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When looking for industrial heating equipment, it is normal to get confused about the standards you need to adhere to in order to get the right ones. All the valves used in industries are subject to different specifications and standards. These standards are essential in order for the valves to provide a striking performance in any industrial environment. 

API specifications are the practices developed based on the insight obtained from the petrochemical industries. This article will focus on everything you need to know about the API 600 standard.

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What Is API 600?

Gate valves

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API 600, also referred to as the American Petroleum Institute, describes the principle for valve design and the material designations for steel gate valves. The latest version of this standard was launched in 2015 January, effective as of 2015 July.

API 600 coat bolted bonnet steel gate valves are commonly used in the petroleum and gas industries, especially where corrosion, erosion, and other service conditions show the urge for full port openings, very large stem diameters, and heavy wall sections.

API 600 Standard

The API 600 standard mostly covers designations that have to do with trim and materials. This standard lists very significant dimensions like the thickness of the wall, the minimums for stem diameter, and the size of the stuffing box.

API 600 Testing

valve testing

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Valve testing specifications began many years ago since the early days of the steel valve business. Going through valve manufacturers’ archives during the ’40s and 50’s you see a collection of pressure ratings and test pressures listed. Lack of standardization was indeed the main part of the problem. AP 600 valves have to undergo testing before they are enacted into use. API 600 testing involves the shell, closure tightness, and backseat test.

API 600 Specification

Gate valves

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API 600 stipulates all the important steps that should be followed during the inspection, testing, and examination of the bolted bonnet steel gate valves. API 600 first sets the conditions for the following gate valve characteristics including the bolted bonnet, single or double gate, wedge or parallel seating, metallic seating surfaces, flanged or butt-welding ends, and many more.

API 600 Application

  • Oil Pipeline Industry
oil pipeline

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API 600 gate valves are widely used in the petroleum industry. This is vividly explained in the initials API which stands for American Petroleum Institute. The API 600 cast steel gate valves are significant during fire prevention and also in the antistatic design. The valves also play a huge role in adjusting the speed of production, they control production operation in the pipeline industry, and lastly but not least, they ensure safety during production in the same industry.

  • Treatment Of Water
Water Treatment

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API 600 cast steel gate valves are used in the water treatment process in most industries. They are widely used in drinking water and sewage treatment pipelines. They regulate the flow of water in those specific pipes for an effective treatment process.

  • Gas Industries
Gas purification

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Api 600 gate valves are mainly used in natural gas pipelines to ensure safety and gas reliability. These valves can be used in natural gas engineering pipelines. They promote high performance in the long-distance pipelines. The API 600 gate valves are the new generation of gate valves and a lot of gas Industries are adopting their use.

Chemical Manufacturing Companies

Chemical manufacturing company

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API 600 gate valves play a very significant role in controlling the flow of fluids in pipes. All the chemical industries have numerous materials that are so dangerous and they require several pipelines. The high pressure steam valves are important in regulating the flow in those pipes and making sure there is safety during production.

Offshore And Marine Engineering

marine engineering

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A lot of equipment used in marine engineering uses API 600 gate valves. The ship engineering in the marines has several requirements for anticorrosion. The API 600 steel gate valves are widely used in heavy-duty series and applications where there is corrosion.


Differentiating the API gate valves can be a bit confusing. Unlike the API 6D design of gate valves which is slab type, the API 600 valve gates design is wedge type. The API 609 gate valves are mostly suitable for high pressure medium and high temperatures. As one of the best high pressure ball valves manufacturers, check out the API 600 monogram program which is still not used by many factories.

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