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SIO, a leading pipeline valves manufacturer, produces a complete range of pipeline and pigging valves that ensures the smooth functioning of your pipeline system. These valves remove debris and blockages that could delay or stop the free flow of fluid through the line. Also, they ensure that your products are not contaminated.

Our valves are designed to meet stringent applications in the industry. We manufacture products that offer complete inline pigging solutions, which in turn result in a flawless and free fluid flow.


Valves Suited for Pipeline Applications

SIO manufactures valves that are of high standard and are applicable in the pipeline industry. Described below are the most suitable types of valves used in pipeline applications.

Ball Valve

Ball Valve

A pipeline ball valve is a type of shut-off valve that regulates the flow of gas and liquid. A rotary ball that turns 90 degrees which performs this function is used to do this. Through the control of the ball, fluid is either allowed or blocked from passing through the pipes.

Gate Valve

A pipeline gate valve is primarily used to start or stop the flow of gas and liquid. It’s also used when an optimal fluid flow is needed, as well as when a minimal flow is required. The valve comes with a gate (a flat closure component that slips into the line to limit flow).

Gate Valve
Control Valve Image

Control Valve

This pipeline valve is a power-operated device that regulates the flow of fluid and the rate of pressure in the line. It’s a flow control gate that regulates fluid flow from minimal to maximum.

Why Choose Pipeline Valves from a Professional Manufacturer

SIO is a professional valve manufacturer that produces pipeline valves that meet crucial requirements with performance, reliability, and safety. Below are the reasons why you should choose our pipeline valves.


We design our valves to be professionally capable. Our products comply with several global professional standard organizations. Amongst our certifications are API 6D, API 607, IS0, and CE.


We manufacture numerous pipeline valves from which you can make a choice.

High Performance/Quality

We employ the use of quality components in the making of our products, hence they perform highly.

The Guarantee to Deal with Pipeline Applications

Our valves are designed to be capable of performing their functions. With our valves, be rest assured that every blockage in your pipeline will be cut through.

Excellent Customer Service

We interact with our customers as partners and we carry them along with the developments of the company that benefits them. Also, we have experts by the phone 24/7 to discuss your projects with you.

Fast Worldwide Delivery

We are the top leading industrial valves manufacturer in China. We achieved this by maintaining a global sales network. We have a delivery system that helps to make immediate delivery to every part of the world.

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