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Get Geothermal Valves from an Energy Valve Manufacturer

Out of the different types of energy resources available, geothermal energy is one of the most renewable clean options. Other types of large-scale power plants carry out the production task of this reliable energy type, and so do different modularized prefabricated power plants.

They need robust geothermal valves to handle the high temperatures reaching around 700˚F or more. The correct energy valve can withstand this well, which is precisely what we offer at SIO. We focus on creating and supplying diverse valve solutions that should fit geothermal energy production needs well from variety to quality.

Valves Suited for Geothermal Energy Application

The geothermal energy production process can intensify with the machinery reaching high speeds and temperatures. For the best performance, using the energy control valve type is necessary.

Geothermal flow control valve

Geothermal flow control valve

The geothermal flow control valve is suitable for long-term usage, and high pressure reaches while the energy flows through the system. It ensures high-quality pump control, isolation, and flow control benefits.

Geothermal solenoid valve

Using a geothermal solenoid valve with a visual flow meter ensures the parallel flow of the fuel through the system during operation. These are electromechanical valves operating with an in-built actuator in an electric coil and a plunger.The solenoid works on AC or DC.

Geothermal solenoid valve

Energy control valve

The energy control valve is instrumental in effectively and smoothly handling the high-pressure fuel movement through the geothermal power generation systems. Overall the benefit of an energy valve is efficient energy control that reduces energy utilization.

Why Choose Geothermal & Energy Valves from SIO

Our team at SIO is one of the best service manufacturers for diverse geothermal flow control valve solutions and other varieties.


Our developers and engineering experts follow the industry-standard guidelines regarding valve build requirements and use. We focus on acquiring relevant certification with our products, like ISO authorization.


For geothermal energy needs, we produce and supply a wide range of valve options fit for different types of machinery. Our team supplies items like energy hydraulic valves and other options.

High Performance/Quality

Our products like the geothermal solenoid valve would always reach high limits. Our solutions can meet the high energy flow control needs precisely.

The ability to deal with geothermal energy application

Geothermal energy power plants can reach up to high temperatures and vibrations while options. Our offers like the hydraulic energy valve can meet such requirements well.

Reliable build

We develop our solutions with high-quality items to sustain high energy output for long-term uses. So, expect solid and consistent performance using our valves.

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