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The market for industrial valves is very wide in Europe and the majority of the manufacturers are based in Germany, Italy, and the UK. With a long list of valve manufacturers in Germany, it is difficult to source out the best. 

This article will help you narrow down your list of butterfly valve manufacturers to buy from since we have provided a list of the top valve manufacturers in Germany.

Best Butterfly Valve Manufacturers
in China

SIO Logo

Source: SIO Valves

SIO Valve is a popularly known company in China for manufacturing high-quality butterfly valves with different configurations. Their 90-degree rotary valves are highly efficient and time-saving for opening and closing the butterfly valves. What makes SIO’s butterfly valves stand out is the thin cable ties that make them light in weight as well as affordable for clients.

SIO is one of the best butterfly valves suppliers. You can be assured that you will not only receive the best products but also the best after-sales service. With a large array of valves like the wafer butterfly valves, or the pneumatic actuator valves, you are bound to get the best selection as per your choice.  

Additionally, it is profitable to choose a Chinese manufacturing company if you want high-quality products are better rates.

1. OHL Industrial Valves

OHL Industrial Valves logo

Source: OHL Industrial Valves

Year Established: 1867

Location: Helmershäuser Str. 9, Germany

Industry: Engineering

OHL is one of the best butterfly valve manufacturers in Germany with a history of over 150 years. Its butterfly valves do an excellent job of flow control of the media safely and economically. The industrial valves produced by this company are used in various sectors like the chemical industry, solar energy industry, and shipbuilding industry.

Throughout the existence of OHL, its engineers have strived to create ground-breaking solutions to designer valves.

The key butterfly valve products manufactured by OHL Industrial Valves include:

2. VAG Group

VAG Group logo

Source: VAG Group

Year Established: 1872

Location:  Mannheim Deutschland, Germany

Industry: Manufacturing 

VAG Group is a globally operative company that manufactures some of the best butterfly valves in Germany. VAG valves can be used whenever you want the water to be distributed, treated, pumped, and stored. People now demand modern water management solutions and VAG provides just that.

The innovative standards of the VAG Group help them position themselves as a quality manufacturer of butterfly valves. The high functionality and durability of their butterfly valves help you get the work done faster. 

The top butterfly valve products manufactured by VAG include:

3. Parker Hannifin GmbH


Source: Parker Hannifin GmbH

Year Established: 1917

Location: Germany

Industry: Technology

The extensive line of butterfly valves manufactured by Parked provides a large variety of designs and configurations to its clients for several different applications. They cover a wide range of material types for their butterfly valves with countless advantages including durability, space-saving designs, and lightweight.

With Parker, you can be assured that you will be delivered with highly capable and highly efficient butterfly valves that will provide you return on your investment in no time.

The key butterfly valve products manufactured by Parker include:

4. Burgmer Fittings

Burgmer logo

Source: Burgmer

Year Established: 1967

Location: Siegerbusch 23-25 42327 Wuppertal, Germany

Industry: Manufacturing

Certification: ISO 9001: 2018

Burgmer started with the development of double-leaf valves around 40 years ago and since then have invented many new designs for valves. Soon they specialized in the manufacturing of butterfly and dosing valves and made a name for themselves for providing high-quality products at reasonable prices.

They claim to provide excellent service to their clients by delivering highly precise valves in accordance with international standards.

5. BK Armaturen


Source: BK Armaturen

Year Established: 1966

Location: Industriearmaturen Postfach, Wuppertal, Germany

Industry: Manufacturing

BK Armaturen was established in 1996 by Udo Buse who has more than 50 years of valve manufacturing experience. Their scope of services includes high-quality standards and short delivery times. They innovate ideas and elaborate concepts according to the request of their clients. They offer an optimal range of valves that can be used for various applications.

Some of the top butterfly valve products manufactured by BK Armaturen include:

6. AGS-Stellantriebe GmbH

Source: AGS Stellantriebe

Year Established: 1990

Location: Schlob Holte-Stukenbrock, Germany

Industry: Manufacturing

AGS-Stellantriebe has more than 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of butterfly valves. It is known for its production and distribution of industrial actuators and valves of a wide range. Even today, they focus on further innovations to deliver their customers with valves of progressive technology.

AGS has a team of well-trained engineers that provide innovative solutions to designing and customizing valves according to the specific requests made by their clients. Even with the customizations, they do not lag on the delivery time. 

The top butterfly valve products manufactured by AGS include:

Things to Consider While Choosing Butterfly Valves

Some of the things that you should consider while buying butterfly valves include:


Butterfly valves are highly used in various industries to control the media flow with efficiency. Even though it is convenient to get the butterfly valves from a nearby or a local valve manufacturer, it might be more profitable for you to approach Chinese rotary valves manufacturers for cheaper prices without compromising on the quality.

List of the Best Butterfly Valve Manufacturers in Germany

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