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Raw material control for ball valve

Raw Material Control

An inquiry coming in to SIO will be evaluated on a few characteristics, such as the environment of the application for a valve. Then our engineers’ team make the drawing list using up-to-date 2D auto CAD and 3D Modelling software. The next step is the material sourcing by our Quality Department.

Material control and traceability are high-priority in our factory. All materials must be inspected before machining, and if any element is found to be in violation of our strict standards, then the material is returned to the original supplier.

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High-Precision Machining

We use high-precision automated mechanism equipment, such as machining centers, CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, and other processing machines, which currently reach the most advanced international level of synchronization.
  • Machining centers processing for valve

    The disc, stem, the seat of the valve will be tested many times to ensure that the valve is appropriate for high temperatures, and abrasive and corrosive applications.

  • Valve polished by Muller

    The body, blind flange, bracket and seat of the valve will be polished by Muller, which helps the different parts to be combined into one piece perfectly.

  • Descaling of the surface by the Shot Blasting Machine

    The Shot Blasting Machine is used for descaling of the surface and ensuring more durable utilization.

 Experienced craftsman evaluates valve component

Overall Debug Inspection

We understand how the limitations of your component and system may impact the long-term performance of the component. Our experienced craftsman evaluates your component again and again and considering any excessive wear or damage to your system limitations may occur.

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Ultrasonic Cleaning and Spraying to protect valve

Ultrasonic Cleaning and Spraying

The valve will have been cleaned from the inside out by Ultrasonic clearing machine. This technology can minimize the potential for clogging or damage caused either by the processor by scraping the inside tank walls during cleaning or processing. And the next step is Spraying,which is necessary to protect the valve.

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Plywood case used for valve packaging

Private Logo Label

We utilize a variety of technologies to allow you to do more with your packaging, like logo labeling.

Plywood case used for packaging is our commitment to Standard Export Packing, greatly protecting the valve from damage during the shipping process.

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