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The manufacturing process of valves involves many complex procedures. International organizations regulate industrial valve manufacturers to ascertain they are producing products according to the standard. These valves are vital in many industries, and any tampering in quality could lead to safety issues. Ball valves are the most preferred among other industrial valves due to their durability hence saving cost in the long run.

In the Philippines, ball valve suppliers are becoming more daily, making the industry competitive. In this post, we highlight the top suppliers for you to choose.,


SIO Logo

SIO is a well-known manufacturing company situated in Ningbo City, Zhejiang, in China. It was founded in 2009 and has grown to be among the leading ball valve manufacturing companies in Asia. SIO believes in modernization; therefore, they use state-of-the-art machinery to produce their various products and supply them to industries like petrochemical, oil, chemical, and gas. 

Due to the experience and expertise in SIO, customers enjoy customization services that suit their needs perfectly in terms of design and application. Ball valves are the leading equipment at SIO, but they also produce butterfly valves, gate valves, check valves, globe valves, etc. These goods are distributed globally from the Middle East, Africa, America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Apex Plastic Piping

Apex Plastic Piping Logo


Apex Plastic Piping has been a leading supplier of piping products in the Philippines since 2008. Apex Plastic Piping began as a sole proprietor supplying to the markets in Santa Rosa, Laguna. They later advanced by recruiting a team of highly skilled employees who have international experience in the industry. The new workforce changed the ways of operations, and Apex Plastic Piping became an incorporation in 2019.

They manufacture valves, fittings, liners, pipes, tubings, plates, primers, flanges, welding machines, solvent cement, and rods. These products serve different markets across the Philippines and Asia in power plants, mining, construction, food & beverage, gas, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and water. Ball valves are the main industrial valves they distribute to their customers.




Tyval Industrial Supply Corporation started from a humble background in 1956 in Santa Cruz, Manila. They grew their business and are now one of the leading suppliers of industrial valves and other products. Making the best quality products that can withstand the test of time and provide all the necessary benefits to their clients is their vision. Currently, clients regard them as the most reliable suppliers in the Philippines. 

Tyval products are applicable in power plant industries, steam boilers, buildings, milling, petrochemical refineries, food & beverage, hotels, water facilities, resorts, and chemical process factories. The manufacturing process at Tyval is exact since they employ ultra-modern machines to produce valves like the ball valves, check valves, gate valves, foot valves, flanges, and pipe fittings.

United Power Commercial Corporation


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Since 1961, United Power Commercial Corporation has been supplying the Philippines with a range of pipeline steel valves. They identify as agents, retailers, importers, stockists who offer various services to their clients. Although their products have very high quality, they offer one of the best prices in the Philippines and beyond. United Power Corporation uses raw materials according to international standards like the KIS, JIS, ANSI, API, ASME, etc.

Some of the United Power Commercial Corporation products are flanges, fittings, ball valves, boiler tubes, seamless pipes, high-pressure steam valves, etc. The company imports its materials from Germany, China, Japan, Brazil, Korea, the US, and Italy. In UPCC, the demand for their products is snowballing from their customers in the geothermal, sugar mill, petroleum, energy, and distillery industries.

Sonic International Inc

Sonic International Inc


Sonic International Inc was founded in 1962 in Manila, Philippines. They have been distributors of non-ferrous metals and steel(stainless). Today, they have expanded their business by offering more products like ball valves, Y-strainer, gate valves, globe valves, swing check, among other range of products. Additionally, Sonic is the only supplier of Eagle Electric in the Philippines and has become the most dependable in electric wiring equipment.

Sonic International customers come from different industries such as jeep, roofing, food services, air conditioning, truck fabrication, construction, kitchen fabrication, advertising, electrical, and stainless steel. With all their experience in business, Sonic has become a massive contributor to the Philippines ’ economy.


Ball valves are the most widely used industrial valves because they have favorable properties to be applied in various settings. Ball valve manufacturing in the Philippines is a crucial part of their economy since they provide employment and contribute to the country’s economy. In the SIO company, we are the leader when it comes to industrial valves. Our quality work speaks for itself and has been regarded as standard by international organizations.

For more insight into ball valves and SIO, get in touch with us via our contacts.

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