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An essential component in the steam and water supply network is the valve as it controls fluid direction and rate of flow. Good steam and water supply system should provide consumers with essential quality and the right pressure, and this can only be achieved with a quality valve. Also, easy control of a valve is imperative to the safety of consumers.

SIO, a leading steam valve supplier, manufactures valves that ensure the smooth operation of steam and water supply. These steam valves are durable, easy to control, and of high quality.


Valves Suited for Steam and Water Supply Applications

Described below are the most suitable steam valve types used in steam and water supply. We made these valves to ensure smooth operation in all your applications.

Control Valve Image

Control Valve

This is a power-operated device that regulates the flow of steam and water, and also the rate of pressure in a system. Steam control valve responds to a signal from the control center and sets the flow to your preferred degree.

Pneumatic Actuator Valve

Steam control valves with pneumatic actuators, starts, regulates and stops the flow of steam and water through compressed air. Pneumatic steam control valve controls the flow rate, pressure, and volume of air traveling through a system.

Pneumatic Actuated Ball Valve
Electric Actuated Butterfly Valve

Electric Actuator Valve

Steam control valves with electric actuators require a power source, such as a battery to function. For steam control valves with electric actuators to work, a power source will be mounted on it for it to move automatically in response to a signal.

High Pressure Valve

High pressure steam valve is an industrial valve made to satisfy the needs of demanding applications. Examples of high pressure steam valves are steam ball valve and steam globe valve.

High Pressure Valve Image
Solenoid Valve

Solenoid Valve

It’s also known as, electrically-operated valve. Steam solenoid valve is an automatic valve that does not require manual operation. An electromagnet is used to change the valve’s setting from open to close and vice-versa.

Why Choose Valves from a Professional Steam Valve Manufacturer

SIO is a professional steam valve manufacturer that produces steam and water valves that meet crucial requirements with performance, reliability, and safety. Below are the reasons why you should choose our steam valves.


SIO steam valves are designed, produced and tested to comply with several global certifications, and this has earned us recognition from professional standard bodies like API, ISO, and CE.


In addition to the valve's discussed above, we manufacture other valves like gate valve, ball valve, butterfly valve and globe valve that can be used in steam and water supply.

High Performance/Quality

Our valves perform effectively and this is due to the high quality materials we use in production. SIO manufactures high standard valves.

The Guarantee to Deal with Steam and Water Supply Applications

After producing with quality materials, we put our valves through rigorous performance tests to guarantee their functionality.

Excellent Customer Service

We are always available at all times round the clock to discuss your project with you. We are available to render our expert views.

Fast Worldwide Delivery

SIO is the top China industrial valve manufacturer because it has maintained a global sales network. We make speedy delivery to every part of the world.

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