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Ahmedabad is known to be one of the best cities in India with a thriving number of companies. The majority of those companies have been known to venture into the manufacture of Ball valves, which guide liquid or gas movements, and are used in industrial settings. To accomplish so, they use a rotary ball that is mounted between duplet chairs. Ball valves are lifelong and materialize in a variety of styles.

The number of industrial valve manufacturers in Ahmedabad is vast: this article will look at the top 7 in the area that you can work with. They are as included:

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SIO Logo

SIO is located in Ningbo city, Zhejiang, China. Since its establishment in 2009, the company has gained trust in the market as the best ball valve manufacturer. It has 71 individuals that work tirelessly to make the highest quality ball valves.

They’ve expanded their product line over the years, enabling them to ship globally, including Ahmedabad, in India. As a privately held company, SIO assures that all operations are of the highest quality, are dependable, and have the least negative impact on the environment due to low emissions. 

The petrochemical, chemical, and gas/oil sectors are all served by them. SIO ensures that each employee has experience in their particular areas to have a professional team capable of providing the world’s best services to their clients, hence developing trust and boosting their brand.

All their products are tested beforehand in their facilities before they are finally released to the market. This is done to ensure durability and that the product meets the market standards while exceeding the market standards.

Amar Engineers

Amar Engineers Logo


Amar Engineers, as one of the best high pressure ball valves manufacturers, have been in the industry for over a decade. Located in Nalanda industrial estate, in Ahmedabad, their expertise in ball valve and industrial valve manufacturing is undisputed. This is based on the years of practice they have had in the industry. With the leadership of Mr. Jagdish Patel and Mr. Anish Patel, their professionalism has seen them be recognized as professional ball valve manufacturers in India.

They are registered with an ISO 9001 certification, making them a full-service OEM provider with the most up-to-date infrastructure. Amar’s fundamental competitive advantage is a group of highly competent and dedicated engineers working with them. Their success in the market is due to their drive to the utmost satisfaction of clients through quality products.

Kanan Plast

Kanan Plast Logo


Kanan Plast is known for its expertise in UPVC ball valves. Located in Anakul Ind. estate in Ahmedabad, it was first incepted in 2007 and has run its operations ever since. 

They are able to carry out their commercial activities in an efficient manner thanks to their extensive infrastructural facility. The unit is well-equipped with cutting-edge machines and tools, allowing them to provide an unrivalled choice of products to its customers.

Furthermore, they have established a team of highly qualified individuals to ensure that all of their firm’s activities are handled and supervised in a systematic manner. Furthermore, thanks to the tireless efforts of its specialists, they have amassed a large number of devoted customers around the country.

They also deal with other products, which include:

Paras Enterprises

Paras Enterprise Logo


Paras enterprise is located in Yogeshwar Estate, Ahmedabad. Since its formation in 1994. Their offered items meet international quality requirements because they are made from well-tested raw materials using cutting-edge technology. 

To ensure that the quality of these equipment remains consistent, they have set up a quality testing section staffed by competent standard inspectors. Each product such as carbon steel ball valve is subjected to all of the essential quality checks by this unit. The complete line is highly regarded in the market for its great performance, low maintenance, and long service life.

 Paras enterprises maintain a high level of transparency in all of their business interactions, which has helped us establish a solid reputation in the industry. They are consistently growing a long list of satisfied clients across the country as a result of our ethical company principles, quality product, fast delivery, affordable rates, and client-centric attitude.

Krishna Enterprise

Paras Enterprises


Krishna Enterprises manufactures PVC Ball Valve. Located in Bileshwar Ind estate, Ahmedabad, they’ve put together a team of devoted professionals to help them with all aspects of its business. These professionals are appointed after a series of demanding and demanding procedures have been followed. Furthermore, these professionals strive tirelessly to accomplish all deadlines within a set time frame.

Their experts are also capable of delivering excellent results in high-pressure scenarios. Its team members are also kept up to date with the latest developments and technology through regular training sessions and workshops.


With the numerous ball valve manufacturers in Ahmedabad, it’s crucial to know which one you can trust to deliver quality products. That is why working with a company as SIO assures you of both professionalism and quality delivery. Reach out to their team and you can be rest assured of nothing short of outstanding!

Table of Contents

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