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High Alloy Valves are Available in SIO

SIO Valves develops high alloy valves for all fluid flow situations. We offer both standard and custom items with complete control over our design and manufacturing process. All of our valves are manufactured according to the ISO standards and our ability to offer high quality, low emission, reliable valves even in emergency orders, is our strongest capability.

High alloy valve

Materials Used in Our Alloy Valves

Our high alloy valves are an excellent choice for heavy activities involving high temperatures and pressures because of the materials’ characteristics. The following are a small part of the materials that we use in valve manufacturing.

Alloy 20: Alloy 20 is a proper blend of nickel-chromium-molybdenum stainless steel that is designed for use in sulphuric acid applications. The chemical, culinary, medical, and polymer sectors all benefit from its resistance to corrosion. Because of its copper concentration, Alloy 20 valves are resistant to cracking and chloride ion damage.

Duplex Stainless Steel: Duplex stainless steels are industrial alloys that are exceptionally resistant to corrosion. It is a blend of austenite and ferrite which make them  resistant to stress corrosion cracking. Duplex stainless steel valves are mostly used in oil and gas, chemical, and marine industry as it can avoid cross corrosion. 


Nickel Alloy: Nickel alloy valves are tailored to attach to equipment used to regulate fluid processes. They are often used in Chemical processing, Oil refining and Offshore platforms because nickel is strong, corrosion-resistant, malleable, and ductile.

Carbon Steel: Carbon steel valves, when compared to stainless steel, are believed to be more durable. They have a strong wear resistance and can withstand high pressure. They’re employed in a variety of commercial and utility sectors, such as, gas, chemical, and petrochemical, to name a few.

Valve Types We Offer in High Alloy Materials

SIO offers high-quality alloy valves that customers can customize according to their requirements. Our employees are trained to maintain the best quality and security requirements, resulting in superior goods for our clients. Some of the valve types we offer in high alloy materials include:

oxygen Check valve
Globe valve

Check valves

A check valve is used to control the flow of fluids in one direction. Its primary function is to avoid backflow in the pipeline. SIO manufactures an alloy 20 check valve using the highest-quality materials. We assure you that your valves will be manufactured with the utmost efficiency.

Ball valve

SIO produces high-quality alloy 20 ball valves that can be tailored to the client's specifications. Alloy 20 ball valves use a rotatable ball with a bore to regulate the flow of fluids. The fluid can pass through or be restricted by turning the ball 90 degrees around the axis. They have high durability and ensure solid sealing throughout the lifecycle of the valve.

Gate valves

Alloy 20 gate valves are used to segregate specific parts of the water distribution system for repair, replacement, and custom install operations, and to redirect flow of water all through the pipeline. SIO manufactures and customizes top-of-the-line alloy 20 gate valves.

Globe valves

SIO manufactures high alloy gate valves for oil and gas industry that are highly efficient and corrosion resistant. To regulate flow, globe valves are commonly used for avoiding premature failure. The globe disc can either block the influx or completely stop it, which is why it is used for throttling services. Other valve types like butterfly valves could also be custom,contact us for more details!

Application of Our High Alloy Valves

Valves are commonly used to regulate and control the flow of media in different networks. Some of the most popular uses of high alloy valves include:

Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas Industry

Three way ball valves suppliers provide valves to regulate the flow of high-pressure fluids with the least amount of pressure drop possible. Because of their simplicity of use, maintenance, and flexibility, they can be employed in the oil and gas industry.

Oil refining

Oil refining

Industrial valves are used to regulate flow rates, separate and safeguard machinery, and guide and steer the oil refining process. Oil and gas consumption is steadily increasing, which has a higher performance demand for alloy valves.

Offshore Platforms

Offshore Platforms

The necessity for reliable and smart flow control systems grows as offshore development expands to increasingly remote and dangerous regions. The performance and quality of alloy valves is essential for the rig's safe operation.



Depending on the fluid flow system, multiple valves are employed in the marine industry's pipe and equipment system. The primary function of the high alloy valves used in ships is to regulate the fluid flow in pipes.

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

High alloy valves allow different volumes of media to pass through them. Wastewater valves come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from basic to complex. High alloy valves could withstand the high temp and pressure of processing wastewater.

Why choose SIO to manufacture high alloy valves


High customization ability

SIO offers customized alloy valves and valve actuators to businesses of all sizes. Our commercial valves and gear are utilized in a variety of industries, including the petrochemical industry, refineries, paper manufacturing, and others. We take care of all your requirements from designing to delivering perfection at your doorstep.


Quick Lead Time

Our expertise and competence are evident in our customized high alloy valves and services. If you purchase valves from SIO, you are not only getting a high-quality product, but you are also getting a high-performance committed engineering staff that offers a quick lead time.


Rigorous Quality management

SIO manufactures alloy valves as per the ISO standards which guarantees good quality. Apart from that, all of our products go through rigorous testing at every stage of the manufacturing process, ensuring quality and efficiency of the end products.


Strong manufacturing capacity

Our manufacturing facility is capable of producing high-quality alloy valves in the least amount of time. The high-precision automated machines that we use to manufacture our products help achieve the highest degree of synchronization.

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