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Spotlight On Quality

By stirring up healthy competition in the local manufacturing market, SIO has always implemented efficient and stringent quality in our products, practices, and procedures, and by doing so has met or even exceeded ISO requirements.

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Dependable Technician Resource

To maintain our certification, as well as meet our own high standards, every SIO staff undergoes training to understand how they can help to ensure SIO upholds its quality-oriented principles.

staff undergoes training to uphold its quality oriented principles

International Quality Authentication

We reference many important applicable standards in the following list, so our SIO valves can be designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with other international standards on request.

  • API
    American Petroleum Institute
    • Spec.6D
    • Std.598
    • Std.605
    • Std.607
    • Std.Q1
  • MSS
    Manufacturers Standardization Society
    • SP 6
    • SP 25
    • SP 55
  • Hydrogen Sulfide
    H2S Environments
    • NACE Mr0175
    • ISO 15156
  • CSA
    Canadian Standards Association
    • CSA Z245.15
    • CSA Z245.12
    • CSA Z662
  • ISO
    International Organization for Standardization
    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 15156
    American National Standard Institute
    • B 16.5
    • B 16.10
    • B 16.34/ BPVC Sec.VIII
    • B 31.3
    • B 31.4
    • B 31.8
  • EC
    European Community
    • CE Marked

Multiple Inspection Support

Our castings and forgings are purchased from reliable suppliers and we can provide you with an inspection report of our materials. During the fashioning process, our qualified technicians will do rigorous additional testing carried out through non-destructive tests (NDT), which includes :
  • Hardness Testing for valve
    Hardness Testing
  • Pipe Wall Thickness Testing for valve
    Pipe Wall Thickness Testing
  • Fugitive Emissions Testing for valve
    Fugitive Emissions Testing
  • Dimension Testing for valve
    Dimension Testing
  • Paint Thickness Testing for valve
    Paint Thickness Testing
  • Torsion Testing for valve
    Torsion Testing

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