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SIO is one of the world’s leading marine valves manufacturers. Valves play a pivotal role in the piping and machinery system of the ship, as ships require valves to moderate the pressure and flow of fluids in various onboard systems, which is why it is imperative to select a valve that is well-designed, safe, and dependable. SIO manufactures all the valves used in ships, that include gate valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, and many more.

The valve specifications for vessels necessitate our expertise in the field of manufacturing valves. SIO valves are designed to handle the most challenging applications while providing safe and dependable equipment.

Valves Suited for Marine and Ships Industry

Depending on the fluid flow, various valves are employed in the ship’s pipe and equipment system. SIO offers a wide and versatile variety of valves for all marine applications including ball, butterfly, gate, and check valves.



Marine Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valves are lightweight valves that are used in boats that run on fuel, water, lubricating oil, or cold water. It is a rotational valve that is used to control and stop flow in all the ship equipment. Some of the benefits of marine butterfly valves include:

Marine Ball Valve

Ball valve is a shut-off valve that uses a rotary ball with a bore that regulates the movement of fluid. Ball valves are employed as control valves in the marine industry. Some of the benefits of using a marine ball valve include:

Pneumatic ball valve
SS globe Valve

Marine Globe Valves

Globe valves are linear motion valves that control flow by starting, stopping, or regulating it. Its disc can be fully withdrawn from the flow route, allowing the flow to continue, or completely stopping the flow. Marine Globe Valves are ideal for steam, water, gas, and oil operation at high pressures..

Marine Gate Valves

Gate valves are only intended to be turned on or off, therefore they should not be used to control the pressure of the flow, as this will lead them to wear out soon.Marine gate valve performs effectively in high-temperature and high-pressure


Marine Check Valves

Check valves are used in marine sectors to avoid backflow. This guarantees that the system functions perfectly and that destruction does not occur.  Marine check valve permits fluid to flow freely in 1 direction and immediately closes when the pressure decreases which is good for vessels.


Why Choose Marine Valves From Professional Valve Manufacturers

SIO is a major manufacturer of marine valves. With more than 10 years of experience, SIO is dedicated to delivering secure, effective marine valve types to every business that requires automation.


The finest and most essential certification authorities have validated SIO's marine valves and automation systems. SIO valves can now be used on all vessels and in all marine operations thanks to these approvals. It has the right product for every type of fluid.

Wide Range of Products

Vessels require a combination of valves to suit the purpose of the application. It is very important that the marine valves manufacturers offer a variety of products. SIO is a large manufacturing company that specializes in producing all types of valves in ship.

High Performance

SIO marine valves are used effectively on a diverse variety of vessels and applications. You can count on our valves to operate in a safe and reliable manner, even in the most extreme situations at sea.

The Ability to Deal With Regulating Piping System in Ship

SIO understands how your system's constraints can affect its long-term performance. Our skilled artisan examines your valves on a regular basis to make sure that the valves produced can deal with the rigorous pressure and flow of fluids.


The expertise and professionalism of ship valves manufacturers are evident in the marine valves types, tailored services, and a deep belief in absolute quality. When you acquire valves from SIO, you're not only getting a high-quality product, but you're also getting a team of devoted high-performance engineers.

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