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  • 2 Pieces Ball Valve 4
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2 Pieces Stainless Steel Ball Valve Full bore threaded ends 1000WOG

Full bore valves feature a straight flow path where liquid or gas flow without any reductions. This means that the inlet and outlet of the valve feature the same diameter as the interior of the ball valve. They are a great option to consider working with especially in the water, oil, and gas industries.


  • 2 Pieces Body design
  • Investment cast body
  • Blow-out proof stem
  • Full Bore
  • Locking device
  • Threaded/Screwed end connections




Body: Stainless Steel CF8 CF8M

Trim: Stainless Steel 304 316

Seat: Soft seated: PTFE

Working Temperature:

–25 ºC + 120 ºC

Max working Pressure:



Female Threaded BSP, NPT, BSPT, DIN

Lever Option:

“ T” type handle

Your Best-in-class
Full Bore Ball Valve Manufacturers

SIO is one of the leading full bore ball valve manufacturers in China and around the world. We offer incredible ball valve options that are designed to give all our customers the best value when used. This has allowed us to continue being the go-to company when it comes to the manufacture of ball valves. We feature well-established manufacturing systems that are designed to ensure that you get the best ball valves suitable for you. Additionally, we work with highly qualified engineers and professionals in the manufacturing industry. This allows us to continue improving our quality productions and ensure that all our customers get the best for their investment.

Worker inspecting a ball valve

Customize Full Flow Ball Valve
Based On Your Specifications


The shape of the ball valves you invest in matters especially since it determines the application range and efficiency of your ball valves. Full bore ball valve could be divided into one-piece ball valve, two-piece ball valve, and three-piece ball valve, the difference between which is the body structure and whether it is easy to disassemble. The one-piece is integral, the two-piece is composed of two parts, and the three-piece is composed of the left and right end cover and the middle valve body. And the three-piece ball valve is more suitable for high pressure situations.This is why we offer customization options to ensure that we offer the exact shape you want for your ball valves.


Our full-flow ball valves are developed using stainless steel or carbon steel materials given their durability. Ball valves manufactured by carbon steel are harder than those made of stainless steel. Therefore, ball valves used in different industries need to be made of different materials. We offer the option of using the specific materials you would rather work with for your ball valves.


The dimensions featured on the full bore valves are designed to fit into the specific type of pipe you are working with. We will work to provide the perfect ball valves featuring your specific dimensions to ensure that they are perfect for the pipes you’ll be working with.

Connection Ways

Connection ways refer to the system used to connect the ball valves to the pipes. Paying attention to the connection ways is essential to ensure that it is compatible with the pipe you’ll be working with. We will provide ball valves that come with the right connection ways for your specific needs.

Actuator Ways

There are different mechanisms used to initiate the use of ball valves in controlling the flow of water, oil, or gas. This is what is referred to as actuator ways and includes the use of electric, mechanical, or pneumatic systems among others. If you have a specific actuator way, we’ll work to include that into your ball valves.

Ball Movement Ways

Ball movement ways refer to the path taken by the ball valves when controlling flow. These movement ways vary and are designed to ensure that they facilitate the easy function of the ball valves. If you have specific ball movement ways you’d like featured, we’ll work to incorporate that.

Industry Standards

Industry standards will vary depending on the kind of products you are working with. We work to ensure that the ball valves we offer are designed to meet your industry standards and ensure that you get the best results.

SIO Ready to Be Your Best Full Port Ball
Valve Partner Whoever You Are


As a distributor, finding the perfect ball valves that will cater to the needs of your customers and position you as a trusted supplier is essential. We offer quality options that will please your customers and also feature discounted prices for you to take full advantage of.


If you are looking to invest in quality full bore ball valves but are concerned about the shipping, SIO is here to make the process easier. We will take care of everything and ensure that you get the products on time and in perfect condition.

Engineering Company

If you are looking to improve your engineering processes with quality ball valves, SIO is here to provide you with quality options. We‘ll ensure that you get the best ball valves designed specifically to boost your processes.

Equipment Manufacturer

We offer ball valves that are of great quality and can be used in the manufacture of different equipment. This allows us to cater to the needs of equipment manufacturers to help support and ensure that your machines work perfectly.


Investing in ball valves is a great step especially when looking to control flow. We work to ensure that all our customers get the best top-quality products. This allows you to comfortably use our ball valves knowing that they are the perfect fit.

Why SIO Full Bore Ball Valves

Certified Quality

We offer products that feature the best quality designed to ensure that you get adequate use of our products. Our manufacturing systems are certified and we also feature quality control measures that help us ensure that our products are of top quality.

Free Sample Offered

At SIO, we also feature free samples to give our customers the ability to check out our quality products and gauge how they perform. This option is designed to cater to bulk buyers and those looking for customization options.

Flexible Payment Method

Our payment methods are flexible to give you the chance to invest in the best quality ball valves in the market. We feature this option to cater to your needs and ensure that both parties benefit from the payment method.

Full Reduced Bore Ball Valve Support

We value quality relations with our customers which is why we strive to offer continued support whenever necessary. In case there are any concerns when using our ball valves, we are readily available to address them and help you through any jams.

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