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Get Valves From Reliable Sanitary Valve Manufacturers

For the best experience with production and industrial applications, companies should trust high-quality sanitary valve manufacturers. SIO is one of the premier suppliers to trust due to our years of experience in this field. We follow the compliance regulations with our products and manufacturing support with food processing units.

Our team tests out the sanitary valves that we provide before delivering them to our clients. We make sure to follow important state and FDA regulations carefully with our products. Since people would consume products made with this machinery, we create and deliver valves with contaminant-resistant properties and hygienic conditions. 

Valves suited for the Food and Beverage Industry applications

The following are the best types of food grades valves you can expect at SIO.

Ball valve

Ball valve

Ball valves can withstand strong machine power as well as high-pressure power for processing food and beverage. The machine with water ball valve can handle high temperatures. It has a shut-off feature that hygienically and tightly closed fluid flow in machines well.

Food grade Solenoid valve

Food grade solenoid valves are used for food handling applications such as beverage dispensing machines. This stainless steel solenoid valve can control the fluid flow and transfer it through the pipes. It is excellent for Food and Beverage product manufacturing due to its food-safe quality.

Food grade Solenoid valve
Sanitary control valve

Sanitary control valve

Sanitary control valves are available in quarter-turn, rotary motion, and linear motion styles that are safest for the flow of consumable items. There is a stainless-steel build to this type of valve and is tested under relevant health standards for cleanliness/hygiene guarantee.

Sanitary butterfly valves

Stainless steel butterfly valves are high-quality stainless steel, maintaining high purity standards for the food and beverage industries. Our industry-level sanitary butterfly valves are high-quality stainless steel and automatic/manual operation. We offer this in various formations at the end, like sanitary tri-clamp, flanged, threaded, I-line, and more. 

Sanitary butterfly valves

Why Choose Sanitary Valves from Professional Food and Beverage Industry Valve Manufacturers?

We are one of the best sanitary butterfly valves manufacturers here, as per a lot of companies that have worked with us. If you are wondering why, here are some reasons.


FDA approval is very important in the Food and Beverage Industry to ensure a product is safe for consumption. Since these edible products would go things like the food-safe solenoid valve, we test them well and offer certified products only.


You can expect to see a wide range of industrial machinery parts with high-grade quality, such as sanitary butterfly valves. Choose valves which meet your industrial needs from our diverse product list.

High Performance/Quality

Expect high-quality assurance with our products from SioValve. Whether we offer a sanitary control valve or any other option, the product undergoes diverse functional testing practices to see the performance quality.

The ability to deal with Food and Beverage applications

The valves that we offer to our clients can withstand the high-power requirements of the processing units necessary in the Food and Beverage manufacturing companies. All valves have different capacities.


At our team, we focus on sanitation highly with our services and products. We keep the factory and our products clean using food-safe solutions.

Customer support

Our team is always available for any doubts of our clients with the automatic drain valve options.

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