental concerns are a priority during ball valve manufacturing; hence measures have been put to guarantee minimal emissions.

Valves Online Ltd



Valves Online is a company based in the UK that deals with the supply of valves to various companies through an online platform. The companies they supply are Gemu, Plimat, ARI-Armaturen, Pneumax, HKC, Valpes, Spirax Sarco, Burkert, Pyropress, etc. Valves Online is a one-stop shop for valve solutions starting from ball valves, knife gate valves, diaphragm valves, butterfly valves, control valves, solenoid, pressure relief valves, and so on.

Since Valves Online outsources most of their products, they have become the leading suppliers of industrial valves in the UK, and their reputation is increasing across the globe. Its team of experts has the experience and expertise in valve technology, making it easy to understand customers’ requirements and fulfill them.


It is crucial to select the appropriate ball valve manufacturer to prevent wastage of both time and resources. In this post, we have researched and selected the best companies in the UK concerned with ball valves. At SIO, we put all our efforts into pleasing our clients by completing every project to the letter. Quality services and products are our company’s pride since we are known for these. Are you looking for a ball valve manufacturer, then look no further. Contact us anytime for fast and reliable services.

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