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Industrial valves are a crucial tool for a company that deals with any kind of piping system. These companies deal with gasses or liquids hence require the valves to ensure safety by preventing leakages. Ball valves are the most utilized valves among other industrial valves; they are suitable for tight sealing applications; moreover, they are very durable, meaning they save cost in the long run. In this article, we discuss industrial valve manufacturers to look out for in South Africa.


SIO Logo

Since its establishment 12 years ago in Ningbo City, China, SIO has grown to be the leading ball valve manufacturers in China and all over the globe. Their portfolio shows a variety of product design that gives their clients options in customization of designs, seats, trims, and materials. In addition, SIO products are famous for persevering the most complex and strenuous applications.

SIO specializes in API6D and automatic valves; however, they also produce other industrial valves like globe, butterfly, check, control, and gate. The distribution of all their products is in the oil & gas industries, petrochemical, and chemical industries. Quality is a valued entity at the SIO company; all goods undergo inspection and testing to know if they meet the international standards before delivering them to their clients.


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Macneil Steel and Valve was established in 1983 in Germiston in a small shop and has expanded to a new and bigger facility that offers world-class services. Their expertise is in stocking, marketing, and importing industrial valves, including ball valves, level control valves, butterfly valves, and non-return valves. MSV also boasts of being the only supplier of checkrite wafer valves in South Africa.

Their services reach mining, water treatment, petrochemical, chemical, and steel industries locally and in other African countries. Apart from ball valves, other products manufactured at MSV are extensive and include; needle valves, VOSA valves, stainless steel check valves, TaylorShaw valves, strainers, level DEX control valves, Clayton control valves, cast steel gate valves, saunders valve, etc. 




LVSA is a proudly South African manufacturing company that serves South Africa with various valve products for industrial use. Their vision is to grow their business to supply the whole of Africa with ball valve manufacturing and contribute globally. LVSA can achieve this by producing the most efficient and reliable products for its customers using the latest technology available to their advantage. 

Capabilities at LVSA are; project management/support, engineering modification support, technical support for contracts, refurbishment and modification of valves, and stock holding. In terms of quality, they strive to manufacture competitive products that satisfy their client’s wishes with the most affordable prices in the market. The products are cast-steel valve, ball valve, mining valve, forged steel valve, and different types of waterworks valve. 

LVSA supplies to markets like food & beverage, oil & gas, water, petrochemical, power generation, mining, pulp & paper, iron & steel, and sugar industries.


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TVM is an enterprise owned by black women in South Africa and is ISO certified. Their main agenda is supplying valves, either new ones or refurbished old ones. They serve clients who need flexible and quality valves and services. They have partnered with other companies like Petrel, Romotas, and LVSA, increasing their capabilities to offer advanced engineering solutions and PVC.

TVM supply gate valves, needle valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, foot valves, knife valves, globe valves, etc. These products serve many industries like food & beverage, iron & steel, petrochemicals, sugar, pulp & paper, mining, and power generation. Moreover, TVM offers other services like product design, valve refurbishment on and off-site, technical support, solution support, repair, and modification services.

Invincible Valves

Invincible Valve Logo


Established in 1982 in Knights, Germiston, Invincible Valve has expanded to become among the leading South African ball valve manufacturer. They dedicate their time to their customers by providing top-notch services and products to them. At Invincible Valve, they offer various products for power generation, sewerage, water, petrochemical, mining, and other industries. The valves and their accessories are locally sourced or imported.

Invincible Valve owns a 6,500 square meters factory, 4,500 square meters of this is their working area and store. The facility houses all required equipment for manufacturing and supplying valves to different regions in the country. Additionally, they distribute rubber lining for valves, fittings, vessels, and pipes applicable to other valve manufacturers across South Africa.


South Africa is at the forefront of valve manufacturing in Africa. With all this potential, they continue to expand their scope and have become competitive globally. Industrial valve manufacturing and supplying serve other industries making it a vital entity in any economy in the world. At SIO, we are a global company that is capable of delivering products and services anywhere. We strive to satisfy our customers with our high-quality valve solutions. Check out our website to learn more about us.

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