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  • Cast Steel Gate Valve
  • Stainless steel gate valve

Cast Steel Gate Valve


  • Full or Reduced Bore
  • Outside Screw & Yoke (OS&Y)
  • Bolted Bonnet or Pressure Seal Bonnet
  • Flexible or Solid Wedge
  • Renewable seat rings upon request
  • Forged T- Head stem
  • Rising stem and non-ring handwheel
  • Flanged or butt weld ends


NPS 2 to NPS 48


150 to 2500

Design & manufacture:

API 600, API 603, ASME B16.34


ASME B16.10

End Connection:

ASME B16.5 (RF & RTJ)

ASME B16.25 (BW)

Test & inspection:

API 598


MR-0175, NACE MR-0103, ISO 15848, API624

Available in:

Casting (A216 WCB, WC6, WC9, A350 LCB, A351 CF8,

CF8M, CF3, CF3M, A995 4A, A995 5A, A995 6A), Alloy 20,

Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy

Cast Steel Gate Valve Manufacturer

Cast steel gate valves can be manufactured into two types. 

The first is automatic sealing which applies pressure to the medium and seals the vessel when it forms. The external force is then used to force the seal. They use different media but the sealing effects of both are similar. 

Steel gate valve provide reliable benefits for steam, water, gas, oil, and oil vapor. As a cast steel gate valve manufacturer, a variety of frames are available in SIO.

Cast steel gate valves are used to shut off pipelines like those for petroleum and chemical industries. Cast steel gate valves are available in Raised Face (RF), Ring Type Joint (RTJ), and Butt Weld(BW) according to ANSI B16.25. You can also request your cast steel gate valve supplier for other end connections if you need any customization.

Stainless Steel Swing Check Valve ANSI 150

Cast Steel Gate Valves Features

Sturdy Body

The body is made to allow unimpeded flow and provide sufficient strength for operating conditions. Pressure drop, erosion, and turbulence are all minimized.


The stem is protected by the tee-head disc-stem connection, which prevents strain from the stem. This allows for smooth and easy operation. Precise thread cutting engages the yoke sleeves for positive control over disc position.


Cast steel gate valves are designed from high-quality carbon, stainless, alloy, and duplex steel.


Cast Steel Gate Valves are available in sizes between 2" and 48", as well as class ratings 150 to 2500.

Benefits Of Using Cast Steel Gate Valves

Stainless Steel Valve

Double Sealing Design

The double sealing design contains corrugated tubes and packing which give the double layer protection to fluid. If the bellows fail the valve stem packing will be used to prevent it.

Broad Application Areas

Because of the simple design, small structure length, easy manufacturing process, and carbon steel gate valve offers broad application areas including high temperature and high pressure.

Low Fluid Resistance

Cast Steel Gate Valves are low in fluid resistance and their sealing surface is not brushed or corroded, and easy to shut-OFF and ON. The medium flow direction is not restricted, do not perturb the flow nor lessen the pressure.

Standard And Specification Of Cast Steel Gate Valves

The following standards should be present in the ball valve you are going to buy for industrial purposes-

Our cast steel gate valves are available in NPS 2 to NPS 48 sizes and classes of 150 to 2500, you can choose according to your requirement. These sizes are suitable for use in larger applications.

They have end connections ASME B16.5(Raised Face (RF) and Ring Type Joint (RTJ)), ASME B16.25(BW) and face to face connection is ASME B16.10.

Here are the standard specification of cast steel gate valves:

Common Cast Steel Gate Valves Applications

Steel gate valves are used in many industries, including engineering, manufacturing, and scientific research. The success of a system or process can be determined by choosing a suitable valve. The primary function is to control the flow of media through a system. To ensure safe and efficient operation, the valve can control flow.

Marine Industry

The marine industry plays a crucial role in operating cast steel gate valves. Ships become more complex and use more power. Cast iron butterfly valves are used for various purposes, including controlling a ship's power supply and water storage, fire fighting abilities, wastewater treatment, and liquid cargo warehouse.

Biopharma Industry

Cast steel valves are used in chemical processing industries because of their sterilized and cleaned features. Chemical processing is responsible for the transformation of raw materials into finished products. Chemical processing involves the use of heat and pressure to produce toxic by-products. The media used in this industry are highly corrosive; that's why cast steel gate valves are helpful.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage is a growing industry that requires parts and products to keep manufacturers operating smoothly. There are two types of valves used in the food-and-beverage industry: those that directly contact food ingredients and those that handle utility services (i.e., steam, water). FDA regulations apply to valves that come in direct contact with food. They require that the inside be smooth enough to trap particles or bacteria. Soft material valves must not absorb or hold any product passing through them.

Cast Steel Gate Valve Factory

SS Flange Gate Valve

SIO is the best cast steel gate valve manufacturer in China to provide high-quality, reliable products. The headquarters is located in China but serves customers all over the globe by producing products that go through a five-step quality control process.

The company also delivers high-precision valve components and manages raw materials. SIO is one of the most respected manufacturers of cast steel globe valve that follows all industry quality control guidelines and is committed to providing products that last without any damage.

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