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Pneumatic Actuator Valves

SIO also manufactures a variety of top-quality pneumatic valves. Pneumatic actuators are mainly used to convert compressed air energy into mechanical energy to carry out the needed work. They have a quick response time, but they’re not ideal for applications that need high amounts of pressure.

Pneumatic valves are commonly used in operations that require extreme temperatures. Since they use air, these actuators are safe in the sense that they don’t use hazardous materials. They pass the explosion protection as well as the machine safety specifications as they don’t produce any magnetic interference.

You can rely on SIO to provide you only the best pneumatic actuator valves for your automatic applications.

    Pneumatic Actuator Valves Manufacturer

    Pneumatic valves are one of the components in a pneumatic systemThey are responsible for the regulation of the rate, pressure, and amount of air moving throughout the system. These valves are greatly used in numerous industrial applications, from chemical to medical, and from corrugation to automation.

    As a top pneumatic valve manufacturer, SIO produces high quality pneumatic actuator valves which convert compressed air energy into mechanical energy to get the work done.

    Whether in extreme heat or cold, inside or outside, in a dusty or humid environment, SIO Pneumatic Actuator Valves are durable and reliable. These valves are completely safe since manufacturers do not use hazardous materials in creating them. SIO Pneumatic Valves passed machine safety specifications and explosion protection since these valves do not create any magnetic interference.

    Pneumatic Valve Actuator

    Pneumatic Actuator Valve Features


    The pneumatic actuator valve models are accessible in plenty of sizes to fulfill the huge demand. Some brands even offer customized sizes as well.


    In general, these valves are made from a reliable material that can be used safely. Manufacturers use various substances to produce them.

    Minimum And Maximum Temperature Range

    The pneumatic actuator valves retain an essential minimum and maximum temperature range. High-end valves have the potential to resist temperatures as high as 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. 

    Industrial Standards

    The manufactured valves fulfill various manufacturing and industrial standards to ensure they are of good quality.

    Benefits Of Using Pneumatic Actuator Valve

    Liquid Resistance

    The liquid resistance is tiny. In other words, the resistance value is proportional to that of the tube of the exact length.

    Simple Operation

    These valves support timely opening and shutting down. In order to shift it from closed to open, it needs only 90-degree rotation.


    The valves are easy to maintain and require little to no maintenance. They have an active sealing ring easy to disassemble and replace.

    Rigid And Durable

    The pneumatic actuator valves are made of durable materials. They are tight and are ideal for vacuum systems applications.

    Standard and specification of Pneumatic Actuator Valves

    Here are some of the best specifications associated with pneumatic actuator valves.

    Temperature Standard

    The SIO pneumatic actuator valves have a wide temperature range. They can survive temperatures up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Pressure Standard

    The pneumatic actuator valves usually are an incredible choice for high pressure applications.

    Liquid Resistance

    The liquid resistance of pneumatic actuator valves is minor. These valves retain the slightest liquid resistance.

    Size And Output Torque

    These valves are accessible in different sizes. The output torque of the valves differs greatly as some have 56,000 lbs, while others have 25,000 lbs, 4,000 lbs.


    The pneumatic actuator valves come in different coatings: Polyurethane Coated Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum, and others. The SIO valves have a durable coating that lasts longer.

    Common Applications Of Pneumatic Actuator Valves

    Pneumatic actuator valves for the medical industry

    The pneumatic actuator valves are suitable for medical industry applications. The SIO valves are resistant to corrosion and are highly wear resistant, making them stay longer. As they have a wide temperature range, these valves are also ideal for extreme temperature applications. The medical industry requires valves that are prepared from premium quality substances, nonhazardous materials which assure safety.

    Pneumatic actuator valves for water applications

    In order to distribute water, it is essential to have limited pressure levels and controlled temperatures. The valves are prepared firmly to shut down drips. The SIO pneumatic actuator valves are accessible at different pressure levels. They pass various global pressure standards along with quality and fire safety tests. There is no chance of water spills or any type of leakage.

    Pneumatic actuator valves for oil and gas industries

    SIO manufactures heavy-duty pneumatic actuator valves in order to supply them for the oil and gas industries. The valves are constructed for simple temperatures and relatively high pressures. These valves are compatible with high pressure applications, making them the best choice for gas and oil industries. They help to control the flow of the liquid.

    Pneumatic actuator valves for power generation industries

    The demand for pneumatic actuator valves in the power industry is relatively high. SIO produces pneumatic gate valves that are the best pick for the power industry on and off applications. These valves feature an ideal design convenient to handle the essential applications. In addition to that, they are ready to deal with severe temperature and pressure projects.

    Source Pneumatic Actuator Valves From China

    SIO is one of the best pneumatic valve manufacturers of all time. Our company uses only the best and high-end quality materials in order to create valves. In addition to that, we make great use of the latest technology to enhance our products and services. 

    Unlike other manufacturers, we offer customized products that are essential for personalized and demanding applications. Besides that, we follow various international standards, for example, API, MSS, NACE, Mr0175, CSA, ISO 9001, ISO 15156, ASME/ANSI, and CE.


    What Valves Can be Used as Pneumatic Actuator Valve?

    Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve

    Gate Valve

    In general, these valves are typically utilized in several applications like manufacturing, pharmaceutical, oil and gas industries, marine, and more. The gate valves are primarily the best solution for all applications that comprise fluids with elevated viscosity, such as heavy oils, varnish, light grease, and honey.

    Pneumatic Ball valve

    The pneumatic ball valve can regulate the flow of liquid via compressed air from a single opening. In the middle of the ball, there is a bore or simply called a port. These valves are suitable for transmitting and storing and are ideal for oil, pharmaceutical, and chemical procedures.

    Butterfly Valve

    The pneumatic butterfly valve is a kind of shutoff valve and it has a disk placed in a shaft that can be rotated. They are portable and primarily suitable for various applications, including oil and chemical industries, wastewater treatment, power generating systems, and gas industries.

    Diaphragm Valve

    These valves retain a rigid shutoff and a seal, which is leaf proof and it lessens the likelihoods of leakage in any surroundings. The diaphragm valves are ideal for food and beverage industry, water treatment, medical, and pharmaceutical industries.


    Globe Valve

    The pneumatic globe valve is utilized to control, begin, and halt the liquid flow through compressed air. These valves are compatible for applications that need fluid flow restriction and leakage tightness, for instance, low-point trenches and high-point ducts.

    Needle Valve

    The pneumatic needle valve is also utilized to ensure the efficiency and safety of the system of industrial machinery. They are prepared using stainless steel, brass, bronze, and metal alloy materials.

    Check Valve

    The pneumatic check valve is a relatively simple valve that has a crucial role in various pneumatic circuits. These valves are used in pressure pumps, streamlines, vacuum breakers, and HVAC systems. 

    What Are the Other Types Of Pneumatic Valve?

    Spring Offset

    The spring offset valves are a special type of pneumatic valves categorized based on the way the airflow direction has changed. This valve is open or closed, which allows or deters the airflow. 

    Open versus Closed Resting State

    If the actuator connected to the valve is not effective, the spring offset valves infer dual positions, which are open or closed. The air flow is halted in the air if the appliance is in a sealed resting state.

    Two-Way Directional Valve

    The two-way directional valves feature two different air flow directions: open or closed. The flow of the air will become free between the ports if the ports are open. But, if they are closed, the air flow might not pass through the valve.

    Three-Way Directional Valve

    The three-way directional valve has three different ports and every port retains a certain objective. There is an exhaust exit port as well.  The double-acting cylinders are often attached to the three-way directional valves.

    Four-Way Directional Valve

    The four-way directional pneumatic valves come with four ports which fulfill different goals. There is an exhaust pathway port too. One port is attached to the pressurized airflow, and the other two ports are associated with the actuators.

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