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The Top 3 Industrial Valve Manufacturers in Coimbatore

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Coimbatore has several economic zones, some of which have pipelines. The city is one of the most economically competitive markets in India. That being said, one of the largest sectors is the industrial valve manufacturing sector. Not only are industrial valves from Coimbatore reliable, but they are also inexpensive.

In this article, we are giving you the top valve manufacturers in Coimbatore so you won’t find it hard to decide which valve producer to choose.

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Non-return Valve Manufacturer in Coimbatore

Non-return valves make sure that the medium flows in just one direction even when the pressure can cause a reversal of flow. Because of the loss of pressure during the closing of non-return valves, there is a huge pressure loss. There are two kinds of non-return valves. These are the clapper type non-return valve and the spring type non-return valve.


Kirloskar Brothers (KBL)

KBL logo

Kirloskar is a large conglomerate with industrial valve manufacturing factories in Coimbatore. The company engages in water supply, power plants, and irrigation services. The company offers a variety of industrial products from pumps, hydro turbines to valves. The company manufactures one type of nonreturn valve, the swing check type reflux valve.

This valve has a swing check type body with a rigid design and minimum head loss. It is suitable for clear water with turbidity up to 3000ppm with a maximum temperature up to 95 Celsius, depending on the design. The size ranges from 40mm to 1500mm and the pressure ratings of PN6, PN 10 and PN16.

Butterfly Valve Manufacturer in Coimbatore

Butterfly valves are one of the oldest types of valves. These are used in a wide variety of applications such as the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries. Butterfly valves can have many types including the lug butterfly type and the wafer butterfly type.

Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve

Kennedy Valve

Kennedy Valve

Kennedy Valve India is part of the McWane Group of companies. The company manufactures resilient wedge gate valves, check valves, butterfly valves and air valves.

Their butterfly valve product line has double offset sealing. To have a smooth operation, the butterfly valves have profiled discs. These valves can be used for bidirectional flow and follow the EN 593, EN 1074-1 and 2, and EN 12266 standards. The sizes can range from DN 200 to DN 1200 and the working pressure can be at 10 bar to 16 bar.

Pressure Seal Valve Manufacturer in Coimbatore

Pressure seal valves are valves that have gaskets that become tighter as the internal pressure increases. These valves are commonly used in high pressure and temperature applications such as steam, feedwater, and turbine bypass applications or in instances where the operating pressure is over 500psi.

Pressure Relief Valve without background


Velan logo

Velan holds several certifications for its Coimbatore facility. These are ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, OHSAS18001:2007, and  CE-0062-PED-D1-VVI 001-17-IND. Velan pressure seal valves are preferred in high pressure, high-temperature hydrocarbon or petrochemical services. Velan is the only industrial valve manufacturer in Coimbatore to offer a one-piece forged valve with 24” diameter.

Velan pressure seal valve line consists of 8 kinds of valves. The pressure seal flexible wedge gate valve which has a size range of DN 50 to DN 600, and a pressure rating range of ASME Class 600 to Class 4500. These can have socket weld or butt weld end connections. The pressure seal parallel slide gate valves have sizes ranging from DN50 to DB 600. These can have ASME class 600- 2500.

The pressure seal globe valves have size ranges of NPS 2- NPS 16. These have pressure ratings of ASME Classes 600- 4500. The pressure seal y-pattern globe valves can have size ranges of DN 50- DN 600 and pressure rating ranges from ASME Classes 900- 2500.

The pressure seal swing check valves and pressure seal tilting disc check valves have size ranges DN 50- DN 600 with a pressure rating range of ASME Classes 600- 2500. The pressure seal piston check valves can have sizes from DN 50 – DN350 with ASME Classes 600-2500

pressure ratings. The pressure seal y-pattern piston check valves have sizes that range from DN 65 to DN 600 with pressure ratings of ASME Classes 900-2500.


Coimbatore is one of the best places to consider when looking for manufacturers of industrial valves. Do you agree with our list? Tell us in the comment section!

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