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5 Top Valve Manufacturers in Germany

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Germany is one of the largest valve manufacturers in Europe. Domestic manufacturers account for the majority of their market share. Oil & gas, refining and water, and sewage industries are the industries that German valve manufacturers mostly provide to.

If you are looking for a high-quality valve manufacturer in Germany, you have come to the right place. We have listed the top valve manufacturers in Germany so you can narrow your choices.

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Top Control Valve Manufacturers in Germany

Control valves regulate pressure and flow rate, and in some specialized valves, temperature. These valves are often equipped with actuators, usually electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic type. One of the differences of control valves from other kinds of industrial valves is the flow of passage and other process control capabilities are directed by a sensor. This is needed as control valves are often employed in control loops, which, in turn, affect how media create disturbances that affect media flow.

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ARI Armaturen

ARI Armaturen logo

ARI Armaturen is a valve manufacturer in Germany that is known for its control, isolation and safety valves. The company has certifications from international standards such as Det Norske Veritas, Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, German Lloyd, SELO (China), CCS (China), the Korean Register, the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Rostechnadzor (Russia), among others.

Its control valves are under the STEVI brand, which is known for its mixing, diverting and isolating media in harsh and extreme conditions. These valves can range from PN 16 to PN 40. These can have flanged or butt weld end connections depending on the design. Its working temperature can range from -60oC to 450oC. These valves are used in complex control tasks, heavy industrial complex applications, chemical industry, and power plant technology. You can use refrigerant, cooling water, warm water, hot water, thermal oil, steam, and gas with these valves.

EBRO Armaturen

Ebro Armaturen logo

EBRO Armaturen is one of the German valve companies that produces high quality industrial valves, actuators and automation technology. This company produces resilient-seated valves, PTFE valves, high-performance valves, knife gate valves, check valves, and other industrial manufacturing-related products.

EBRO Armaturen control valves are universally usable valves that can be used with a broad range of media such as water, powder or gas. EBRO control valves can have a nominal diameter ranging from DN 20 to DN 1200. These valves have a working temperature range of -40oC to 200oC with a maximum operating pressure of 16 bar, depending on the model. The Z011-A Therm is a wafer type control valve with an integrated thermometer. 


Top Butterfly Valve Factory in Germany

The butterfly valve belongs to the quarter-turn rotational family of industrial valves. This valve can be used to stop and start the flow of media as well as regulate the amount of media flowing into the valve. This kind of industrial valve is most suitable when space for larger valves is an issue.

Butterfly valves only have four main components: the body, disk, stem, and the seat. These valves are fitted between two pipe flanges which can be either a lug type or a wafer type.

Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve


KSB logo

KSB has the honor to be the first reactor coolant pump manufacturer to be certified for modern nuclear power plants in China. In June 2019, KSB SAS launched a new liner for the ISORIA butterfly valve series. This liner is made of HNBR which follows the EC Food Contact Materials Regulation, making the valve safe for food applications. This valve is oil-resistant and available in DN 40 to DB 1000. Other KSB liners for food applications are made of EPDM and white nitrite.

KSB also carries the BOAX, KE, ISORIA and Mammouth, APORIS, DANAÏS, and TRIODIS  butterfly valves. These valves can have nominal diameters ranging from DN 50 to DN 2200 with a working temperature range of -10oC- 130oC. These can come as centered-disc valves, double offset valves or triple off-set butterfly valves. KSB also carries the Clossia butterfly valve. This valve is used for nuclear applications. This valve line can have DN 250, DN 500. DN 750 and DN 1000 pressure ratings.

Top Ball Valve Manufacturer in Germany

Ball valves are commonly used in a wide range of industrial applications. Ball valves are industrial valves with a ball-like disc that either opens or closes to allow the flow of media. Ball valve discs openings are called ports. These can be reduced or full ports. A reduced port has a smaller opening compared to the size of the pipes. A full port has the same size as the opening of the pipes.

Ball valves can also be classified based on the design of the ball valve disc. This can be a floating ball disc, which is only attached to the stem and moves depending on the internal pressure. The trunnion-mounted ball disc is attached to the bottom of the ball valve via a set of trunnions that keep the disc stationary.

Flange ball valve



AVK is a global industrial valve manufacturer with centers in Germany. This market leader offers its valves in various applications such as water distribution, wastewater treatment, natural gas, and fire protection.

AVK ball valves can be made from polyethylene, brass, and other metals. These have nominal sizes that range from DN 20 to DN 40. AVK ball valves are suitable for water treatment facilities and gas applications.

Best Solenoid Valve Company in Germany

Solenoid valves are used when there is a need to automatically control the flow of media. These valves used an electrically energized actuator to open or close the valve. To distinguish this valve from an electrically actuated valve, solenoid valves use an electromagnet that pulls the plunger to open the valve and releases it to close. There are many kinds of solenoid valves. The most common ones are the direct-acting solenoid valve and the internally-piloted solenoid valve.

Solenoid valve


Burkert logo

Burket is a leading fluid control systems for liquids and gases. Burkert offers several kinds of solenoid valves, which can be used as general-purpose solenoid valves for water application solenoid valves, hazardous location solenoid valves, steam solenoid valves, high-pressure solenoid valves, and cryogenic solenoid valves.

These valves can have a plunger solenoid with separating diaphragm design, direct-acting 2/2 or 3/2-way pivoted armature design, toggle 2/2 or 3/2 direct-acting design, and diaphragm valve 2/2-way servo assisted design. These valves can have up to DN 12 nominal sizes with standard operating pressures ranging from -200oC to 180oC.

In Summary

Germany has proven to be a reliable source of industrial valves. Many of its top valve manufacturers do not only supply domestically but also the global market. Do you think we missed out on one? Do tell in the comments below!

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