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UAE is known worldwide for its vital role in manufacturing control valves. Because of their increasing use in the Oil and Gas industry, there has been a rise in the number of butterfly valve manufacturers in the UAE. 

Industrial valves are often used in the industries of gas, oil, water, and chemical for their use in maintaining stability in the operations. It ensures that the process of fluid management functions as smoothly as desired. 

We have curated a list of some of the top butterfly valve suppliers in the UAE and the different types of products that they offer. So, let’s get on to it. 

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Top Butterfly Valve Manufacturer in China

SIO Logo

Source: SIO Valves

SIO is one of the best high performance butterfly valve manufacturers and supplies of fluid control valves in China. Even with 10 years of experience, it has managed to create a memorable impact on its customers with its high-quality products like stainless steel valves, high-quality pneumatic actuator valves, butterfly valves and much more. SIO offers safe and cost-effective products for every industry. They are dedicated to providing custom-made valves with precise specifications for different purposes. 

To stimulate healthy competition locally, SIO has always made sure that its products meet and even exceed the ISO requirements.

1. Camtech Manufacturing

Camtech logo

Source: Camtech

Year Established: 1999

Location: Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, UAE

Industry: Flow Controls

Certification: ISO 9001, API Q1, API 600, and many more


Camtech is one of the first of the very few API accredited valve manufacturing companies in the Middle East. It has been providing unparalleled quality of products with excellence since 1999 when it was established. It develops zero leak technology butterfly valves with high precision. Their completely equipped facilities in Dubai enable them to provide standardized valves for various industries like petrochemical, water, power, and construction, etc. 

Camtech is one of the leading butterfly valve suppliers in UAE and it owns one of the most technologically advanced manufacturing units of butterfly valves in the world. Their high-end CNC machines and abundant skilled men enable them to deliver a wide range of valves that can cater to different industries.

The top butterfly valve products manufactured by Camtech include:

2. Advalco Valve Manufacturing


Source: Advalco Valve 

Location: Al Yaseah OGISS L.L.C, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Industry: Flow Controls

Advalco Valve Manufacturing company was established to design and produce butterfly valve solutions locally. They offer custom-made valves in accordance with the requirements of international standards.

The commitment of Advalco towards its clients does not stop at providing newly designed valves. They also offer excellent repair and maintenance services for all types of valves. Their valves stand out from others because of their lightweight design and affordable prices. Their short delivery times also make for their success in this industry.

The key butterfly valve products manufactured by Advalco Valve Manufacturing include:

3. Emirates Valves L.L.C


Source: Emirates Valves L.L.C

Year Established: 2015

Location: Investment Park – Phase II, Dubai, UAE

Emirates Valve L.L.C was established in 2015 for manufacturing all types of valves and achieved success very soon in the coming years. They specialize in manufacturing industrial valves for the Oil and Gas, Power, Marine, and other industries.

Emirates company hires highly qualified and skilled people to operate the manufacturing process of the valves. Their location in Dubai is strategically placed so that they can access all the important routes for transportation including air transportation.

The top butterfly valve products manufactured by Emirates Valves L.L.C include:

4. AVK Watecom

AVK Watecom logo

Source: AVK Watecom

Year Established: 1941

Location: Jumeirah Lake Tower, Dubai, UAE

The AVK Watecom Group is one of the most popular valve manufacturers globally. What makes AVK Watecom a sought-after manufacturer for butterfly valves is that they dedicate their operations to innovating their products. 

Great automation is one of the key selling points of AVK’s butterfly valves and that has helped them capture a large part of the market over time.

Some of the key butterfly valve products manufactured by AVK Watecom include:

Things To Consider While Buying Butterfly Valves

It is important to consider certain factors before you buy metal seat butterfly valves from any company because your requirements and your purpose of using them might not be the same as someone else. These are some of the common things that you should consider while buying butterfly valves:


It is easier to look for butterfly valve manufacturers that are located in close vicinity to your place so that you can get quick delivery of the valves. If you need to buy high-quality butterfly valves at a cheaper rate, you can consider buying them from Chinese manufacturers.

By picking the top butterfly valve manufacturers, you can be assured that you are delivered quality products, and all the above-mentioned butterfly valve manufacturers guarantee that. Make sure that you have a look at the things to consider before buying butterfly valves to choose the one that is best for you and contact the manufacturer.

List of the Best Butterfly Valve Suppliers in UAE

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