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SIO is a leader amongst the oil and gas valves manufacturers as our products guarantee a free-flow control system. Even though the oil and gas industry poses numerous unique challenges, SIO offers several high-performance solutions that address the difficulties.

Our valves are designed to perform the toughest oil and gas industry applications as they’ve been successfully tested to fulfill demanding industry standards. Whether your biggest concern is high risks, vibration, noise, media impurities, or cavitations, SIO valves solve it all.


Valves Suited for Oil and Gas Applications

SIO, a professional petroleum valve manufacturer, produces fuel oil valves that are of high standard and are applicable in the oil and gas industry around the globe. Described below are the most preferred types of valves in the oil and gas industry.

Ball Valve

A gas ball valve is a type of shut-off valve that regulates the flow of oil and gas. A rotary ball that’s turned 90 degrees is used to do this. By turning the ball, gas and oil is either permitted or blocked from flowing through.

Ball Valve
High Pressure Valve Image

High Pressure Valve

It is one of the types of gas valves used to ensure the free flow of fluid. It is an industrial valve that’s made to perform the toughest applications. High pressure gas valves are made to provide solutions to demanding conditions.

Control Valve

This is one of the suitable valves for natural gas that ensure free fluid flow. A natural gas flow control valve regulates the flow of media or the rate of pressure in a system. With it, you can control the degree of the flow from minimum to maximum.

Control Valve Image
Check Valve

Check Valve

Check valve, also called one-way valve, main function is to prevent backflow and safeguard compressors and pumps.  A natural gas check valve ensures smooth flow and gets automatically shut when pressure reduces.

Gate Valve

A gas gate valve is one of the natural gas valves used in industrial settings. Its primary function is to regulate the flow of fluid. It comes with a flat closure component that slides into the line to restrict flow; this component is called a gate.

Gate Valve

Why Choose Oil and Gas Valves from a Professional Manufacturer

SIO is a professional gas control valve manufacturer that produces gas valves that are reliable. Below are the reasons why you should choose our gas valves.


We have been certified by API, ISO, and CE. These professional standard organizations recognized the quality in our products and gave us accolades. With our products, be rest assured that you'll get nothing but quality.


We make numerous valves from which you can choose from. Other than the valves discussed above, we make valves like butterfly valve and globe valve that can be used to ensure smooth flow of oil and gas.

High Performance/Quality

In manufacturing our valves, we employ the use of high standard materials that perform effectively.

The Guarantee to Deal with Oil and Gas Applications

Our valves are trusted to perform their functions appropriately. Before putting them out to the public, we put them through strict performance tests to guarantee their functions.

Excellent Customer Service

We have experts who are ready to respond to you at every time of the day. Also, we work as partners with our customers as we carry them along in every step.

Fast Worldwide Delivery

SIO makes quick delivery to everywhere in the world. Wherever you're located, our products will reach you in little to no time. We maintain a global sales network. That's how we've remained as China’s leading industrial valves manufacturer.

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