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Oil and gas sectors are the top markets for industrial valves as search for oil becomes more elusive. New offshore resources of oil are being tapped nowadays to compensate for the growing worldwide demand for crude oil. Asia-Pacific dominates the valve manufacturing market as there is an increasing demand for valves in developing countries in that area.

It’s noteworthy to consider Malaysia as a source for valve suppliers. The country is home to numerous domestic valve distributors. Several global valve manufacturers also have offices in Malaysia. We have listed the top valve suppliers in Malaysia so it would be easy for you to pick which is suitable for your business.

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Butterfly Valve Malaysia

Butterfly valves are quarter-turn valves that isolate or regulate the flow of media. Butterfly valves have metal discs attached to a rod. These discs act as the guard that can pass or prohibit the flow of media through the valve. The rod acts as the stem that controls the movement of the valve. There are three kinds of butterfly valves depending on the design and configuration of the discs. These are the concentric butterfly valves, the double eccentric butterfly valves, and the triple eccentric butterfly valves.

butterfly valve


Emerson Logo

Emerson is an automation solutions provider. The company has an extensive portfolio of industrial expertise and experience. Emerson carries several subsidiary butterfly valve brands such as Keystone and Fisher.

Emerson valves are available in wafer, lugged and double-flanged designs. High-performance butterfly valves and resilient seated butterfly valves are also available. The valve sizes range from DN 50 to DN 300, which are suitable for air, inert gas and water media. The valve models are suitable for low and high-pressure and high-velocity applications. Depending on the design, Emerson butterfly valves can be made of EPDM rubber, Duplex, ductile iron, cast iron, carbon steel, Buna-N, bronze, 316L stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, and aluminum bronze. The working temperature of these valves can be up to 250 F (120 C), depending on the design.

Check Valve Supplier Malaysia

Check valves are sometimes called non-return valves as these kinds of valves prevent the backflow of media. These valves are unidirectional which means it only moves in one direction. Check valves are often used in industrial processes where different kinds of media should not be mixed together as in the case of feedwater control systems. Check valves are also used on the outlet side of pumps to prevent backflow.

Cast steel check valve



AVK Valves has three kinds of check valves. These are the silent check valve, the ball check valve, and the swing check valve. The ball check valve is made of ductile iron with either internally threaded connection or flanged connection. The pressure rating can range from DN 40 to DN 400, depending on the design. AVK ball check valves are self-cleaning with a full bore design. These valves can be used for wastewater treatments and neutral liquids. These valves can withstand up to 70°C. 

AVK silent check valves are flanged and made of ductile iron. The pressure ratings of these valves ranged from DN 65 to DN 400 with diameters range from PN 10 to PN 16. These check valves are designed to prevent backflow from high-temperature range applications, which can range from -10°C to 110°C. Media suitable for these valves can be water, glycol and other clean, neutral liquids.  

AVK swing check valves are made of ductile iron and with flanged end connections. These valves have pressure ratings ranging from DN 50 to DN 1000, based on the design. The swing check valves are more suitable for drinking water and neutral liquids with a maximum working temperature of 70°C.

Gate Valve Supplier Malaysia

Gate valves are widely used valves for above ground and underground valve applications. These are used as isolating valves as the discs of these valves can be easily damaged when used for throttling activities. Gate valves are rotary valves. That being said, these valves can either be clockwise to close patterns or clockwise to open patterns. To open the gate valve, the disc moves up as the stem rotates. Another rotation in the opposite direction lowers the disc to close the valve.

Gate Valve


Soutron logo

Soutron offers a wide array of high-quality valves including gate valves, butterfly valves, lift check valves, ball valves, and actuated valves. The Soutron gate valve line is made of bronze, brass, cast iron, ductile iron, and carbon steel. Soutron gate valves have diameters that range from ¼” to 24”. These can reach up to pressure Class 300 or PN 16. These valves can be lug type or wafer type.


Ball Valve Supplier in Malaysia

Ball valves are one of the most commonly used industrial valves. These valves belong to the quarter-turn valves, meaning, it only needs a 90-degree turn to open or close the valve. These provide bubble-tight sealing. These valves can have a full bore or reduced bore design. A full bore design has the ball ports having the same diameter as that of the pipes to which the ball valve is attached to. A reduced bore has a smaller opening than that of the pipes.

Flange ball valve


KSB logo

KSB has five types of ball valves. Ball valves under the KSB product line have pressure ratings that range from Class 100 to Class 300 with a nominal diameter up to PN 63. Ball valves under the KSB line can be used in chemical, food & beverages, industrial engineering, oil & gas, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industry. These valves can reach optimal working temperatures up to 200°C. KSB valves can have threaded, butt-weld or socket-weld end connections. These also come in a single-piece, two-piece or three-piece body design with a full bore and plastomer sealing with PTFE or graphite seats.

In Summary

Malaysia is a formidable resource of industrial valve manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors. Do you think we have excluded some other notable valve producers? Tell us in the comments below!

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