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  • One-piece reduced bore ball valve
  • One-piece reduced bore ball valve

1 Pieces Stainless Steel Ball Valve Reduce Bore 800WOG

Reduced bore ball valves refer to valves that feature a diameter that is less or equal to the inner diameter of the ball valve port. These ball valves are used to control the flow of water, oil, and gas. They are a great investment when looking for quality ball valve options.


  • Monoblock type
  • Investment cast body
  • Blow-out proof stem design
  • Reduced bore
  • Locking device
  • Threaded/Screwed end connections




Body: Stainless Steel CF8 CF8M

Trim: Stainless Steel 304 316

Seat: Soft seated: PTFE

Working Temperature:

–25 ºC + 120 ºC

Max working pressure:



Female Threaded BSP, NPT, BSPT, DIN

Your Best-in-class Reduced Bore Ball Valve

When it comes to investing in top-quality reduced bore ball valves, SIO is the perfect company to consider working with. We are one of the leading reduced-bore ball valve manufacturers in China and around the world. This has allowed us to continue offering incredible ball valve options designed to cater to all your needs. We work with highly qualified individuals who have dedicated their years of experience in this field. This allows us to tap into a great wealth of knowledge ensuring that all our ball valves are produced with great quality. If you are looking for quality ball valves, we are here to ensure that we give you the best options to meet your needs.

Worker inspecting a ball valve

Customize Reduced Bore Ball Valve
Based On Your Specifications


The shape feature is designed to determine the accuracy of ball valves when being used in the control of flow. If you have any specific shapes in mind, we will advise and work to provide the exact ball valves to meet your needs.


Ball valves feature the use of a variety of materials that are designed to determine durability. At SIO, we recommend manufacturing ball valves with carbon steel or stainless steel because of their nature. However, if you have any specific material options, we will work to ensure that we provide that.


The dimensions are used to determine how well the ball valves will fit into the pipes you are using. Depending on the pipes you are working with, we will provide quality ball valves that come in your preferred dimensions.

Connection Ways

Connection ways are the systems that are used to connect the ball valves to the pipes to help control flow. This may vary depending on the type of pipes you are working with. We will develop ball valves that feature the exact connection ways you desire.

Actuator Ways

Ball valves come with different actuator ways options that you can consider working. These are the systems that determine the ease of use when working with ball valves. Actuator ways that are commonly used include electric, vacuum, and pneumatic among others. The type of actuator depends on where it is used. For example, automatic valves are ideal for towers, chillers, and pumps, while Pneumatic ball valve is very suitable for the place of high vacuum and high pressure

Ball Movement Ways

In the control of flow, the ball valves move in a certain direction to aid in ease of use. If you have any specific direction you want your flow to follow, we will work on modifying the ball movement. This will give way and cater to the direction of flow you intend.

Industry Standards

Working with ball valves requires you to be mindful of the industry you are working in. This is mainly because different industries feature the need to have quality standards met. We stay informed of the industry standards in different sectors to ensure that we provide acceptable products.

SIO Ready to Be Your Best Reduced Bore
Ball Valve Partner Whoever You Are


If you are into the reselling business and are looking to invest in quality reduced bore ball valves, SIO is the perfect partner to work with. We offer discounted prices to all distributors and ensure that you get the best products to cater to your customers.


When looking to invest in reduced bore ball valves, SIO will offer the most convenient options to help you. We feature well-established logistics systems designed to ensure that our products get to you on time and in perfect condition.

Engineering Company

When looking to improve your engineering processes and products, ball valves can come in handy. We offer quality ball valve options designed to ensure that you get the best for your engineering company.

Equipment Manufacturer

The manufacture of different machines and equipment features the use of ball valves to facilitate their accuracy in performance. If you are looking to invest in ball valves we’ve got you covered with the best quality in the market.


Investing in ball valves allows you to easily cater to flow and gives you the freedom to easily control it. We offer the best quality ball valves to all our customers ensuring that the valves work in your favor and cater to your desired functions.

Why SIO Reduced Bore Ball Valves

Certified Quality

We feature certified quality on all our ball valve productions designed to ensure that you get the best options. Our manufacturing systems are designed with the best in mind and we also feature quality control measures that allow us to thoroughly analyze all our ball valves.

Free Sample Offered

When investing in custom options or bulk orders, having a sample to help you better understand the quality and function of our products is essential. We offer free samples of our ball valves to ensure that you get the best from our company.

Flexible Payment Method

We offer flexible payment methods to give you the freedom when it comes to ensuring that you get the best products to cater to your needs. Our payment methods are designed to be beneficial to all parties involved, making them a great deal.

Full Reduced Bore Ball Valve Support

At SIO, we pride ourselves on striving to foster quality relations with all our customers. We do this by offering continued reduced bore ball valve support whenever any issues arise. We will work to ensure that we cater to the concerns and guide you where needed.

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