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Today, the world is diversifying into sustainable approaches for various aspects of life. From engineering, marketing, consumer goods, etc., every company adapts to keep up with these trends to remain competitive and relevant in the market. Industrial valve manufacturers apply the same when producing valves, especially ball valves. They are the most preferred industrial valves; hence, businesses in this field are putting in the effort to ensure long-lasting and efficiency. 

In Singapore, the industry has grown immensely, and several companies are emerging. Some of the top companies are as follows.


SIO Logo

SIO is a company based in China that provides engineering and technical solutions to industries that deal with piping systems. They manufacture industrial valves of various kinds from ball valves, check valves, globe valves, control valves, gate valves, and butterfly valves. SIO started being operational in 2009 in Zhejiang and has since become a renowned ball valve manufacturer. 

SIO’s customers have enjoyed all the benefits of working with them, like fast delivery, quality services and products, cutting-edge designs, and customization according to each client’s preferences. They supply to the following industries; oil & gas, petrochemical, and chemical. Automatic and API6D ball valves are their specialty, and they ensure that these products are durable and have a high working speed.

In Asia and worldwide, SIO’s products have been regarded as one of the best in the industry.

Val- Technik

Val-Technik Logo


The company has been serving a couple of industries for 33 years now and has gained experience in providing technical solutions. They refer to themselves as a multi-product specialist since they provide expertise on different products plus standard services to their clients. The product categorization at Val-Technik is extensive, but some of the types are level control products, actuators, industrial valves, pressure control products, flow metering, etc.

The materials for producing ball valves at Val-Technik include stainless steel, PVC, U-PVC, and CPVC brass. Under the harshest conditions, the valves can work without any need for repairs or replacements.  These products are applicable in various industries, for instance, healthcare, education, marine, offshore, utilities, hospitality, commercial, residential, etc. Val-Technik has become consumers’ choice due to their client-centered services and quality goods.

Chuan Kok

Chuan Kok Logo


Chuan Kok is a company in Singapore that has been serving the marine and offshore industry with industrial solutions. Chuan Kok was launched over 30 years ago with the sole purpose of providing products to suit different sectors while creating opportunities. They dedicate themselves to serving clients by understanding their requirements and providing technical solutions that fit their needs.

Through their quality services, Chuan Kok has received recognition among other ball valve manufacturers like ISO 9001 certification, and this has gone a long way in promoting their brand further. Some of the products manufactured at Chuan Kok are clamps, pipes, high/low-pressure fittings, valves(ball, check), accessories, and flanges. They have a reputation for utilizing the latest technology in their processing, making both manufacturing and delivering faster and above standard.

Tomoe Valve Asia Pacific

Tomoe Valve Asia Pacific Logo


Established in 1953, Tomoe Valve Asia Pacific is a manufacturing and design company situated in Singapore and serves the South East Asia Region with industrial valve solutions. Their products are high quality since they make them with the latest technology and the highest precision to supply to Asia and other Continents. The Tomoe facilities are strategically located to facilitate the distribution of items across the globe.

Industries serviced by Tomoe Valve are marine, oil & gas, DHC & air conditioning, process industry, desalination, water treatment, and power generation. Tomoe Valve is specialized in butterfly valve design and manufacturing, producing one of the most delicate valves in Asia. Besides that, they also make high-quality actuators, ball valves, check valves, and accessories. Over the years, Tomoe has been ISO certified and received approval from other organizations.

AHF Industries

AHF Industries Logo


AHF Industries started its operations in 1987 as a supplier of commercial and  industrial valves in Singapore. The industry has grown and become known for its operations across Asia-Pacific Region. They supply the pharmaceutical, oil & gas, marine, and petrochemical industries. Apart from valve supply, they also deal with the control solution and valve automation, and this has earned them certifications from different international organizations.

AHF Industries is under the AHF Group. A group of companies spread across several countries in Asia such as Singapore, Korea, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, UAE, India, Qatar, and penetrated Australia. AHF Industries distribute the following products; actuators, expansion joints, ball valves, balancing valves, gate valves, check, butterfly, globe valves, positioner, temperature control valves, pressure reducing valves, etc. Their vision is to become the most trusted supplier across Asia and eventually the world.


Singapore’s technological advancement is on another level, and this wows the whole world. They have been leaders in futuristic ideas for some years now. Singapore is applying this knowledge to various industries, and ball valve manufacturing is at the forefront. Due to their practical applications, they are being modified for better use. At SIO, we supply our products from China to the whole of Asia, guaranteeing our customers the best valve solutions.

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