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Top 6 Industrial Gate Valve Suppliers in UAE

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UAE is one of the top-tier valve producers in the world. This fact is not surprising since the region has vast reserves of oil and gas. Aside from this, UAE is geared up for economic diversification as its Dubai Vision 2021 draws near.

The heavy use of industrial valves in the UAE makes these valves easy to procure and inexpensive to purchase. But that doesn’t mean that gate valve suppliers in UAE offer low-quality valves. In fact, valves manufactured in UAE are at par with high-quality valves produced in countries such as Germany and Italy. Here is a list of some of the best gate valve manufacturers in UAE to help you choose the right one.

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Top Cast Steel Gate Valve Suppliers in UAE

Cast steel is one of the most commonly used materials in making gate valves. This material is flexible enough to be shaped into complex designs. Cast steel gate valves are also economical in the long run as they are structurally superior. Additionally, cast steel gate valves are used with pipes over 2” in diameter and in high pressure and temperature applications.


IPC Valves

IPC logo

IPC produces a wide range of gate valves. The company’s gate valve product line is grouped into two sections: the cast steel gate valve and the forged steel gate valve. All of the IPC gate valves follow the API 600, BS 1414, API 602 and ASME B16.34 design standards.

IPC cast steel valves come in either standard or pressure seal type. These valves are best used for low-friction flow with bi-directional movement. Depending on the design, IPC valves can vary from 2” to 24” or DN 50 to DN 600. These valves can have a pressure rating that ranges from Class 150 to Class 2500. The seat rings are welded to prevent accidental leakage and loosening of seat rings. The one-piece bonnet type is available only up to DN 300.

Flow and Control Engineering

Flow and Control Engineering logo

Flow and Control Engineering is a major valve supplier in UAE. This company provides valves, industrial instrumentation equipment, pipeline components, repair components, and other industrial products in the Middle East region.

Flow and Control Engineering carries the Walworth brand of gate valves. Their cast steel gate valve product line has sizes ranging from 2” up to 72”. Walworth gate valves are designed according to API 600 standards and these can have solid or parallel slide wedge or disc. As per ASME b16.34 standards, these gate valves can have pressure ratings from Class 150 up to Class 2500. The valves can have RF, RTJ or BW end connections.

Top Bolted Bonnet Gate Valve Suppliers in UAE

Bolted bonnet gate valves are used for high pressure and temperature applications, especially if it is below 500psi or 34.5 bar. Bolted bonnet gate valves are characterized by having the body and bonnet flanges joined together by bolts or nuts. These nuts or bolts are tightened to certain torques according to the preference of the manufacturer. This type of gate valve has a gasket between the flanges for better sealing. Bolted bonnet gate valves are often used in natural gas processing, offshore & subsea drilling, oil & petroleum refining, among others.

Bolted Bonnet Gate Valve


Camtech logo

Camtech has been in the valve manufacturing industry for more than 20 years. This company produces an extensive line of industrial valves such as API 6A valves, pigging valves, cryogenic valves, ball valves, and gate valves, among others.

Camtech bolted bonnet gate valve has a flexible wedge disc with an OS & Y design. This valve line comes in two types: the rising stem model and the non-rising type. These valves can be handwheel or gear operated. The size of these valves varies from 2” to 56” or DN 50 to DN1400. These valves can handle pressure between ASME Class 150 to ASME Class 2500. Camtech bolted bonnet gate valves are compliant to API 600 design standards.

L&T Valves

L&T logo2

L&T Valves is the valve manufacturing arm of Larsen & Toubro Group of companies. This company is known for its flow control solutions. L&T Valves engages in oil & gas, refining, petrochemicals & chemicals, power & energy as well as water & wastewater applications.

The bolted bonnet L&T valve can either have the rising stem handwheel or the non-rising stem handwheel. The size for this type of L7T valve rages from 2” to 72” with pressure rating ranging from Class 150 to Class 2500.  The stud sizes for the bolted bonnet valve can range from ⅜”-16 UNC-2B to 3”-8 UN-2B. These can have torque levels ranging from 27 to 15600. This valve has hardfaced body guides and wedge slots for sizes more than 24”.


Top Resilient Seated Gate Valve Manufacturers in UAE

Resilient gate valves are alternatives for valves that are sensitive to thicker media. These types of valves have a flat bottom that allows easy passage of viscous media such as slurries. If there are remaining particles in the valve as it closes, the rubber seat will enclose these particles to protect the disc. These impurities will be flushed out once the valve opens again. The rubber surface will return to its original shape. Resilient gate valves are often used with corrosive media and water distribution systems.

Resilient Seated Gate Valve

McWane Gulf

McWane Gulf logo

McWane Gulf is a pioneer valve manufacturer that specializes in water, fire and sewage pipeline products. The company produces several types of valves including gate valves, check valves, hydrants, butterfly valves, and plug valves.

McWane Gulf Series 31 is a resilient gate valve product line with three models: Model 311, Model 314 and Model 315. These valves are designed in accordance with EN 1074 standards. Gate valves belonging to Series 31 are made of ductile iron with a non-rising stem. The sizes of these valves range from DN 50 to DN 400 with an optimal working pressure of 16 bar. The coating of this valve is made of fusion-bonded non-toxic epoxy coating NSF 61.

Apollo UAE

Apollo UAE logo

Apollo UAE is an ISO-certified company based in Ajman, UAE. The company has a wide array of industrial flow control products for mechanical industries which includes different kinds of industrial valves, strainers valve boxes and some more.

Apollo resilient seated spigot gate valves have a fully encapsulated EPDM body with two stem seals that can be replaced. This valve can withstand a maximum working pressure and temperature of 16 bar or PN 16 and 70°C. The body of this resilient gate valve complies to EN1074-1&2, EN1171, and BS5163-1&2. Apollo resilient seated gate valves are suitable for water, potable water, and other inert fluids.

In Summary

UAE offers a lot of industrial valves which are not only top class but also reliable. Do you think we have missed something with the list? Please comment below!

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