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Get Chemical and Petrochemical Valves from a Reliable Manufacturer

SIO, a leading chemical valve manufacturer, produces a complete range of chemical and petrochem valves that can be used for standard to application-specific needs. We also offer valves for chlorine services. Our valves guarantee reliability, longevity, and free flow of fluid through your channels.

We manufacture valves that are designed to meet the toughest applications. Our experts, with a landmine of knowledge and experience, work closely with you to develop products that will suit your particular needs and bring ease to your operation.


Valves Suited for Chemical and Petrochemical Applications

Described below are the most suitable valves that can be used for chemical and petrochemical applications. We manufacture them and make sure they are of good quality so as to solve every possible difficulty.

Control Valve Image

Control Valve

It’s otherwise called a modulating valve. This is a chlorine control valve used to regulate the flow of media and the rate of pressure through your fluid channels. It’s a chemical injection valve that can be used to alter the flow from minimum to optimum capacity.

Solenoid Valve

It’s otherwise called an electrically operated valve. This chemical solenoid valve operates automatically; it does not need to be controlled manually. When this valve is electrically energized or de-energized, it allows or shuts fluid from flowing.

Solenoid Valve
Ball Valve

Ball Valve

This is a shut-off valve that regulates the flow of gas or liquid. Chemical ball valves feature a rotary ball that’s used to perform its function. This ball either allows fluid to pass through or block its passage.

Check Valve

It’s otherwise called a one-way valve. It’s primarily designed to prevent backflow. A chemical resistant check valve is self-operating and will continue to work even if a facility loses power.

Check Valve
High Pressure Valve Image

High Pressure Valve

A high pressure valve is used to meet the toughest conditions of the most demanding applications. A hydrogen pressure relief valve is used to allow, regulate, and block media flow at extremely high pressures.

Why Choose Valves from a Professional Chemical and Petrochemical Valves Manufacturer

SIO is a professional chemical and petrochemical valve manufacturer that produces chemical and petrochem valves that meet crucial requirements with performance, reliability, and safety. Described below are the reasons why you should choose our chemical and petrochemical valves.


Our valves are designed to comply with professional standards. In fact, we are certified by professional standards bodies like API, ISO, and CE.


We produce a range of valves that apply to all demands. Also, we design and customize valves to meet our customers specifications.

High Quality

We use quality materials in the making of our valves. Our valves perform their operations very well.

The Guarantee to Deal with Chemical and Petrochemical Applications

We test our valves strictly before putting them out to the public. There's a guarantee that they will perform just as you want.

Excellent Customer Service

We have experts who are ready to discuss with you 24/7. We interact with our customers as partners; we carry them along in every step. We believe in working with our customers for the long term.

Fast Worldwide Delivery

We have maintained our standing as the best China leading industrial valve manufacturer because of our global sales network. We make rapid delivery to everywhere in the world.

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