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Custom Valve Products and Projects

There has been constant technological innovation which has driven the valve manufacturing industry to produce unique designs as per the customer needs. We strive to improve and provide our clients with custom valve solutions across different sectors. So, if there is a valve design you want us to manufacture for you,you could determine your customization needs based on the following. 

custom valve for industry

Custom Valve procedure

Step One: Select Valve Type

Ball Valve Butterfly Valve Globe Valve Gate Valve
Control Valve Check Valve Solenoid Valve  

Step Two:Select valve cody body and options

End connection and line size
Valve way
One way/piece 2-way/piece 3-way/piece
Seat and Seal Material
Body material
Stainless steel Cast iron Carbon steel

Step Three: Select industries

Chemical & Petrochemica Food and Beverage Gas Process & Refinery Oxygen Mining
Pharmaceutical & Medical Power Generation Geothermal Energy Pipeline Marine
Pulp and Paper Water Treatment & Wastewater Natural Gas Steam Slurry

Step Four: Select Actuator types

Actuator types
Electric actuator Pneumatic Actuator Manual
Limit switches
none weatherproof  
Other specification
none weatherproof explosion proof

Step five :Select Standard

Limit switches
-30 to 800°F

Valves That We Could Custom

SIO Valves has the speciality of manufacturing industry level solutions for our clients.
We can customize valves on the basis of their design, size, and type.


Custom ball valve

Ball valves are primarily for shutting off the flow of fluids through different pipelines. With SIO, you can comfortably customize the details as per your requirement.

Custom engine valves

Engine valves find use in combustion engines and allow the flow restriction into or out of the combustion chamber. Custom valves by SIO can help in changing the configuration as per the project demand.

Custom exhaust valves

An exhaust valve is placed in the internal combustion engine and expels the burned gasses out. Custom designs can help with the effective expelling of fluids.

Custom titanium valves

Titanium valves are perfect for high temperature and pressure conditions. When it comes to their weight, they are more reliable and durable as compared to other materials. We can customize titanium valves on the basis of fluid composition and industrial applications.

Custom globe valve

Custom solenoid valves

Making clever use of electromagnetic force, solenoid valves are automated and reduce the workload on the operator. You can customize the solenoid valve for your particular application. 

Custom check valves

Check valves are used for effective shutting off of the fluid without allowing any backflow. SIO manufactures a custom valve that would be resistant to the fluid composition and the pressure of the flow. 

Custom globe valves

When it comes to regulating the flow of the liquid or gas in a pipeline, nothing does it better than a globe valve. SIO specializes in manufacturing custom globe valves depending on industry specifications.

Custom butterfly valves

With the 90-degree rotational feature, butterfly valves are ideal for starting, stopping and regulating flow. Custom valves from SIO are based on the industrial and manufacturing requirements of a client.

Benefits Of Using Cast Steel Gate Valves


Provide Complete CAD Development Services

Our computer rated design development services are especially employed for better accuracy and reduction of the margin of error while making a custom valve. With your help with your requirements, we will provide the perfect design for you.

Quick Quotes Provided on Various Valves

We provided the choice of requesting quick quotes on different products with no minimum order value. You can also get free samples on the basis of your interest before finalizing the contract. Contact our customer service for more details.

Design P&ID drawings for custom valves

Then we are manufacturing and designing custom valves, our priority is to make them compatible with different pipelines across industries. SIO utilizes a piping and instrumentation diagram when it comes to custom valve designs.

All Parts of Valve Can Be Customized

We understand that sometimes customization only requires a change in the design of one part. A combination of different custom parts will make for the perfect design as per your industrial application. Our engineers will ensure that all the parts are in perfect working condition.

Advantages of Customizing Valve from SIO

There is no shortage of advantages to choosing SIO for your valve requirements. There is utmost care of quality and design
in prototyping and mass production.
We will provide the best custom valve solution for your projects. 


All Assembling Components and Materials Available

Our operations are ready for your demands at all times. We have the availability of the right components and materials in our facility so that we can get on your project right away. If you have a requirement, we will make sure to help you out. 


More than 10 years’ Experience in Custom Valves

SIO is a Chinese valve manufacturing company that has been providing custom solutions for more than a decade. Our experience helps us understand industry needs and provide efficient solutions


Reduced Operation and R&D Cost

With our range of services and competitive pricing, all our clients looking for a custom valve would get the best deal in terms of quality and cost. With our efficient technological solutions, you will save up on Operations and R&D costs.


Lower Need of Valves Downtime Maintenance

Our product integrity holds true for both our standardized designs and custom valves. We take utmost care in understanding the compatibility of the fluid with the material of the valve. The valves will hold well with continual use with our quality control measures and require fewer appointments for downtime maintenance.

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