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The fierce competition in Houston between valve manufacturing companies enforces and assures a satisfactory implementation of standards, which makes it difficult to source out one manufacturer from hundreds. If you are having a similar concern, have a look at the top 6 valve manufacturing companies in Houston, Texas, and choose the right one as per your requirements.

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Best Valve Manufacturing Company in Houston Texas

SIO Logo

Source: SIO Valves

SIO is the leading manufacturer of valves in China with 10 years of experience. It focuses on creating quality industrial valves and delivering them safely to the clients in very little time. It strives to provide efficient valves at economical prices for every industry. Their customized valves not only meet the specifications of the client but also exceed the expectations of the client.

From providing 2-piece ball valve to a compressed air valve, this manufacturer has a lot to offer. 

Some of the top valve products manufactured by SIO include:

1. Tiger Valve Company


Source: Tiger Valve Company

Location: Houston, Texas

Industry: Manufacturing

Certification: API 6A and API 6D

Tiger Valve Company (TVC) is one of the top API Certified valve manufacturing companies in Houston that is known for its high-quality valves in the American market. As a leading manufacturer of valves, it is proud to bring expertise to its customers with quality products that exceed the basic industry standards. Backed by its outstanding customer service, it is able to hold a reputable place in the market.

Tiger Valve Company has a dedicated technical team for manufacturing and testing all the products manufactured by the company to double-check the quality of the products. The headquarters of TVC is strategically located near the airport of Houston for easy transportation.

Some of the top quality valves manufactured by Tiger Valve Company include:

2. Everest Valve Company


Source: Everest Valve Company

Year Established: 1978

Location: Houston, Texas

Industry: Engineering

Everest Valve Company has been dedicated to manufacturing quality products to meet the increasing demands for industrial valves in recent times. They have a specially-trainer team of engineers that focus on innovating the valves according to the requests made by the clients. They also strive to change the manufacturing process of valves for attaining 100% accuracy.

Everest Valve Company guarantees that all its products will be delivered without any defect in material or workmanship. When you use the valves within the recommended range, you won’t find any problems for at least a few years. In case you receive any valve that is defective, the company will repair or replace the valve free of cost.

The key valve products manufactured by Everest Valve Company include:

3. Fluid Mechanics Valve Company


Source: Fluid Mechanics Valve Company

Year Established: 1971

Location: Houston, Texas

Industry: Manufacturing

Certification: MIL, NHB, and ASME

Fluid Mechanics Valve Company is a small enterprise that is dedicated to manufacturing industrial valves for over 50 years now. The wide spectrum of products offered by this company finds their use in several industries of Defense, Aerospace, mining, Chemical Plants, plumbing system and many more. It also offers valves in various materials that allow the customers a variety to choose from.

Most of the orders placed with Fluid Mechanics are delivered within 2 weeks of ordering and urgent orders are always given priority. It takes pride in its capability to custom-make its valves according to the detailed specifications made by the customers. 

Some of the best valve products manufactured by Fluid Mechanics include:

4. Richard Valve


Source: Richard Valve

Year Established: 2005

Location: Houston, Texas

Industry: Manufacturing

Certification: ISO, DIN, JIS, ASMO, and many more

Richard Valve is a valve manufacturing company that specializes in producing forged and cast steel valves for various applications. All its products are properly designed, produced, and tested before being delivered to make sure that all the requirements and specifications made by the client are met. Their valves could be used in diesel shut-off, food and beverage process, and high-pressure applications like steam use.

Richard Valve takes pride in its ability to manufacture products that exceed the standard application specifications of the industry. Their goal is to furnish high-quality valves are reasonable prices and deliver them in a timely manner. They have years of experience in customizing valves and working on special requirements because of their technical expert team.

The top valve products manufactured by Richard Valve include:

5. Neeco Industries Inc.


Source: Neeco Industries Inc.

Year Established: 1984

Location: Houston, Texas

Industry: Export

Certification: ISO 9001

Neeco Industries has dedicated its efforts to ensure customer satisfaction in terms of the quality and durability of valves. It employs a multidisciplinary team of experts to achieve the set objectives of the company and to outshine the industry with its products. It is known for its quality to work on time and stay within the specified budget of the clients. 

The manufacturing process of Neeco Industries keeps changing constantly to bring innovation in its products. They have a robust ERP system that keeps a track of the project deadlines and the specifications of the customers. This helps them deliver precisely made valves and meet the expectations of their customers.

The top valve products manufactured by Neeco Industries include:


This list of the top 5 valve manufacturing companies in Houston, Texas will help you shorten your list of manufacturers to buy valves from. You can easily reach out to any of the above-mentioned companies and lay your specific requirements out to them and wait for quality products to be delivered to your doorstep. 

List of the Top Valve Manufacturing Companies in Houston Texas

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