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Pharmaceutical Valves

Amongst all valves, pharmaceutical valves require more strict monitoring and standardization as they’re used for human health. SIO, a leading medical valve manufacturer, produces valves for pharmaceutical applications, such as medical oxygen valves, sterile valves, valves used for hydrogen service, and medical gas valves that can be used by machine manufacturers and end-users.

We manufacture medical pressure relief valves that are resistant to wear and high pressure. Our valves meet sanitary standard requirements, which assist in cleanliness and quick recovery. Also, you can clean them without disengaging the whole system.


Valves Suited for Pharmaceutical Applications

As an expert in the production of medical valves, SIO has designed special valves that are most suited for pharmaceutical applications. Described below are the valves.

Control Valve Image

Control Valve

This is a power-operated device that regulates the flow of fluid and the rate of pressure in a system. This sanitary control valve helps to maintain production quality by controlling how fluid is being pumped into the system.

Check Valve

A medical check valve is used to prevent backflow and safeguard compressors and pumps from damage. It is essential for the maintenance of high product and production quality.

Check Valve
High Pressure Valve Image

High Pressure Valve

A high pressure valve is used to meet the toughest conditions of the most demanding applications. A hydrogen pressure relief valve is used to allow, regulate, and block media flow at extremely high pressures.

Why Choose Pharmaceutical Valves from a Professional Pharmaceutical Valves Manufacturer

SIO is a professional pharmaceutical valve manufacturer that produces valves for medical applications that meet crucial requirements with performance, reliability, and safety. Below are the reasons why you should choose our pipeline valves.


SIO pharmaceutical valves are designed, produced, and tested to meet or exceed professional standards. Our products comply with several global certifications, and this has earned us some certificates like API, ISO, and CE.


We produce different types of medical valves from which you can make a selection of the one you prefer. Also, we listen to you and design or customize your product as you’d want.

High Performance

As a professional medical valve manufacturer, we strive to make the best industrial valves and equipment to meet our customers’ diverse needs. We make use of quality materials that ensure that our products function effectively.

The Guarantee to Deal with Pharmaceutical Applications

We put our valves through rigorous quality and performance tests to ensure that they exceed the highest industry standard. Our products deliver top quality services.

Excellent Customer Service

We are always ready to offer expert consultation, and we work as partners with our customers as we carry them along in every step. We believe in working with our customers for the long term.

Fast Worldwide Delivery

SIO has maintained its position as China’s leading industrial valves producer by maintaining a global sales network. We provide distributors, trading companies, wholesalers, and importers all around the world with custom-fit solutions.

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