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Top 6 Valve Suppliers in the Philippines

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There is a rising demand for energy consumption in the Asia Pacific region. This comes to no surprise as more and more countries in this region are experiencing exponential economic growth. The Philippines is one of the stronger markets for industrial valve distribution in the Asia Pacific region. The country has opened its doors to several industrial manufacturers and distributors.

If you are looking for high-quality industrial valves at a fraction of a cost, don’t forget to consider checking Philippine valve makers and suppliers. But you don’t have to worry about which Philippine valve manufacturing companies to choose from. We made it easier for you. We have listed the top 6 Valve suppliers in the Philippines below.

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Gate Valve

Butterfly Valve

Solenoid Valve

Check Valve

Motorized Valve

Gate Valve Supplier Philippines

Gate valves are effective isolation valves. These industrial valves are used in many types of underground and on-ground applications. Gate valves are particularly suited for applications that require minimum pressure loss and without bore restrictions. When gate valves open, there are no obstructions for the media flow. This makes pipe cleaning much easier to perform. Since gate valves require several turns to close it, these valves are less prone to water hammer. Gate

Gate Valve


Kinetech is one of the valve suppliers in the Philippines. The company offers several types of valves, valve automation systems, actuators, pipes, and the likes. This company carries brands such as AKO UK, API PRO, BAUM, BLISS Flow Systems, Rotork fluid systems, Powell Valves, among others.

Kinetech offers three kinds of gate valves from Powell valves. These are the API 600 cast steel gate valves, API 602 forged steel gate valves, bronze gate valves, and iron gate valves. The gate valves can range from ASME Class 150 to ASME Class 1500 with 1” to 42’ diameters, depending on the design.

Butterfly Valve Supplier Philippines

Butterfly valves only take a quarter turn for them to open or close. That being said, butterfly valves are used to regulate, isolate and start the flow of media. One of the distinguishing aspects of the butterfly valve is its quick opening. These valves are also known for its bubble-tight seal and low-pressure drops which are ideal for high pressure and high-temperature applications. Additionally, butterfly valves take little space and it is also lightweight.

Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve


KSB is one of the leading pump and industrial valve manufacturers in the world. Last year, KSB released its new butterfly valve liner and for food applications under its ISORIA brand. This particular product line is available as a soft-seated, centered disc butterfly valve which can have diameters from DN 40 to DN 1000.

Other KSB butterfly valve products include BOAX, ISORIA, MAMMOUTH and KE brands of centered disc with DN 20- DN 1200 with working temperatures from ≥ -10°C – ≤ +200°C. The double offset butterfly valve line is made by APORIS and DANAIS brands. These valves can have DN 50- DN 2200 with working temperatures from  ≥ -10°C – ≤ +260°C. The triple offset butterfly valve line carries the TRIODIS brand. These can have DN 50 – DN 1500 with working temperatures of ≥ -196°C – ≤ +450°C.

Solenoid Valve Supplier Philippines

Solenoid valves can open, close, regulate, dose, distribute, and mix liquids and gases in the pipeline. This valve is electromagnetically controlled. This valve features a solenoid or a type of electric coil with a movable magnet or plunger at the center. To open the solenoid valve, an electric current triggers a magnetic field around the coil which then pulls the plunger towards the center. Solenoid valves are used in heating systems and irrigation systems.

Solenoid valve


Goodwill Technology and Industrial Corporation is a Philippine valve manufacturing company and importer of industrial fittings, fluid connectors, solenoid valves, and other industrial components. GTIC carries the Shako and STNC solenoid valves. STNC is a pneumatic valve with a micro electric signal. This valve has a reliable performance that is equipped for large flow services. On the other hand, Shako solenoid valves are available in 6VDC, 12VDC, 24VDC, and 110/220VAC. Shako solenoid valves have a plug with standard JPC design for the coil.

Check Valve Price Philippines

Check valves are used to prevent the backflow of media so as to protect other equipment from damage. This valve is a unidirectional one. This means the movement of the fluid is only one way. If the media returns, the valve closes. Check valves are often found in the outlet side of the pump. Applications of the check valve include HVAC systems, feedwater systems, and wastewater systems, among others.

Cast steel check valve


Tyval is a ball valve supplier in the Philippines that carries several brands such as KITZ, Booney Forge, CLA-VAL, Cimberio, Spears, KOFCO, and Benkan. Kitz check valves are ASME Class 150 swing check valves. These are made of stainless steel. The Booney Forge check valves have bolted bonnets with flanged end connections. These are made of carbon steel with Classes 150 and 300 and has an optimal working pressure of 285 PSIG and 740 PSIG, respectively. Tyval also carries the Cim cast iron check valve. Its body size can vary from 1 ½” to 24” with a maximum pressure of 150 psi.

Ball Valve Supplier Philippines

Ball valves are often classified as a full bore or standard bore. Bores or ports are the openings of the ball disc inside the ball valve. A full port valve design is also called the full bore. The diameter of the bore is the same as the size of the pipes. On the other hand, the standard port valve design produces a pressure drop as the media passes through the valve. The ports of this type are smaller than the openings of the pipes, hence, flow is restricted.

flange ball valve

Apex Plastic Piping

Apex Plastic is a distributor and wholesaler of pipes and pipe fittings in the Philippines. The company offers different kinds of valves including diaphragm valves, check valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, and manual valves. It offers ball valves from FIP, a reputable Italian valve manufacturer.

The VK DualBlock trunnion ball valve by FIP is suitable for high pressure and temperature applications. With the patented Seat Stop® system, this ball valve can withstand vibration and thermal expansion. This valve has a size ranging from ND 10 to ND 50 with a pressure rate of up to 16 bar at 20°C. The ball seats are in PTFE and the seals are made of EPDM or FPM.

Motorized Valve Supplier in Philippines

Motorized valves use electric motors for opening and closing. Motorized valves are suitable when there is a need for very large valves and manually operating such valves is almost impossible. Such valves are common in agricultural irrigation and automated fire control. Most major valve types such as ball valves, gate valves, and the likes can be motorized. Motorized valves are different from solenoid valves. The former uses an electric motor while the latter employs a solenoid tool. Also, solenoid valves are not suitable for low-pressure services.

Motorized Valve


Festo is an automation solutions provider that offers its services in the automotive industry, process automation, chemical industry, water technology, and textile industry, among others. The company has a diverse line of electrically operated valves. These valves can have a flow rate of 130-1200 liters per minute, depending on the design. These valves can withstand up to 10 bar of pressure, and these can have a temperature range of -5°C to 60°C.

In Summary

Many Philippine valve suppliers offer high quality but at low-cost industrial valves. Check any of the ones listed above for your industrial applications.

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